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The Culprits' War Against 9-11 Truth

June 12, 2014

We don’t live in a world of reality, we live in a world of perceptions.
- Gerald J. Simmons

The number of people who realize that the government and media have lied about 9-11 is significant and continues to grow all the time.  The pack of lies surrounding the attacks has been thoroughly exposed and can no longer be supported.  Unable to defend their fictional tale in the face of facts and evidence presented by honest scientists and writers, the defenders of the 9/11 lies use disinformation, defamation, and slander to try and prevent the truth from spreading like wildfire.
– Christopher Bollyn, “America the Target:  9-11 and Israel's History of False Flag Terrorism” 
Solving 9-11, January 2008 

CROCODILE TEARS - Michael Arad (left), the Israeli architect of the 9-11 memorial, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife tour the memorial in September 2011.  Arad's father, Moshe (Kalenstein) Arad, is a veteran IsraeliSpinmeister for the Israeli government and the Mossad.  
Source YouTube Video:  "PM Netanyahu & PM's wife Sarah, visited Ground Zero"

"LESS IS MORE" -The $700 million dollar memorial consists of two square fountains with the names of the victims.  “It is a memorial where less is more,” Mayor Bloomberg said. Given the fact that the key defendant in the blocked 9-11 tort litigation was a Mossad-controlled company and that a preponderance of evidence indicates that 9-11 was an Israeli false-flag operation, isn't it telling that Bloomberg's $700 million monument to the Zionist narrative of 9-11 was designed by the son of a high-level Israeli intelligence operative?

Mayor Bloomberg, a Rothschild Zionist billionaire, played the key role in suppressing the evidence and testimony that contradicted the Zionist false narrative for 12 years after 9-11.  The memorial and museum is his attempt to create a monument to the Zionist interpretation of 9-11.

When the 9-11 Memorial Museum opened on May 21, 2014, Richard Gage, founder of Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth, was interviewed by WeAreChange.  Gage raises three important points in the 7-minute interview:

1.  Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth handed out 4,000 brochures at the opening to inform the public that the museum ignores the scientific evidence that the towers were demolished using super-thermite and explosives. 

2.  The controlled media is waging war on 9-11 Truth by refusing to address the evidence and attacking the 9-11 truth movement.

3.  The public urgently needs to understand the deception of 9-11, before the real terrorists who control our government and mass media strike again. 

Architects and Engineers Respond to CNN's Jake Tapper Slander of 9/11 Truth
Video Link -

As Richard Gage says in the interview, the 9-11 Museum is designed to "enshrine the official story in a sense of sacredness; actually a pathological sacredness."  In order to understand why the museum is promoting the unproven "official story" we need to understand who is behind the $700 million dollar monument to enshrine the false Zionist narrative of 9-11. 

The 9-11 Memorial is an immensely expensive project that was headed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and designed by Michael Arad, an Israeli architect with close family ties to Israeli intelligence.  Mayor Bloomberg is the "Rothschild billionaire" agent of international Zionism who served as mayor of New York City for 12 years after 9-11.  Bloomberg's main task during his unprecedented three terms as mayor was to be the 9-11 "clean-up crew" and suppress the evidence and testimony that contradicts the Zionist myth of 9-11.  Bloomberg is the chairman of the 9-11 memorial and museum project. 

ISRAELI ARCHITECT OF MONUMENT TO THE ZIONIST MYTH - Michael Arad is the son of one of Israel's veteran Mossadnik Spinmeisters, Moshe Arad.

Michael Arad was a young architect, working for the New York City Housing Authority (under Mayor Bloomberg) when his design was selected out of some 5,200 submissions.  Articles that discuss Michael Arad tend to gloss over his family's close connections to the Mossad and government of Israel, which is odd because his father is Moshe Arad, one of Israel's veteran Spinmeisters, whose career was crafting lies to protect the state of Israel.  


Moshe Arad (left) is chairman of the Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace at Hebrew University. He is also on the board of several Israeli companies linked to 9-11. Here he introduces the fellow Zionist ambassador Martin Indyk.

Moshe Arad is known for serving as Israel's ambassador to the United States from 1987 to 1990, under prime minister Yitzhak Shamir, the Zionist terrorist and assassin of the Likud party.  Prior to coming to Washington, D.C., Arad had served as Israel's ambassador to Mexico from 1983 to 1987.  

Arad was ambassador to the United States during a very sensitive time in Israeli-American relations.  The Pollard spying affair had been discovered and the Justice Department was investigating the other Israeli individuals involved, including Israeli diplomats.  Meanwhile, Lawrence E. Walsh, the independent counsel in the Iran-Contra case, had issued subpoenas to question four Israelis - the former Foreign Ministry Director General, David Kimche (a relative of Greg Palast); the terrorism adviser Amiram Nir; and arms dealers Yaacov Nimrodi and Al Schwimmer. 

