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Alex Jones Caller Promotes Bollyn 9-11 Books

November 28, 2015

"SOLVING 9-11 ENDS THE WAR" is the theme of my upcoming speaking tour, as it was for the previous tour. Alex Jones uses my theme although he claims to be unaware of my work and efforts, and goes nowhere near explaining what the theme means.

"Maverick from Texas" called into the Alex Jones show the other day to tell Jones about my Solving 9-11 research.  The Alex Jones channel has posted a YouTube video of the 5-minute conversation between Maverick and Jones, in which Maverick promotes my work by pointing out the essence of what my research means, while Jones avoids discussing it. This is very telling behavior from the media personality who claims to be the person who started the 9-11 truth movement - literally.

The Maverick-Jones discussion is during the first 4 minutes and 50 seconds of the following video:

"Solving 9/11 Ends the War" - Alex Jones Channel steals my tour slogan without going anywhere near the essence of my research which explains what this slogan means.  This is an attempt to hijack people who are searching for information about my Solving 9-11 research by using this slogan. Video Link -


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