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Bollyn's Winter Tour 2016 Taking Shape

November 10, 2015

Christopher Bollyn outside the Oscars, Hollywood, California
February 22, 2015

We have a Facebook page dedicated to the Solving 9-11 Tour 2016 at:

I am planning another Solving 9-11 tour across America this winter to present my research and engage in discussion with the public. If you would like your town to be added to the tour, let me know. All that is needed is a person who is willing to arrange a venue and do some promotion for the event.

A speaking tour like this is, however, a big undertaking and requires raising funds.  To do a project like this, I do have to appeal to my readers and the public to help fund it. With your help, we can make it happen.

If you would like to help me fund my upcoming tour, make a donation through my website, at, or by PayPal to:  

Together, we can increase awareness of 9-11 truth across America.

Currently, the tour itinerary is as follows:  

Central Florida - January 13-22;

Frederick, Maryland - Tuesday, January 26;

Louisville, Kentucky - Saturday, January 30;

Kansas City, Missouri, and Lawrence, Kansas - February 1-6;

Tucson, Arizona - Wednesday, February 10;

San Diego, California - Sunday, February 14;

Ojai and Ventura, California - February 16-19;

Fresno, California - Saturday, February 20;

Portland, Oregon - Friday, February 26;

Sandpoint, Idaho - Tuesday, March 1;

Meridian, Idaho - Friday, March 4.

This itinerary can be added to and your town can be included if you are able to help arrange a Solving 9-11 book event in your town.  If you would like to arrange an event, write to me by clicking on Feedback or sending me an email at:

Christopher Bollyn is planning a winter tour in the United States to present his Solving 9-11 research to the public.

Hosting a Solving 9-11 event is not difficult but it does require a local person to make the necessary arrangements. The first thing is to find a suitable place to have the event.  Public libraries are ideal for such book events, and are usually free. All that is required is a sound and projection system to present the Power Point slides - and seating for the expected crowd.

Don't worry about bringing in hundreds of people.  Most of my events are for groups of 30-50 people. If a video is made of an event it will reach many more people after the fact. The following video, for example, is of a presentation I gave last winter for a group of about 40 in a small restaurant in Dallas, Texas. Today, the video that was put together by my local host has reached over 100,000 viewers on YouTube; that's more than 2,500 times the number of people who attended the event.

This is what concerned citizens can do!  We are changing things. The truth will prevail.

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