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9/11 Litigation Update - Justice Denied - One Case Left

August 11, 2010

It was murder.  We will never get over it. 
We are fighting for the truth...
I hope there are people out there who want the truth. 
- Mary Bavis, mother of 9/11 victim Mark Bavis

An article from the Boston Herald dated 6 March 2010 reported that there was only one 9/11 wrongful death lawsuit remaining at that time.  The remaining wrongful death lawsuit is that of Mark Bavis, a professional hockey scout.  I spoke with Mark's mother Mary on August 8 and she confirmed that their case is still open, which makes it the last possibility to obtain a public trial to determine who was responsible for the thousands of deaths on 9/11.  The 9/11 victims have been completely denied justice, thanks to a corrupt U.S. district judge who is a devoted Zionist agent.  He is the orthodox Jewish Zionist who has handled the entire process and protected the Israeli terrorists of 9/11 - Alvin K. Hellerstein.  Hellerstein is acting as the agent of a foreign nation and should be charged with treason.

Update Note:  On August 5, I spoke with both the father and mother of 9/11 victim Sara Elizabeth Low and was left with the understanding that the Low family case was not settled and that there were two cases remaining.  This is, however, evidently not the case.  As I have seen in other cases, the 9/11 relatives are under very strict instructions not to talk about their cases - even after they have settled - and they don't.  I can't imagine how the families of the 9/11 victims are threatened to stay silent.  It must be that they are in fear of being charged with a crime, not unlike the way that U.S. military personnel are silenced about what they do in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Alvin K. Hellerstein, a devoted Zionist judge with family connections to the Israeli defendant in the 9/11 litigation, has obstructed justice by blocking a trial from occurring.  The 9/11 tort litigation process under Hellerstein has been an appalling travesty of justice.
There are thousands of American families who lost loved ones on 9/11.  All of those families had the right to use the courts to sue the airlines and the "airport security" companies whose failure contributed directly to the deaths of their loved ones, at least according to the official story.  Chief among these defendants in the 9/11 tort litigation is Huntleigh USA (owned by International Consultants on Targeted Security, ICTS N.V.), the Israeli-owned "security" and passenger-screening company.  Ninety-eight percent of these families accepted a payment from the U.S. taxpayer-funded victim compensation fund, which was distributed by the preferred insurance payout czar, Kenneth Feinberg.  In accepting the Feinberg brokered payout of taxpayer money these families forfeited their right to litigate further.  By blocking a trial from happening Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein has protected a key defendant, the Israeli-owned passenger-screening company Huntleigh USA, and others who have not had to answer any questions or defend themselves in court.  The failure to hold a trial in the 9/11 tort litigation has effectively prevented any legal discovery and enabled the 9/11 cover-up to continue.
There were 96 families of 9/11 victims who did not take the Feinberg-brokered payment and chose to use the courts in their effort to obtain justice and accountability.  Nine years after 9/11, there has still not been a trial for the families involved in the tort litigation and there is only one wrongful death lawsuit left to be settled.

Mike Low of Batesville, Arkansas, is the father of Sara Elizabeth Low, a flight attendant on American Airline Flight 11, the first plane to strike the World Trade Center.  The Low family was one of the last remaining cases in the tort litigation, a process that has been handled in the federal courtroom of Alvin K. Hellerstein in Manhattan. 

Sara Elizabeth Low of Batesville, Arkansas
A Boston Herald article, dated 6 March 2010, reported:  "A Manhattan judge is being vilified by the grieving family of a Boston flight attendant murdered in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks because they say he has blocked a public trial, forcing them to give up the fight."

The family of Sara Low, 28, who died "a hero" battling the terrorists aboard American Airlines Flight 11, announced they have reached an out-of-court settlement.

"Our judicial system very much favors Goliath over David," said Alyson Low, Sara's sister, who lives in Arkansas. "This is not a victorious day for us. Our goal from the start was to go to trial, so the public could learn with no political filters about the depth and breadth of the negligence that led to Sara's death," Alyson Low said in an exclusive interview with the Herald.

