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Bollyn 9-11 Tour Continues in June

April 3, 2016

EXPOSING THE COLOSSAL LIE OF 9/11 - Christopher Bollyn at the World Trade Center, March 2016.
(Photo by Rudy Dent)

Bollyn Summer Tour Announcement

Many people contacted me during the winter tour asking me to come to their town, so I am planning a summer tour to go the northern states and those places I was unable to reach last winter.  If you would like to host a "Solving 9-11" event in your town this summer, contact me by email at:

Hosting an event is really quite simple. Here are the basics on setting one up:

1. First, contact me (by email at so we can decide on a date for the presentation.

2. Check with your local library to see what kind and size of meeting rooms they have available. The use of these rooms in public libraries is usually free and includes use of chairs, projector, sound system, and technical support. A projector is required to show my PowerPoint slides.

3. Since it is an author presentation, ask if I can sign and sell my books.

4. Promote the event with a Facebook event page and printed flyers. Six weeks should be ample time to publicize the event once the date and venue have been confirmed.

5. Contact local peace and 
9/11 truth organizations to help spread the word.
6. Remember: Don’t be intimidated – Embrace controversy. Don't be surprised if the planned event raises some controversy; embrace it. Controversy is actually a good thing because it brings attention to the 9/11 cover-up and increases public interest in the event.


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