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Chicago's Jewish Mob vs Blagojevich

Updated December 10, 2011

“It’s just grossly unfair and wrong what happened to Rod yesterday.”
- Robert Blagojevich on the Zionist Judge James Zagel's 14-year sentence given to his brother, former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich

“...Rahm Emanuel called Blagojevich [shortly after the 2008 election] to suggest a plan just “between you and I” that would allow Emanuel to handpick a temporary congressional successor… Emanuel was a defense witness during the second Blagojevich trial. The mayor testified for less than three minutes and was never asked about his request for the political favor.”
“Rahm Emanuel on Blagojevich’s sentence”Chicago Sun-Times, 8 December 2011

There can be no doubt that Rod Blagojevich, the former governor of Illinois of Serbian descent, has been been given an extremely harsh sentence of 14 years for corruption.  Although Blagojevich is not without blame, he certainly did not hurt or kill anyone and it is hard to see why Blagojevich should be given such a stiff sentence for doing something that is very common in the politics of Chicago and Washington, D.C.  As governor, Blagojevich was simply caught talking about a quid pro quo to appoint someone to fill Barack Obama's vacant senate seat.  Obama and the Clintons, on the other hand, have become multi-millionaires by accepting money from rich Zionists in exchange for appointing hundreds of chosen people to positions of power and crafting national policies to suit their donors.  Who has done the greater harm to the nation?

Bill Clinton has received more than $10 million from Haim Saban (right), an Israeli agent.  What was Clinton's quid pro quo for the Israelis? Clinton pushed through the disastrous NAFTA bill and managed the Balkanization of Yugoslavia by waging war by executive order against Serbia to make Kosovo a NATO-run statelet.  Here the venal and treasonous Clinton poses with his mega donor Saban, Shimon Peres, and Ted Koppel at the Saban Forum in Jerusalem 2006. 

A little Mossad money goes a long way when placed in the right hands. It certainly bought a lot of clout with Obama's secretary of state, a middle class girl from the Chicago suburb of Park Ridge.  As a presidential candidate, Clinton stated that she would "obliterate" Iran if it were to attack Israel and as secretary of state she laughed about the murder of Moammar Gadhafi saying, "We came, we saw, he died."  Saban, the Israeli agent and Clinton benefactor, seen here with Hillary Clinton and Mrs. Saban, also happens to be a close friend and partner-in-crime of Ehud Barak, one of the Israeli masterminds of 9/11. (Source: "Afghanistan - Obama's War for Israel")

THE ISRAELI HANDLER OF THE CLINTON AND OBAMA ADMINISTRATIONS - Clinton's special advisor and Obama's first chief of staff turned mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, the son of a Zionist terrorist, single-handedly pushed the economically destructive NAFTA bill through Congress.  Here Obama's chief of staff exchanges secrets with Benjamin Netanyahu during a 2010 visit to Israel.  Emanuel spent much of his youth in Israel and served in the Israeli army.

THE JEWISH GANGSTER FROM WILMETTE - Rahm Emanuel in 1977 as a student at New Trier West.  The Emanuel and Zagel families are both from the Jewish community of Wilmette and the North Shore.  There can be little doubt that Judge Zagel is a friend of the Emanuel family.  When Jews like Emanuel talk about "the community" what they mean is the community of their fellow Jews.

To understand why Rod Blagojevich is being thrown into prison for at least the next 12 years, it needs to be understood that Blagojevich is a victim of Chicago's Jewish mafia, the same gang of Zionists that controls the Obama administration.  It is also necessary to know that the judge who handed down the overly harsh sentence, James Block Zagel, is a high-level member of the Zionist mob of Chicago and that he comes from the same Jewish community of Wilmette and the North Shore as Rahm Emanuel.  The Blagojevich trial and sentencing has nothing to do with justice; its the Jewish mob ganging up on a political foe.  

Don't expect to find this essential information in the Zionist-controlled press of Chicago or from Wikipedia.  The Wikipedia article on Judge Zagel does not even mention that he is Jewish, much less that his Uncle Abe was a notorious Jewish gambler and gangster who was part owner of the Tropicana in Las Vegas.  Zagel also serves on the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that decides whether to issue warrants for electronic eavesdropping on terrorism suspects. 

U.S. District Judge James Block Zagel, a Zionist Jew from a family of Jewish mobsters, threw the book at Rod Blagojevich and sentenced the former governor, who has two young daughters, to 14 years in prison.  This is not justice.

Rahm Emanuel (right), the current mayor of Chicago, is deeply involved in the scandal that led to the demise of Rod Blagojevich, yet his testimony was only three minutes long.  Evidence that would have directly implicated Emanuel and other members of the Obama administration was not allowed to be seen or heard in the retrial of Blagojevich.  Emanuel was clearly being protected while Blagojevich was sacrificed.

Elliott Riebman, the son of Hyman Riebman, the Zionist Jewish Cook County judge who oversaw the corrupt judicial process against Christopher Bollyn, was a defense attorney for Rod Blagojevich.  Here Riebman (right), with his fellow Blagojevich defense attorney Aaron Goldstein, is seen leaving court.  Rod Blagojevich was trapped by the Zionist mob of Chicago in a Jewish judicial circus. 

Judge James B. Zagel is a highly-connected member of the Jewish mob of Chicago whose family is from the same North Shore Jewish community as Rahm Emanuel, facts that are not reported in the Zionist-controlled press.  The fact that Zagel's Uncle Abe was a notorious gambler who corrupted professional football in the 1960s seems to have been forgotten.

Judge James B. Zagel is "the son of Samuel S. Zagel (1905–1999), a native of Warsaw, Poland who had immigrated to Chicago in 1915, and Ethel Samuels Zagel (1911–1986)", according to Wikepedia.  What Wikepedia does not tell you is that James B. Zagel is a member of the Jewish community of Chicago.  Such omissions are purely intentional.

 James B. Zagel 
(Source: Chicago Tribune 2010)

It is through his mother's family, the Samuels family, that we see the judge's close connection to the Jewish mafia of Chicago.  Ethel Samuels older brother Abe was a notorious gambler who was part-owner of the Tropicana Casino of Las Vegas since the early 1960s.  He invested $180,000 in the Tropicana in 1963. 

U.S. District Judge James Zagel is a trustee of the Abe Samuels Family Trust fund, which certainly contributed a great deal to his wealth.  Judge wrote a semi-autobiographical book in 2002 about a federal district judge in Chicago who is also involved in a life of crime, including robbing the Federal Reserve.  Zagel's book is entitled Money to Burn

Abe Samuels, the uncle of Judge James B. Zagel, was a member of the Jewish mafia of Chicago who was involved in a football corruption scandal in the early 1960s.

The businessman referred to in this clipping was Abe Samuels, the uncle of Judge James B. Zagel.

Abe Samuels' connections to the Chicago mob and pro football are mentioned (p. 172) in Rozelle: Czar of the NFL, by Jeff Davis.

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