She accused Manhattan federal Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein of putting up road blocks to delay any hope of a trial...

This leaves one family out of the 96 who declined to buy into a congressional no-fault fund holding out.

The family of Mark Bavis, 31, of West Newton still wants an open trial, said attorney
Donald A. Migliori.

Mark Bavis
Bavis was a pro hockey scout for the L.A. Kings who died on United Airlines Flight 175, which left Logan and slammed into the World Trade Center.

"All I see is 95 out of 96 cases settled and the airlines successful in keeping information from the public," said Brian Sullivan, a retired Boston FAA official.

Donald Alan Migliori of Motley Rice has represented many of the 9/11 relatives.  He has utterly failed to get the public trial for the 9/11 families and only one case remains.  Who is he really working for if he is unable to get a trial for even one of the 96 families in the 9/11 tort litigation?
The other 95 cases have all settled out of court.  The 9/11 tort litigation process has been a legal war of attrition between U.S. District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein and the 9/11 relatives, and the Zionist judge has prevailed by eliminating the wrongful death lawsuits one-by-one.  Hellerstein's son is an Israeli lawyer who works for a law firm that works for the parent company of ICTS.  This presents a clear-cut and criminal conflict of interest for the judge but the lawyers who represent the 9/11 relatives don't seem willing or able to do anything about it.  The conflict of interest affects not only the relatives of the 9/11 victims.  It taints the entire judicial process surrounding 9/11 and all related terrorism issues, which Hellerstein also oversees.

I spoke with Mike Low on August 5.  As I expected, he said he was not permitted to discuss the case, although he confirmed that the Low family had not obtained the trial they had been promised in April 2010.  Like the other 9/11 relatives, Mike Low is gagged.  He is not allowed to talk about his case.  Everything is very hush-hush and done behind closed doors.  Even after they settle the families are not allowed to discuss their settlements.  Who does all this secrecy benefit?  It is certainly no benefit for the relatives or the public.  The only ones who benefit from this secrecy are those who carried out the false flag terrorism on 9/11 and those who are behind the cover-up of the truth.

Mike Low of Batesville, Arkansas is also a pilot.
In July 2009, when he finally got a trial date in April 2010, Low told CBS News:  "I want people to know 9/11 could have been prevented. These Saudi thugs could have been stopped…This is an excruciating thing as a parent to continue this, but I don't have a choice," Low said. "I could just not quit until I know I've gone as far as I can go, because I would have her image hanging over me the rest of my life saying, 'You quit, you quit.'"


Mary Bavis, the mother of Mark Bavis, told me on August 10 that she knows of families that settled out of court who regret that decision.  The Bavis family is not wealthy, she said.  Mark's father, Richard, was a Boston policeman who passed away a decade before his son was murdered on 9/11.  "He was a man with principles," Mary said, "and his children are just like him."
The Bavis family is a devout Catholic family and Mary said that her "faith and prayers" have helped her in her struggle for the truth.  "We'll make it", she said, and expressed her wish that the American public would support the 9/11 relatives who are fighting for a public trial. "We are fighting for the truth," she said, "I hope there are people out there who want the truth." 

If the Israeli agent Hellerstein is able to obstruct justice by blocking a trial he will succeed in closing the book on the sordid Zionist saga of 9/11 without a single case going to trial.  If that were to happen, it would be a huge travesty of justice and we would all lose -- and the real terrorists of 9/11 would win.  For the victims of 9/11, for their families, and ours, we must not let that happen.

Alvin K. Hellerstein is the Clinton-appointed U.S. district judge who handles all 9/11 related litigation.  Hellerstein is a devoted Zionist agent who is serving the state of Israel by covering up the truth of 9/11.  His Israeli son works for the Rothschild-owned parent company of ICTS, the key defendant in the 9/11 litigation.  This is clearly a criminal conflict of interest.  Hellerstein should be arrested and charged as a foreign agent.
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