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Arlen Specter - The Elder of Zion in the U.S. Senate

May 5, 2009

Senator Arlen Specter's switch to the Democratic party after 29 years as a Republican has much more to do with pushing through the radical Zionist agenda of the Obama administration than anything else.  Specter will be 80 years old in 2010 when he runs for a 6th term in the U.S. Senate.  The Obama White House is controlled by the senior Zionist-Communist/Israeli advisors to the president, Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod. With 60 Democratic senators there will be little the GOP members can do as a block to prevent the passage of more radical legislation in the Senate. Because the Obama White House is a puppet government of international Zionists, it is important that readers understand that Specter is a very high-level Zionist agent in the U.S. Congress.

Arlen Specter is infamous for being the author of the preposterous "magic bullet" theory on the Warren Commission, the official investigation into the murder of President John F. Kennedy. As an assistant counsel for the commission, Specter promoted the controversial "single bullet theory," which asserted that the wounds to Kennedy and non-fatal wounds to Texas Governor John Connally were caused by the same bullet.  Most importantly, this theory claimed that the wound to the front of Kennedy's neck was an exit wound, rather than an entry wound, which is what it clearly was.  Specter's "magic bullet" theory was a crucial assertion for the Warren Commission, since if both Kennedy and Connally had been wounded by separate bullets, that would have proved the presence of a second assassin and therefore a conspiracy.

To understand more about Specter's role in promoting the lies of the "magic bullet" and the murder of JFK, see: "Arlen Specter and The 'Magic' Bullet" by Jim Fetzer at:

Arlen Specter (left) was the "author" of the "magic bullet" lie on the Warren Commission.

I suspect that Arlen Specter is a high-level agent of the B'nai B'rith, the secret organization of Jewish Freemasons which I consider to be the real Elders of Zion. This exclusive Jewish organization of Freemasons has immense power in the United States and around the world. The New York Times is a B'nai B'rith run newspaper, for example, controlled by the Sulzberger family. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and Hillel are both B'nai B'rith organizations.  The first has a great deal of control over law enforcement; the second over the college campuses of the United States.  

The B'nai B'rith actually recruited and brought many thousands of Jews from Eastern Europe to the U.S. (especially to western states) to swell their ranks of Zionist agents in the late 1800s and early 1900s. I suspect that the Spektor family was one of them.  Harry Spektor (a.k.a. Spector, Specter), Arlen Specter's father, moved between the East Coast and Nebraska and Kansas in the 1920s and 30s.  A B'nai B'rith background would explain Arlen Specter's key role in the cover-up of the conspiracy to murder JFK.  As a matter of fact, being an agent of B'nai B'rith is the only thing that would explain Specter's being placed in this crucial position to effectively cover-up the Zionist conspiracy to murder President John F. Kennedy.

The role of the secret Jewish Freemasonic B'nai B'rith in such crimes can best be explained by understanding that such blatant criminal cover-ups such as the Warren Commission and the 9-11 Commission can only be carried out with the connivance of the Zionist-controlled media.  If the Sulzberger family of the New York Times, for example, a founding family of B'nai B'rith, did not actively support such cover-ups - they would have no chance of fooling the people.  In this way, one can discern the real powers behind the cover-up - and the crimes.  The media silence about the discovery of super-thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center speaks volumes about the Zionist controllers of the media and their role in the cover-up of what really happened on 9-11.

Arlen Specter's first award was actually given to him by B'nai B'rith in 1966, when he received the Jewish Freemasons' "Youth Services Award."  Arlen Specter (also spelled Spector) is a Zionist Jew who has a long history of such fabrications as the "magic bullet" theory he used to frame Lee H. Oswald as the lone killer of Kennedy. His father was a junk dealer from a place near Kiev and Sen. Specter has been peddling junk on Capitol Hill since he arrived in Washington as a senator from Pennsylvania in 1980. How such a notorious fabricator could be elected to the U.S. Senate five times says a great deal about the serious failure of the U.S. media and government to expose such liars and scoundrels. 

Who is Arlen Specter? He is a devoted Zionist "Russian" Jew who comes from a family of extremely ardent Zionists. His father and mother moved to Israel, where Aron "Harry" Spektor died in 1964, and Arlen's sister, Hilda Specter Morgenstern, emmigrated to (from the richest nation on Earth) after World War 2 (when Israel was created) and lives in Jerusalem, as Sen. Specter told the U.S. Senate:

After the war [WW2], Hilda, Arthur, and their family of four children lived in Russell, KS, without the benefit of a Jewish education, so they moved to Wichita where Hilda became superintendent to the Hebrew school. When they found the Jewish education there insufficient, they moved to Denver. When that proved insufficient, they moved to New York City. When that was not enough, they moved to Jerusalem where Hilda and Arthur now reside--except for periodic visits to the United States to help in my many campaigns.

