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AFP and Disinformation: How it works

August 21, 2012


American Free Press (AFP), a Washington, D.C.-based publication that published my articles from June 2000 until October 2006, claims to be a populist "employee-owned" newspaper dedicated to the cause of patriotic Americans.  The paper's readers are understandably befuddled by the fact that the "populist" paper now supports both Zionist-controlled candidates for president, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, while completely ignoring the candidate preferred by the overwhelming majority of American voters - Dr. Ron Paul.  American patriots are asking, "What's going on?"

Willis Carto, boss of American Free Press,promotes Obama...

...while Pete Papaherakles pushes Romney.  It should be noted that there was no similar piece in the supposedly "populist" newspaper supporting Dr. Ron Paul, the most popular presidential candidate of our time.  So, pray tell, what kind of operation is American Free Press?

One reader and supporter of AFP was so outraged by the pieces supporting the Zionist-controlled candidates that he wrote this email to the editor:


Obama? Romney? A choice? Are you for REAL?

I am a Vietnam vet who did 2 combat tours of duty, became an early and fervent supporter of the Spotlight, continued that support through the years with American Free Press...

Until now.

The August 6, 2012, issue contained these two shocking, shameless and highly offensive twin articles that might have been written by the radically Zionist New York Times..."Given the Choice, Even This WWII Vet Will Vote Obama" [by Willis Carto] and "Why Mitt's A Better Choice for America" [by Pete Papaherakles].  

I for one feel totally betrayed by people I had trusted. I'd be very surprised if the majority of your readers don't feel exactly the same way. Where did such utter insanity come from?

It's not unreasonable to ask: does AFP have an ulterior objective? A hidden agenda?  

Editorialize in favor of patriots withholding their votes in the absence of even a lesser evil among presidential contenders; Build the case for writing Ron Paul's name on the ballot. ANYTHING but urging voters to sell their souls to anti-Christian Zionism by pretending there is a choice between Obama or Romney - two indistinguishable war-mongering totalitarian statists and Israeli-first pawns of the Synagogue of Satan.

How can you insult the intelligence of the good people that comprise your own support base with articles like these that betray everything you supposedly stand for?  

I am very tempted to remove AFP from my website link. I may yet do so. The next step will be to terminate my subscription. And after that, to blast AFP in a hard-hitting public 
denunciation given wide circulation among many friends, supporters and contacts - no few of whom are AFP subscribers.

Judas betrayed Jesus Christ with the kiss of friendship. AFP has betrayed its loyal readership with these two abominable articles. I am ashamed to be affiliated with a publication that would publish such trash as this. Whatever happened to the paper's integrity?

As a person who worked at the Liberty Lobby andAmerican Free Press, I have personal insight and experience with the people who run this operation.  To put it plainly:  American Free Presshas no integrity.  It is a controlled-opposition operation.

Some people, wanting to believe in the American Free Press, will resist what I say.  American patriots, being honest people, will find it hard to believe that they have been deceived by a "patriotic" publication they believe in - and support.  They will ask themselves, why should I believe Bollyn?

I generally do not force my opinion on people.  I provide factual information to my readers and let them decide what is true and what is not.  Regarding AFP, I have informed my readers that the editor is a self-proclaimed "Satanist" and the lawyer-in-chief is Mark Lane, the smiling bastard who instigated the Jonestown massacre.  If good people, like the Catholic who wrote to AFP, want to believe in and support Satanists and instigators of mass murder, there is nothing I can do about it. 

When I started at the Liberty Lobby, on my first day at the office, the person who was responsible from bringing me on asked me to tell him who I thought was the agent.  Looking back, I should have told him, "I can only tell you who is not an agent - me."

I had seen how the editor of the supposedly anti-Semitic Barnes Review, a young lady named Jennifer White, understood spoken Hebrew.  I told my friend that she was most likely the agent.  Looking back I can see that almost all of the people were agents.

Michael Piper, for example, who openly toted a bag bearing the logo of AIPAC, the Israeli lobby in Washington, is one of the key executives of AFP.  Piper was proud to brag about his Jewish ancestry.  The same Michael Piper happens to be one of the leading agents of disinformation about me, along with Eric Hufschmid and Darrel Bradford Smith.  These three agents have clearly spread malicious lies about me on the Internet.  Hufschmid and Smith are small change, but Piper is one of the people at AFP who was allowed to sign company checks.  He is clearly part of the core operation at AFP.  What does that fact tell us about this so-called "populist" operation?

At AFP, with my background in the Middle East, I was a very popular writer providing weekly reports on the false-flag terrorism of 9-11 and other subjects.  This is, after all, why I had been hired:  to provide a veneer of authentic credible reporting for a fraudulent operation.  At the end of 2005, however, the powers that run AFP decided to get rid of me.  I was sent on a wild goose chase in Venezuela to try and get money from Hugo Chavez and then trapped in Hoffman Estates, where a tactical unit connected to the federal government pounced on me in August 2006.  I was then criminalized and dragged through the corrupt Cook County court where I was found to have assaulted three heavily-armed undercover police and resisted their arrest.  To understand what this means I recommend reading about what happened to USMC veteran Brandon Raub of Virginia.

I had, however, seen early on that AFP was not a serious newspaper.  They had, for example, zerodistribution in the nation's capital, where they were based.  One could not even buy the paper in Trover's, the bookstore across the street from our office, or from the newspaper's own boxes at Union Station, the Pentagon, or the nearest tube stop.  The AFP newspaper boxes were not even being stocked with the paper.  When I pointed out these fundamental problems, I was directed to a person  who clearly could not have cared less.  This person, Steven Lombardo, is still on the staff of the paper as their "outreach" person despite the fact that he failed to distribute the paper in Washington, D.C.!  None of this made business sense and I soon came to realize that AFP is not run like a business or a newspaper.  While AFP was clearly not being run to grow and gain readers, it was constantly asking its readers to donate money.   

After I was attacked by a squad of undercover police at my home in August 2006, the AFP newspaper turned against me, even as it collected money for my legal defense.  The person who spearheaded the attacks against me was Michael Piper, a homosexual writer at American Free Presswho brags about his Jewish ancestors.  Immediately after the police attack and TASERing, Piper and Scott Makufka (a.k.a. Victor Thorn) ganged up on me to accuse me of "disloyalty" toAmerican Free Press.  At the same time, Piper pressured Willis Carto to dis-invite me to AFP's annual dinner, which was scheduled for the first week in September.  The pre-planned police attack on me, the paper's star investigative journalist, would have been the big story at the Labor Day conference, and Piper was clearly tasked to prevent me from appearing at the conference.

Piper then began spreading vicious lies about me, although he actually began sabotaging my efforts already in 2001.  The malicious lies that Piper says about me are a form of disinformation.  The same tactic has been used against me by Eric Hufschmid and Darrel Bradford Smith.  All three have employed the same fundamental tactic used by disinformation agents:  Pose as a supporter of the truth (in this case the 9-11 truth movement) then make comments that discredit the movement.  Disinformation is a method to control how people think and feel about a person or a subject using a variety of techniques.   While disinformation is a subject that is often mentioned, it is not well understood by most people.  To get a grasp of the basic tactics of disinformation, I highly recommend the article by Brandon Smith, entitled "Disinformation:  How it Works".  Brandon Smith's article will help the reader recognize disinformation agents and avoid the confusion they spread about important subjects.

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