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Act One: The Bus Bomb in Bulgaria

July 21, 2012

The scene of the bus bomb at Burgas airport, Bulgaria

"Iran is responsible for the terror attack in Bulgaria, we will have a strong response against Iranian terror." 
- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the July 19 bus bombing in Bulgaria

"All signs point to Iran. This is an Iranian terror campaign that is spreading throughout the world.”
- Benjamin Netanyahu in a statement

“Hezbollah is behind the attack, it was part of a series of attacks. We know that Iran is behind it all. What we don’t know is who the actual man is.”
- Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak to Channel 2 TV

"We were witnesses to a deadly terror attack coming out of Iran ... We know there were other attempts, and this time they succeeded."
- Israel's President Shimon Peres

Israel's troika of terrorists:  Shimon Peres, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Ehud Barak


The troika of Israeli masterminds of false-flag terrorism, Ehud Barak, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Shimon Peres, were all quick to blame Hezbollah and Iran for the bus bombing in Bulgaria on July 19. These same three Israeli leaders acted in the exact same way on 
9-11, blaming Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban of Afghanistan. The three senior Israeli officials, however, have yet to present a single piece of evidence to prove that either Iran or Hezbollah were involved the bombing. So, what really happened at the Burgas airport?

Neither Iran nor Hezbollah are known to be supporters of terrorism.  They are, quite the contrary, both very much engaged in resisting and defending themselves against Israeli terrorism. The bombing at the Bulgarian airport simply does not show any indication of Iranian involvement, despite the claims of Bibi Netanyahu. The signs, on the other hand, all point to the bombing being an Israeli false-flag terror operation. What are those signs?


Firstly, neither Iran nor Hezbollah have anything to gain by bombing Israeli tourists in Bulgaria. Why would Iran or Hezbollah, both known to be extremely rational actors, commit a senseless terror act that gains them nothing but leaves them wide open to criticism and retribution? It should be noted that both Iran and Hezbollah have denied any role in the bombing.

Secondly, why would Barak, Netanyahu, and Peres be so quick to blame Iran and Hezbollah? What if another entity were to suddenly come forward and claim responsibility for the bombing? Wouldn’t they look stupid? So, how can they be so confident that another party won’t claim responsibility?  Because they know who carried out the bombing - and it wasn’t Iran or Hezbollah. 

But, why would Israel carry out a false-flag terror attack in Bulgaria now? 

The airport bus bombing is the latest in a string of Israeli false-flag attacks in which Israelis were the victims.  The attacks in Georgia, India, and Thailand are all part of the Israeli preliminary terror campaign.  The bus bombing at Burgas is very similar to the false-flag bombings carried out by Israeli agents in the John Le Carré 1983 novel and George Roy Hill film, The Little Drummer Girl.  The primary purpose of the Bulgaria bus bombing is only to create the appearance that Iran is supporting terrorists in Europe – on the eve of the Olympic Games in London. This is why I call it a “primer attack”, i.e. a false-flag terror event designed to create the impression that Iran is carrying out terrorist attacks against Israelis. The purpose of a “primer attack” is to create the ideation, i.e. the mental base, and prepare the public mind for a much larger and more spectacular terror atrocity, which will certainly be blamed on Iran. It is all part of a process to train the public to accept the false interpretation without evidence and to shape public opinion to support aggressive military action against the Islamic Republic of Iran.  It's criminal deception and we've been through it all before.

In this way the bus bombing in Bulgaria is like the first bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, which was a "primer attack" that was designed to impress on the public the false notion that Arab terrorists were trying to destroy the Twin Towers.  As we know the FBI was instrumental in creating the bomb and framing the "terrorists".  Terrorism is like a Hollywood movie; it is the appearance of reality that is important, not reality itself. 

In The Little Drummer Girl Le Carré wrote:   “Terror is theatre... Theatre's a con trick.  Do you know what that means?  Con trick?  You've been deceived.”  

The bus bombing in Bulgaria is just the first act in this evil play; be prepared for the second act - and don't be deceived. 

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