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David Duke and YouTube Censorship

June 7, 2014

David Duke's video promoting The Illustrated Protocols of Zion

A dedicated supporter of 9-11 Truth wrote from Massachusetts telling me that he had posted a comment under a recent YouTube video by David Duke.  After checking the comments under the video, I wrote back to inform him that I did not see the comment he had posted.

I informed him that YouTube regularly censors comments about 9-11 videos in such a way that the comment is only visible to the person who posted the comment when he is logged in, but is not seen by the general public.  I have taken this matter up with Google/YouTube in the past and have yet to receive a proper response that explains why viewers' comments are being censored.

The problem faced by this supporter of 9-11 Truth is, in my opinion, a good example of the saying, "He who owns the pipeline, controls the product."  Google bought YouTube and since they own the pipeline, they decide what messages get posted and which don't. One should not expect free speech on a controlled network.

I am posting the following email because it provides an important lesson in how censorship works on the Internet - in reality. It also gets into the subject of why David Duke, who presents himself as a critic of organized Zionism, completely ignores the evidence of Zionist involvement in the crime of the century: 9/11. How much sense does that make?

The email from my loyal supporter in Massachusetts begins: 

Hi David Duke, 

Several days ago I posted a comment in the comments section under your new video titled "The Illustrated Protocols of Zion by David Duke". It criticized you for not acknowledging the Jewish role in 9/11 and it questioned whether you were really fighting as a patriot for the truth. However, I have now found that that comment was censored. (This was not immediately evident to me because I needed to sign out of youtube to see that it was censored.) Are the Jews who run youtube censoring comments in your videos to protect your reputation? Or did you censor it? 

Here is the comment I posted: 

David Duke, this video is good and you have done quite a bit of good work. But I just cannot get past the fact that on probably THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT you defend the enemy completely. For you to keep saying that we just don't know who did 9/11 is a serious shortcoming. 

I have heard an interview of Eustace Mullins (by Daryl Bradford Smith on December 16, 2006) in which Mullins says, in so many words, that you are controlled opposition [3:00 to 4:10] and that "David always does what he is told to." [4:07-4:09] 

"Eustace Mullins on David Duke, useful idiot” 
URL Link -

Others also say that you are controlled opposition, including John DeNugent. When you combine this with your insistence that we don't know who did 9/11 – when the question of who did it is completely spelled out in Christopher Bollyn's book (Solving 9/11: The Deception That Changed The World) – it is very suspicious. Bollyn is one of the most significant – if not the most significant – researchers of 9/11. 

Mike Delaney's video about 9/11, “Missing Links”, which you reportedly had on your website for years, is mostly based on Bollyn's work. If you are NOT an agent, controlled opposition, then I challenge you to read Bollyn's book (if you haven't already) and publish a critique of it on your website publicly explaining why that mountain of evidence contained in those pages is not good enough to conclude that the Israeli Mossad did 9/11 with the help of powerful Jews in the U.S. Then defend yourself from the torrent of criticism that is sure to come now that more and more patriots know who really did 9/11. 

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