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September 6, 2012

There is nothing so despicable as a secret society that is based upon religious prejudice and that will attempt to defeat a man because of his religious beliefs. Such a society is like a cockroach -- it thrives in the dark. So do those who combine for such an end.
- William Howard Taft, U.S. President, 1909-1913

I was interviewed by Bonnie Faulkner for her "Guns and Butter" show on Pacifica Radio.  The one-hour interview aired on KPFA in Berkeley, California, on September 5 at 1:00 p.m. (Pacific).  The show is now archived on KPFA and can be listened to at:

One of the points we discussed in the interview is the role of secret societies in creating Zionism and the state of Israel.  Because Solving 9-11identifies the high-level Zionist agents involved in the terror atrocity and the deception that followed, it raises the obvious question about who gives the orders to people like Shimon Peres, Bibi Netanyahu, and Ehud Barak.  They may be big players in little Israel, but who gives them the power to do what they do on the world stage?

What is Israel?  What is Zionism?  How can it be that this tiny country of only a few million people wields such sway over the U.S. government and media?  Israel was unable to win a single medal in the recent Olympic Games, and in terms of population and size it's absolutely miniscule.  It's not the tail that wags the dog; it's more like a flea on the dog's tail.  So what is the real source of Israel's power?  There must be something behind the state of Israel that we are not seeing.

Zionist secret orders, like the B'ne Moshe whose very existence is a sworn secret, are able to control other secret societies without being seen.  The Jewish secret society remains hidden within the Freemasonic order, very much like a Russianmatryoshka doll.

To understand the role of secret societies like B'nai B'rith and the B'ne Moshe in creating both Zionism and the state of Israel, I recommend reading an article I wrote two years ago, entitled"Making Sense of the Media Cover-Up of 9-11".  This is not merely an academic exercise.  These Jewish secret societies exercise immense influence in the United States.  Politicians, judges, and prosecutors all belong to this influential, but secret group.  The Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith, for example, liaises and influences local police departments throughout the United States.  Hillel, another branch of this Zionist secret society, organizes Jewish students to propagate Zionist propaganda at college campuses across America - while stifling the voices of those who stand opposed to Zionism and its wars of aggression. 

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