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Bollyn on 9-11, Ptech, and Michael Goff

November 15, 2009 - Updated March 29, 2010

Bollyn Discusses 9-11, Ptech, and Michael Goff on

"Ptech was with MITRE Corporation in the basement of the FAA for two years prior to 9/11. Their specific job is to look at interoperability issues the FAA had with NORAD and the Air Force in the case of an emergency. If anyone was in a position to know that the FAA - that there was a window of opportunity or to insert software or to change anything – it would have been Ptech along with MITRE."
Indira Singh, Wall Street Risk and IT Specialist turned 9-11 Ptech whistle-blower 

"Exposing Michael S. Goff - Worcester's 9/11 Terrorist?"

On Friday, November 13, Bollyn spoke on the AZL Roundtable of Worcester, Massachusetts.  The discussion focused on the critical roles of the Zionist Jew Michael S. Goff (originally of Worcester) and the Mossad "cut-out" company Ptech and its key role in providing Israeli-made Trojan Horse enterprise software to facilitate the over-riding of the critical government computer systems on 9-11, such as those of the Federal Aviation Administration.  According to whistle-blower Indira Singh, Ptech worked with MITRE on the computers of the F.A.A. for two years priot to 9-11.  The one-hour discussion, which was being electronically disturbed, can be heard at:

The AZL Rountable of November 13, 2009 with Christopher Bollyn:

Update of March 29, 2010

Dear Christopher,

Thanks for adding your voice to call for a 911-related investigation of Michael Goff, from Worcester, MA, where (as it happens) the Anti-Zionist League is also based. Despite death threats, the Anti-Zionist League's website ( is back up!

The AZL's efforts in Worcester Mass may well present this movement with its last opportunity to to reach honest law enforcement and government. And now, a new dimension has been added to this opportunity! Seems that within days of The AZL's online efforts to inform Worcester law enforcement of 9/11 evidence concerning Worcester-born Michael S. Goff, a "sudden rash of anti-Semitic graffiti" has cropped up in that same city.

The AZL has made Worcester Police Chief Gemme aware of the suspect nature and timing of this “anti-Semitic graffiti", while drawing attention to the fact that the State Rep (Harriette Chandler) who is most outspoken about this alleged rash of hate crime vandalism happens to be married to Michael Goff's former employer - Burton Chandler of Seder & Chandler law firm.

Here is a link to the AZL’s "Open Letter to Worcester's Police Chief Gary Gemme", concerning Michael Goff, who worked at the 911-connected software company PTECH. In this post, there is also a link to the AZL's "Open Letter to Worcester Mayor O'Brien", which provides information on Michael Goff's local connections and context, which is essential to any investigation of Michael Goff:

Direct link to 'Michael Goff's local context' is here:

AZL Roundtable discussion (with Jim Condit) on possible graffiti hate hoax:

Thanks for your great research all of these years, Christopher. We think that by alerting law enforcement to the impeccable timing of this “hate crime graffiti” – coming just days after our efforts to expose 9/11 evidence concerning Goff in that same city (Goff’s ‘hometown’) – and by alerting law enforcement nationwide of the same (to say nothing of the near-certainty that Goff also stalked an AZL activist that same week), this movement can at last use an identifiable local crime as a means to reach law enforcement, and, from that local crime (graffiti hate hoaxes surrounding the AZL’s 911-Goff efforts) to expose it’s likely connection to the higher crime – 9/11 and Goff’s possible role in those attacks – we may finally blow a hole in this nation’s 9/11 cover-up. If this is not an opportunity for the world-wide opposition to 9/11's Zionist crime network, then nothing is. Opportunities like this are not likely to come to us ever again. Given the fact that your work has so helped make this opportunity possible, Christopher Bollyn: hats off to you!

- The Anti-Zionist League (
Worcester, Massachusetts

Update: is back up online. Recently, both the AZL’s Tony Hmura (WW2 Vet) and a fellow AZL activist were accosted with death threats. Just after The AZL began exposing Goff-911 info in his hometown of Worcester MA, Tony Hmura was physically accosted by man who threatened to kill Hmura, threw ice at him and tried to break Hmura’s car window as he drove away. Tellingly, this AGENT was able to name an out of state acquaintance of Hmura’s, which few would have way of knowing about. Hmura has reported these death threats to police.

Stack that beside the following:

AZL activist Michael Collins is 99% certain that he was stalked by Michael Goff (hear the AZL’s interview with Christopher Bollyn concerning “9/11 and Goff”) during that same time period. Just after the AZL’s interview with Christopher Bollyn concerning “9/11 and Goff” (hear it at 

This likely stalking incident was accompanied that same week (late November) by a sudden rash of “anti-Semitic vandalism” in Worcester, Mass…the AZL’s home base, which also happens to be the ‘hometown’ of possible 9/11 terrorist, Michael Goff.

MOST RECENTLY: A man alleging to be a “Mossad killer” has made a direct death threat to an  AZL activist. More on this to come at www and stay tuned, listeners at The AZL Roundtable!

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