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The Bombing of WTC 6 and Kurt Sonnenfeld

April 25, 2014

Kurt Sonnenfeld of Colorado was the official FEMA videographer who was assigned to film the destroyed World Trade Center in the immediate aftermath of 9-11. He saw things in the rubble that put his life into great danger, most notably how the gold vault beneath the U.S. Customs House (WTC 6) had been broken open and cleaned out the night before.  This is perhaps the central crime of the 9-11 saga.

World Trade Center Building 6 (WTC-6 or U.S. Customs House) was an eight-story building on the South-East corner of the intersection of Vesey and West Streets.  It had a large vault in its basement that was used by the federal agencies in WTC 6 and WTC 7 (behind WTC 6 to the right).  The vault, which measured 15 by 15 meters, also reportedly held the gold of the Bank of Canada. 

WTC 6 was located between the North Tower (WTC 1) and Larry Silverstein's 47-story WTC 7, which fell into its own footprint after being demolished with explosives shortly after 5:20 p.m. on 9-11.

WTC 6 was bombed or hit by a missile in such a way that huge craters were created that went down to the sub-basement level, where the gold vault was located. 

Photographs indicate that WTC 6 had been bombed before the explosive collapse of either tower.  In this photo, FDNY firehoses can be clearly seen spraying the building at the corner of Vesey and West Streets.  There was also a "gaping hole" in the building on its North side, which faced Vesey Street.  The bombing that destroyed WTC 6 is seldom discussed, but it is absolutely central to the entire 9-11 crime.  So, who stole the gold?  Why has this massive crime been protected by Mayor Bloomberg and the U.S. government?  What does the failure to investigate this crime tell us about the nature of the government of New York City and the United States?

West Street and Vesey was a staging area for the FDNY.  WTC 6 is the building located above the pink X.

WTC 6 was evidently destroyed before either tower collapsed.  Here, the heavily damaged building can be seen as the South Tower is demolished.

Kurt Sonnenfeld, the FEMA videographer, went to the basement of WTC 6 in the aftermath of 9-11 and saw that the giant vault, which held crucial evidence, protected information, and the gold of the Bank of Canada, had been emptied.  It would have required large trucks and many hours to empty the vault, he said. The only explanation is that the vault had been emptied before the attacks, Sonnenfeld concluded.  So, what does the Bank of Canada say about their missing gold?  Who emptied the vault?  Where did they take it in the middle of the night?  Who stole the gold and absconded with the crucial evidence of huge crimes that awaited prosecution?

Kurt Sonnenfeld describes how he became an inconvenient witness to secrets the U.S. government does not want revealed about 9-11. 
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Most importantly, Sonnenfeld saw how the gold vault beneath WTC 6 was completely empty. The criminal evidence and gold belonging to the Bank of Canada was all gone.  He discusses this crucial discovery after 3:20 of this video.
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