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Proof of Police Conspiracy to Harm Bollyn

May 8, 2014

The undercover police ordered emergency vehicles prepared for "an unknown medical emergency" before the police even began coming to my home in response to my non-emergency 911 call about a suspicious vehicle. The evidence shows that the three-man undercover squad, headed by a local agent of Homeland Security, was part of a police conspiracy to harm me because of my 9/11 research into the use of thermite at the World Trade Center.


This was the scene of the undercover police attack on Christopher Bollyn in August 2006.  The evidence indicates that the undercover police assault was meant to "criminalize" and marginalize Bollyn in order to stifle discussion of the use of thermite on 9-11. But who was behind it?

On August 15, 2006, I was attacked by a three-man undercover tactical unit of the Hoffman Estates Police Department at my home after having made a 911 call (from a local store) to report a suspicious vehicle cruising in my neighborhood with three men who appeared armed.  

The suspicious vehicle turned out to be an undercover police unit who hijacked the 911 response and came to my house.  They marched up my driveway where they were stopped by my wife and 8-year-old daughter.  I came out of my house and asked them what agency they were with.  Within seconds, they attacked me leaving me TASERed with a fractured right elbow - and arrested for charges they would not explain.  Five members of the Hoffman Estates Fire Department witnessed the entire incident as they sat in their emergency vehicles (EMS) parked about 100 feet (30 meters) from the scene of the attack.  

Why were two emergency vehicles from the fire department on the scene when the undercover tactical squad from the police department arrived?  Understanding the answer to this question will prove that the three-man undercover police squad that came to my house came with the intention to provoke an incident that would allow them to assault me and charge me with a crime.  For police to engage in such a conspiracy against a citizen for exercising his civil rights is a federal offense.

The proof of the police conspiracy to attack me can be found in the NFIRS report (National Fire Incident Reporting System) that was filed by the fire department following the incident.  The first part of the three page report appears below:

The NFIRS report provides the date, address, and times of the response, arrival, and clearance of the fire department personnel.

The EMS crew received the alarm at 20:01:06 and arrived at my home in less than three minutes because the fire station is only two blocks away.

The police report shows that the police were only "enroute" to my house at 20:02:23, while the EMS vehicles were already on their way.  Why would the fire department send two emergency vehicles to my house if the police were simply responding to a non-emergency 911 call about a suspicious vehicle?

The NFIRS document shows that the fire department had responded to a "Police request for an ambulance."  Why would police, responding to a non-emergency 911 call about a suspicious vehicle, request an ambulance?  It makes no sense unless one understands that the undercover police unit who hijacked the 911 call had a plan to use violence against me. This is a criminal conspiracy and a federal offense.

The police report shows that a uniformed officer, John Fitzgerald, was dispatched to respond to my call, but that the three-man undercover tactical unit took over the call.  It also shows that four other police squads were en route to my house before any police arrived. Why would so many police be responding to a non-emergency 911 call?  Why were nine officers, including a special juvenile unit (Cawley and Hill), en route to my house for a 911 call about a suspicious vehicle - which was actually one of theirs?

Michael Barber, who worked with the Department of Homeland Security under Michael Chertoff, intervened and requested that his undercover tactical unit be allowed to respond to my 911 call about the suspicious vehicle - which was his vehicle.  It makes no sense to send an un-marked car with three undercover agents - the cause of my concern - in response to my 911 call.  This indicates that thewhole police force was part of the conspiracy. Darin Felgenhauer acted as the "lethal officer" in the three-man hit team that TASERed me.  While I was held down and TASERed, Felgenhuer stood a few meters away with a lethal weapon ready to shoot me if I went berserk.

Joseph Kruschel (6132C) was the first uniformed officer on the scene at 20:03:28, but where was he?  Why did he stay back from my house, but report that he was on scene?  Kruschel obviously stopped at some distance from my house and waited for the undercover tactical team to arrive, which it did at 20:03:56 - one second before the emergency vehicles reported arriving at 20:03:57.  That Joseph Kruschel arrived on the scene but stayed back until after the undercover police attack is further evidence of a conspiracy.

The undercover tactical unit attacked me seconds after I came out of my house and joined my wife and daughter on our driveway - where the three un-identified armed men wearing body armor had been confronted by my wife.  Within seconds I was attacked and pinned down, face-first on my lawn, and TASERed with a "drive stun" on my lower back, with no warning and for no reason other than to torture and injure me.  Before I was even lifted from the ground, five more police officers had joined the gang of five already on the scene, not including the five EMS personnel who were 100 feet away, bringing to fifteen the total number of police and fire personnel who were on the scene.  All I had done was make a 911 call about a suspicious vehicle I had seen in my neighborhood for two nights in a row.

The NFIRS report contains a false statement where it says that the EMS response had been "cancelled en route".  If the fire department response, two EMS vehicles and five personnel, had truly been cancelled "en route" why did they park one hundred feet from my house and wait?  The undercover police were "on scene" at 20:03:56 and the fire department reports being cleared at 20:04:26, which indicates that the police attack occurred within 30 seconds of their arrival at my house.  They had TASERed me with a "drive stun" in which the TASER was placed directly against the skin of my back. Although HEPD regulations say that people who are TASERed should receive prompt medical attention, the police sent the EMS personnel away - in violation of their own regulations.

To understand the unusual police response to my 911 call it is necessary to see it in the context of the research I was involved in about the use of thermite to destroy the Twin Towers on 9-11.  We had only returned to our home in August 2006 after spending a year away.  We had left Hoffman Estates in September 2005 after discovering that we were surrounded by people who were acting as informants for the FBI.

We had spent the spring and summer in the West, mainly in Provo, Utah, and Davis and Santa Barbara, California, where I had worked on research that led me to conclude that thermite had been used to destroy the Twin Towers.  When I left Provo in June 2006, my last words to Professor Steven Jones at B.Y.U. were that he should be very careful and aware that we have powerful enemies.

Dr. Jones was attacked in early September 2006, about three weeks after the police assault occurred at my home.  The attack against Dr. Jones came through a local NPR radio show that he had appeared on.  His attackers were three Jewish men who claimed that Jones was anti-Semitic because he had referred to an "international banking cartel", which they said was a coded message that meant to blame the Jews for 9-11. 

These false and unfair allegations were enough to get Dr. Jones suspended from teaching at B.Y.U. the next day.  A few weeks later, I was also the victim of false allegations and fired from my job as a journalist with American Free Press in Washington, D.C.  

Dr. Jones and I were attacked because of our research into the use of thermite in the destruction of the World Trade Center.  Obviously, this was a discovery that was not supposed to happen.  When it did, the 9-11 cover-up gang went to work and we were targeted - in order to marginalize us and stifle the discussion about the use of thermite on 9-11.  This suggests that the real masterminds behind the undercover police attack at my house are not the Hoffman Estates Police Department, but are members of the same Zionist cabal as the Jewish gang that attacked Professor Jones on NPR. 

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