When Specter ran for president in 1996 he said the first thing he would do if elected would be to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and recognize the occupied city as the capital of Israel:

My commitment to America is to fight the scourge of international terrorism -- illustrated by the bombing of the World Trade Center in New York -- and the nerve gas attack in the Tokyo subway. At the outset of my presidency, I will move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem to implement the Sense of the Senate Resolution calling for recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capitol [sic].

Biographical sketches of Specter say that he is the son of a Jewish immigrant from Russia named Harry Specter and Lillie Shanin, a Russian Jewish girl from Missouri. His father, Aron Spektor, apparently immigrated in 1911 at age 18 with another brother Mordehe, age 25.

Sen. Specter had a tribute to his father put in the congressional record on the anniversary of his 100th birthday in 1992:

At the age of 18, determined to avoid the oppression of the czar's heel, he saved a few rubles, walked across the European Continent and set sail for America in steerage. His arrival in the United States and his search for his brother, Joseph, demonstrated his character, imagination, and determination which would be the hallmarks of his life.

When he landed in New York, a teeming city of almost 5 million people, my father had no address for his brother but knew only the name and street corner of his brother's bank from a check which had been received by the family in Batchkurina. So, on a Sunday morning, he went to the street corner with the hope that his brother might live nearby and pass the bank. 

After several hours, he saw his brother walk by and excitedly ran up to him and shouted, "Yussel, Yussel, Ich bin dein bruder Aaron.'' Yiddish for: "Joseph, Joseph, I am your brother Harry.'' My father had changed considerably in the 7 years since Joseph had last seen his 11-year-old brother. Looking at the stranger, my Uncle Joe said, "Oyb du bist mein bruder Aaron, kum mit mir.'' Yiddish for: "If you are my brother Harry, come with me.'' And so began my father's life in America.

Immigration records show that an Aron Spektor arrived on January 28, 1911, on the Volturno sailing from Rotterdam.  Spektor named his origin as the town of Monastyrischen, which is the nearest town to the hamlet of Batchkurina (Bachkuryne), which is where Specter says his father originated.

You see, my father grew up in a small town in Russia called Batchkurina, - in a one room hut with a dirt floor - a hut he shared with his parents, - seven brothers, - and one sister. As the only Jewish family in the town, - they were a convenient target for the slurs of the villagers - and the threats of the Cossacks.

Specter's father certainly did not walk across Europe in the dead of winter of 1910-11, from Kiev to Holland, where he boarded a ship for New York.  This is another fabrication of the Spektor imagination, a family that appears to have a very loose grasp of reality. 

The convicted murderer Phil Spector:  Another member of the infamous Spektor clan

The record of Aron Spektor is most likely Specter's father because the name of Aron's father, Avrum, matches that of the "only" Jew in the town, according to Sen. Specter:

Joan and I visited my father's birthplace in 1982. In Batchkurina (Bachkuryne) we talked to the village elder, a man 81 years of age, who at first did not recall the Specter family. When I commented that the Specters were the only Jewish family in town, he then exclaimed that he did remember "Avram the Jew.'' His identification of my grandfather's first name was made without any prior identification of that name by me. That incident emphasized for me the difference of being Jewish in Russia in 1911 or 1982 or, for the matter 1992.

Sen. Specter's father went to Israel in 1964, where he died:

A trip to Israel was my father's lifelong ambition. It always made me uneasy when he would say that he wanted to die and be buried in Israel. On October 9, 1964, Joan and I brought a bottle of champagne on board the ship Shalom to toast my parents' departure for Haifa. Three weeks later, a letter arrived from my mother saying that my father had suffered a heart attack when he overexerted himself in his excitement to walk the streets of Tel Aviv. A 5 a.m. telephone call on November 2, 1964, brought the news of his death and my sister Hilda and I flew from New York later that day to bury our father in the Cholom cemetery in Tel Aviv. The orthodox burial ceremony had no casket with my father laid to rest in a large tallis, the Jewish prayer shawl.


Arlen Specter, March 30, 1995

The 100th Anniversary of Arlen Specter's Father's Birth, Congressional Record of the U.S. Senate, July 1, 1992, Page: S9393

Happy Birthday Hilda Specter Morgenstern, Congressional Record, Specter, Arlen [R-PA], October 17, 1995

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