Arad, who was born in Romania in 1934, emigrated to Israel in 1950. He joined the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an assistant in the Department for International Cooperation in 1962. In 1964, he was executive assistant and spokesman for the Minister of Justice.  Arad was appointed press secretary at the Israeli embassy in London in 1968, where his son Michael was born in 1969. In 1972, Arad was sent to New York, where he served as Deputy Consul-General and, after the 1973 war, he was appointed Minister Counselor for Information at the Israeli embassy in Washington, D.C.    

During his stint as deputy consul-general in New York and information chief at the Israeli embassy in the early 1970s Arad would have worked closely with Efraim Halevy, who was political counselor at the embassy from 1970-1974.  This is a relationship worth noting because Efraim Halevy went on to become the Director of Mossad (1998-2002). Most significantly, Halevy was the head of the Israeli intelligence agency when the false-flag terror attacks of 9-11 took the lives of nearly 3,000 Americans.  If 9-11 was an Israeli false-flag operation, as the evidence indicates, Efraim Halevy would be right in the middle of the whole thing. 

Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon (center) toasts with Meir Dagan (left) and Efraim Halevy (right) in August 2002 as Dagan replaces Halevy as Director of the Mossad. Halevy then joined Moshe Arad at Hebrew University, where he headed the Shasha Center for Strategic Studies at the Federmann School of Public Policy. 

Moshe Arad's relationship with Halevy has gone on for decades as both men have chaired institutes at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  Arad is also on the executive committee of the Israeli branch of the Anti-Defamation League, USA.  He is an independent director at Elbit Systems Ltd. and served on the board at Discount Investment Corp. Ltd.  These companies are both tied to the events of 9-11 in various ways, which are discussed in greater detail in Solving 9-11, but these connections are beyond the scope of this article.  


Moshe Arad served as vice president for external relations for Hebrew University from 1994 to 2004 and currently serves as chairman of the board of trustees of the university's Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace.   Under the same Hebrew University umbrella, Efraim Halevy was, until recently, director of the university's Shasha Center for Strategic Studies, which is part of the Federmann School of Public Policy. Michael Federmann is chairman of the board of governors of Hebrew University as well as chairman of Elbit Systems Ltd., where Arad is a director. These are important connections that have gone on for decades. 

To understand why the 9-11 memorial museum ignores the evidence that the Twin Towers and WTC 7 were demolished using nano-thermite and explosives, one needs to realize that the memorial is a Zionist-constructed monument to commemorate the false Zionist narrative, which is designed to enslave us to their war agenda.


One has to ask why the press fails to report these issues fairly – are they also playing a part in the 'real conspiracy'?
- John O’Donnell to the BBC about their failure to investigate the evidence from 9-11

The second point Richard Gage discusses in the interview is the tirade against 9-11 Truth by CNN's Jake Tapper and Emily Bazelon.  Tapper and Bazelon are both Zionists.  Bazelon was actually trained in the Dorot Fellowship program in Israel from 1993-94 to serve as a Zionist agent. One should watch the 4-minute video with Tapper and Bazelon to understand how the Zionist-controlled media is waging war on 9-11 Truth. I was personally attacked by CNN and Fox News for my 9-11 research.

9/11 CNN's Jake Tapper Masters His Yellow Journalism Skills
Video Link -

One might ask, why would the media lie to the public about 9-11? As John O'Donnell wrote the BBC, "One has to ask why the press fails to report these issues fairly – are they also playing a part in the 'real conspiracy'?

Yes, the controlled media is very much part of the 'real conspiracy' - the one against us. We must remember that the media's hostility to 9-11 truth is intentional and purposeful. It's not that the media moguls who control the networks can't fathom the truth or don't understand that the evidence has proven the official 9-11 story to be completely false.

The media moguls are highly-paid agents of Rothschild Zionism.  They are created in the same way that Mayor Bloomberg was created to serve their global agenda.  The media moguls who control the press are supporting the 9-11 pack of lies in order to deceive the public about what happened. 

If we had a truly free press this would not be the case, but the media outlets in the United States and the English-speaking world are not free at all but rather very tightly controlled. In the U.S., for example, most of the mainstream media outlets are owned by only 6 companies, like Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. This means that a very small group of Rothschild Zionists, like Mr. Murdoch, decide what the public will see and hear, in short, how the public will be informed on all matters great and small. 

9-11 is, in fact, the Big Lie of our time and the media is protecting that outrageous lie because it is owned by the same people who pulled off 9-11. We must remember that this evil lie is meant to enslave us. The fact that the mainstream media is working to support the 9-11 lies shows us that the mass media is the main apparatus used for that enslavement. The media moguls and their financial backers are to be blamed and prosecuted for their criminal treason against the people and our republic(s). They are guilty of deceiving the whole world.  

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