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How Will the False-Flag Kidnapping Scenario End?

June 27, 2014  

"False flag operations, while not new, are the new norm."
- a reader comments on
 “Is the Israeli Kidnapping Real - or False-Flag?” 

"I am certain that Marwan and Amer were detained by Israeli Special Forces and that the Israeli occupation government will eventually kill them and say the settlers were freed – just to score internal political gains." 
- Omar Abu Eisha, father of Amer Abu Eisha, who along with Marwan Qawasmeh, is accused by Israel’s Shin Bet of kidnapping the three missing Israeli settlers.

Source: “Israel kidnap claim 'stunt,' say families of suspects” by Qais Abu Samra in Ramallah, Anadolu Agency, June 27, 2014  

The terrain around Hebron is rugged and has many caves. Much of the area has been ethnically cleansed of its native Palestinian inhabitants and turned into closed military zones. Will the final scenario of the false-flag kidnapping end in a cave in the rugged hills of Hebron? 
Photo - Campaign for abolition of 'Firing Zone 918' in South Hebron Hills

Two weeks after three Israeli settlers were kidnapped near Hebron on the West Bank, the Israeli Shin Bet announced that two suspects had been identified. These two Palestinian men, said to be members of Hamas, disappeared on the same day as the three Israelis. Were the two Palestinians kidnapped in order to be sacrificed as scapegoats in a false-flag operation? Will the kidnapping scenario end with the deaths of these two men in a cave in the hills south of Hebron?

"HUNDREDS ARRESTED" - Hundreds of Palestinians have been arrested across the West Bank as Benjamin Netanyahu exploited the false-flag kidnapping as an excuse for a massive military crack-down and kidnapping of Palestinian kids.


In what appears to be an Israeli-orchestrated fake kidnapping plot designed to vilify Hamas, the stage is now set for what appears to be its imminent final scene. The setting of the stage came with the announcement on June 26 that the Israeli authorities had identified two suspects from Hebron. This suggests that the climax is near. 

As the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz reported on June 27:

Israel's defense establishment believes it has narrowed down the identities of the two Hamas militants who kidnapped three Israeli teenagers in the West Bank two weeks ago, it emerged Thursday after a gag order was lifted.

The Shin Bet security service revealed the two militants' names in a statement: Marwan Qawasmeh and Amar Abu Aisha, two known operatives in the Hebron area.

In a statement on Qawasmeh and Abu Aisha, the Shin Bet security service said the two were considered suspects immediately after the abduction, adding that ever since, “the Shin Bet and the Israel Defense Forces have pursued the men, first and foremost in order to locate the kidnapped teens.”

Both men were known to be missing from the day of the kidnapping, two weeks ago. Their homes were raided about three days after the abduction, and many of their relatives were arrested. The Shin Bet said in its statement that both were involved with Hamas in the Hebron area. According to Palestinian sources, both men’s wives — Qawasmeh’s wife is eight months’ pregnant — were arrested and detained briefly.


I have suspected all along that this kidnapping scenario would end in a cave in the hills around Hebron and that the blame would then be fixed on Hamas. I see it happening something like this:  Israeli forces will locate the kidnappers and boys being held in a cave, probably on or near a closed Israeli military zone. A shoot-out between the kidnappers and the Israeli military results in the kidnappers being killed and the three Jewish students being released, perhaps even on the sabbath. The Israeli population is greatly relieved, celebrates the sabbath and sings praises to the military and their brave leader, Bibi Netanyahu.

LIVING IN A CAVE - Some Palestinian families, like this one near Jerusalem, have been forced to live in caves after the Israeli army destroyed their homes. Source - “Palestinian family moves to cave after home demolished,” Times of Israel, August 28, 2013

The dead kidnappers are identified as members of Hamas from Hebron, a Turkish connection may also be found, and Benjamin Netanyahu is praised for having been right about the evil Hamas and its connection to the kidnapping. Netanyahu is vindicated and King Bibi demands Hamas be banned from any future political role in the Palestinian government.


THE SHIN BET (or Shabak) is the Israeli "security" agency that is engaged in "counter-terrorism activities" in both Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.

The announcement by the Shin Bet that these two Palestinian men from Hebron have been missing since the day of the kidnapping is "news" that is meant to set the stage for the final scene of the kidnapping scenario.  That final scene could happen today already, which would be a special dose of "good news" for the Israeli public on the eve of the sabbath.

Regardless whether it happens today or tomorrow, something like the scenario I have described is bound to happen soon and the arch-terrorist Benjamin Netanyahu will then be praised as a hero of Israel. That is, after all, one of the reasons for the whole exercise.

If, however, "Netanyahu the psychopath" is exposed as being the political mastermind behind the false-flag kidnapping operation, and if - and when - the Israeli people and others understand that he arranged the whole operation to achieve his strategic and personal goals, it will be "game over" for him and his partners in false-flag terrorism. For the victims of 9-11 and other acts of Israeli terrorism, that day cannot come soon enough.

King Bibi tells Palestinian president Abbas: Break off pact with Hamas terrorists

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