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Homeless American Families Living in Cars

December 2, 2011

The "60 Minutes" television show has done excellent work reporting on the plight of homeless American families. The latest report from November 27, "Hard Times Generation: Families living in cars" focuses on homeless families in Central Florida that live in their cars. Here the bright and articulate Metzger children who live in a van with their father are interviewed by Scott Pelly. The 14-minute video report is highly recommended viewing.

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"Every time I see like a teenager or any other kid fighting with their parents or arguing with them, and like not doing what they're told it really hurts me. Because they could be in my shoes, and of course I don't want them to be in my shoes. But they need to learn to appreciate what they have and who they have in their life. Because it may be the last day they might have it."
- Arielle Metzger, 15

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