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Creating the 9-11 Myth: Who is Eddy Shalev?

June 24, 2014

Who is Eddy Guigui Shalev and how did an Israeli flight instructor wind up evaluating 9-11 "pilot" (AA 77) Hani Hanjour’s flying skills just a few weeks before 9-11?  Why was Shalev's obviously false evaluation the only one put into the 9-11 Commission report?

CREATING THE 9-11 MYTH - Eddy Guigui Shalev was an Israeli flight instructor working without a green card in Maryland during the months prior to 9-11.  He is the only flight instructor who ever gave Hani Hanjour good marks as a pilot and his false testimony, which differed drastically from all others, was the only one that went into the 9-11 Commission report.

I recently read Mark Gaffney’s book, Black 9/11:  Money, Motive and Technology, which a supporter kindly sent me.  I was very interested in the chapter entitled “Key Evidence Suppressed,” which is available online under the title “How the FBI and 9/11 Commission Suppressed Key Evidence about Hani Hanjour, alleged hijack pilot of AAL 77.” 

What I found most intriguing is the fact that Hani Hanjour, the Saudi “terrorist” who supposedly flew American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon, had “successfully conducted a challenging certification flight” with an Israeli flight instructor named “Eddie Shalev” at an airport in Gaithersburg, Maryland, three weeks before 9-11.  

The key point about Hani Hanjour flying with Eddie (or Eddy) Shalev is that Shalev told the 9-11 Commission that Hanjour was a good pilot who he thought "may have had training from a military pilot" when everyone else who ever met Hanjour said he did not have adequate flying skills to even rent a small plane.  In order to preserve the false myth of 9-11, the Commission took the testimony of Shalev as truthful and ignored the many other flight instructors who said Hanjour could not fly a plane to save his life.

The following is the note from the 9/11 Commission Report that mentions Eddie Shalev's name:  

Hanjour successfully conducted a challenging certification flight supervised by an instructor at Congressional Air Charter of Gaithersburg, Maryland, landing at a small airport with a difficult approach. The instructor thought Hanjour may have had training from a military pilot because he used a terrain recognition system for navigation. Eddie Shalev interview. (Apr. 9, 2004)
The 9/11 Commission Report, p. 531, note 170.

History Commons has a profile of Eddie Shalev that fills in some of the blanks:

Profile: Eddie Shalev

Eddie Shalev was a participant or observer in the following events:

August 20, 2001: 9/11 Hijacker Hanjour Passes Check Ride, but Apparently Does Not Obtain Certification

9/11 hijacker Hani Hanjour successfully conducts “a challenging certification flight supervised by an instructor at Congressional Air Charters of Gaithersburg, Maryland, landing at a small airport with a difficult approach,” according to the 9/11 Commission Report. The instructor, Eddie Shalev, thinks that “Hanjour may have had training from a military pilot because he used a terrain recognition system for navigation.” However, it is unclear what certification the 9/11 Commission thinks Hanjour receives. [9/11 COMMISSION, 7/24/2004, PP. 248, 531] 

Shalev is an Israeli national and has a military background. He began working at Congressional Air Charters in April 2001. [9/11 COMMISSION, 4/9/2004] 

A stipulation used as evidence at the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui will mention the flight, but fail to mention any certification Hanjour allegedly receives based on it, merely saying it is a “check ride with a flight instructor.” Hanjour will subsequently rent aircraft from the company on August 26 and 28. [US DISTRICT COURT FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF VIRGINIA, ALEXANDRIA DIVISION, 7/31/2006, PP. 68 pdf file]

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Mark Gaffney asks who is Eddie Shalev, but only gives us information that comes from the 9-11 Commission itself, as he explains at the end of the article:

So, who is Eddie Shalev? His identity remained unknown for more than seven years, but was finally revealed in one of the files released in January 2009 by the National Archives. The document, labelled a “Memorandum for the Record,” is a summary of the April 2004 interview with Eddie Shalev conducted by commission staffer Quinn John Tamm.  The document confirms that Shalev went on record: “Mr Shalev stated that based on his observations Hanjour was a ‘good’ pilot.” It is noteworthy that Tamm also spoke with Freeway instructors Sheri Baxter and Ben Conner, as revealed by yet another recently-released document.  Although I was unable to reach Tamm or Baxter for comment, I did talk with Conner, who confirmed the conversation.  Conner says he fully expected to testify before the commission. Perhaps not surprisingly, the call never came. 

But the shocker is the revelation that Eddie Shalev is an Israeli and served in the Israeli army. The file states that “Mr. Shalev served in the Israeli Defense Forces in a paratroop regiment. He was a jumpmaster on a Boeing C-130. Mr. Shalev moved to the Gaithersburg area in April 2001 and was sponsored for employment by Congressional Air Charters...[which] has subsequently gone out of business.”

