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9-11 Q&A

September 4, 2012

The following 13-minute video by Mark Dankof raises all of the key questions about 9-11 that I deal with in the Solving 9-11 set of books.  This video is from his interview with Robert Sungenis regarding Israeli involvement in the 9-11 attacks. 

The material in the video is based on Sungenis' comprehensive review of Solving 9-11:  The Deception that Changed the World.  (Note:  The video has a few minor 'typos'.  When Dankof discusses the 5 Israeli terror suspects arrested on 9-11, he says they appeared on Israeli television in November 2011.  He means 2001.)

Recommended Reading:  Robert A. Sungenis review of Solving 9-11:  The Deception that Changed the World, May 11, 2012

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