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A Brave Aussie Stands Up for 9/11 Truth Against Zionist Media

Updated November 15, 2010

Anthony Lawson has made another excellent video about 9/11 truth.  The video contains the comments of Kevin Bracken, a very clear-thinking and brave Australian union leader who stands up against the Zionist-controlled media and states that the official version of 9/11 simply does not stand up to scientific scrutiny.  Bracken, who is polite throughout the interview, is constantly interrupted and abused by the Jewish on-air host, Jon Faine.  Faine is a "climate alarmist" in the controlled media (ABC of Australia) who vigorously promotes the hoax of global warming.  The fact that Faine supports the specious nonsense about man-made global warming while he viciously attacks leading members of Australia's 9-11 truth movement reveals the Zionist-controlled media's agenda behind both global deceptions.

The following interview shows how to stand up to the abuse and mind-control techniques of the Zionist media, which seeks to confuse and distract the public from the evidence that their Zionist masters were behind the terror atrocity of 9/11 - the deception that changed the world and took our nations into criminal wars of aggression -- for their profit.

The Brave Aussie Kevin Bracken vs. Jon Faine

Kevin Bracken

Jon Faine is a "climate alarmist" from the Zionist-controlled media who attacks 9-11 truthseekers like Kevin Bracken.

The Video


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