In his 2008 book, The New Pearl Harbor Revisited, David Ray Griffin asks, "How could an instructor in Gaithersburg [i.e. the Israeli Eddie Shalev] have had such a radically different view of Hanjour’s abilities from that of all of the other flight instructors who worked with him? Who was this instructor? How could this report be verified?”


The 9-11 Commission used the Shalev testimony that Hanjour was a "good pilot" because they needed this false testimony to support the official myth that Hani Hanjour flew the plane that supposedly crashed into the Pentagon. But Mark Gaffney and David Ray Griffin failed to find answers to their questions because it seems that they failed to ask the right questions.

I would start by asking the most obvious questions:

Who is Eddie (or Eddy) Shalev and how did he become sponsored to work for Congressional Air Charters of Gaithersburg, Maryland?

Who is the owner of 
Congressional Air Charters?

How is it that an alleged Muslim terrorist from Saudi Arabia winds up taking flight lessons from an Israeli pilot?

I would think that Griffin and Gaffney would have certainly asked all three questions and should have found something odd about Congressional Air Charters, but they didn't.  I find this odd because the "Memorandum for the Record" identifies Monty Lilley as the owner of the company, and he is a known criminal in Maryland.


It did not take me very long to find that Congressional Air Charters was owned by a Monty Lilley who seems to have a well-documented criminal record.  It is simply not possible that the 9-11 Commission did not know that Monty Lilley was a criminal because it was published in a Baltimore Sun article entiled, "25 of embezzler's victims witness his sentencing," published on November 26, 1992.  If one does a Google search for "Monty Lilley" this is actually the first article that appears.

The text of the Baltimore Sun article about Monty Lilley the embezzler reads:

25 of embezzler's victims witness his sentencing
November 26, 1992
By Norris P. West, Staff Writer

Twenty-five victims of an embezzler traveled here from Pittsburgh yesterday to watch the sentencing of the man who stole $3.1 million from their company's pension plan.

Monty Lilley, a Gaithersburg real estate developer, was sentenced to 30 months in prison and ordered by U.S. District Judge Frederic N. Smalkin to pay $3 million in restitution.

Lilley pleaded guilty in July to stealing the money from the Childs Equipment Co. Inc. Profit Sharing Plan, which had about 100 members. Childs made office equipment shelving before it went bankrupt.

Lilley and his wife, Patricia, owned The Princeton Group, a real estate development firm in Gaithersburg, when they bought controlling interest in Childs in 1989 and assumed trusteeship of the pension plan.

Prosecutors said they would not charge Mrs. Lilley if she followed the restitution order for the next year.

Lilley used the plan's money for personal expenses and to pay debts accumulated by his real estate company. He left only about $7,000 in the plan, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Christopher B. Mead.

"Poof! That's what it is. Poof," Edward Donahey said in exasperation. He had expected to receive a lump sum payment of $85,000 when he retired in 1989 after working 23 years as a carpenter at Childs.

Mr. Donahey and other victims trekked from Pittsburgh yesterday to the Garmatz federal courthouse. At the sentencing, they expressed anger that Lilley's prison term would not be longer due to federal sentencing guidelines and they fretted about their own futures.

Mr. Mead said that although the judge ordered $3 million in restitution, Lilley has only a fraction of that in assets. Mr. Mead said the plea agreement requires Lilley to forfeit his home in Gaithersburg, and that the government will sell it and send the proceeds to the plan.

The prosecutor said it was unlikely that most of the money would be repaid.

"I don't want you folks to think there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, because there might not be," he told the victims after the sentencing.

Mr. Donahey, 65, said that in addition to losing his pension fund money, he has spent $10,000 in legal fees to try to recover it.

Instead of enjoying his retirement, he has resumed working at another company and is worried about his future.

"I'm going to have to work the rest of my life," he said. "What's going to happen when you can't work no more?"

So, we see that Congressional Air Charters, which was owned by a convicted criminal named Monty Lilley, was not investigated by the 9-11 Commission or by either Mark Gaffney or David Ray Griffin. The fact that the company that "sponsored" the Israeli flight instructor who gave a false report about Hani Hanjour's flying skills to the 9-11 Commission was owned by a criminal who stole more than $3 million from a pension fund raises several new questions:

How is it that Monty Lilley, a convicted criminal in Maryland, was able to open a business called Congressional Air Charters with a flight school in Gaithersburg only a few years after being released from prison?

How did it happen that Monty Lilley wound up sponsoring a flight instructor from Israel, an Eddy Shalev who did not even have a green card? How was this arranged - and by whom?

So, who is Monty Lilley and where has he disappeared to?

to be continued... 

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