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Chicago Thuggery: The Jewish Mob & Obama

October 16, 2013

This is Chicago thuggery. The president is trying to inflict the most amount of pain and suffering. This is not some bureaucratic mistake. This is Chicago thuggery. You try to make people hurt so they don’t resist what you tell them to do in the future.

- Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), “Lawmaker says barricade of WWII memorial is 'Chicago thuggery'” by Todd Starnes,, October 4, 2013

In a move that was clearly meant to punish the public, the Obama administration blocked public access to open memorials in Washington. These memorials are otherwise fully accessible to the public. Obama actually wasted taxpayer funds to set up these barriers.


The government shutdown over Obama Care has brought the term "Chicago thuggery" into fashion to describe the actions of the Obama administration.  A number of political writers are using the same term when writing about the shutdown, such as Joe Messina:

These budget games have been played for years. These fights over who knows best have been played for years. But Mafia-style thuggery like this should be left in Chicago, New York, Miami or Boston. I presume they are used to it and know how to deal with it.

The fact that the Obama administration uses thuggery should not be a surprise, given the fact that Obama is a puppet of the Jewish mob of Chicago, which cultivated him since he came to the Windy City and eventually brought him to power in the White House. Obama the Candidate was created by the leading Zionist families of Chicago:  the Klutznicks, the Pritzgers, and the Crowns. He was created to serve their interests; not those of the people.

The Obama Care mandate is nothing but another huge transfer of wealth from the people to the financial elite who own the insurance companies.  The owners of the insurance companies will be the recipients of the immense sums of money the people are forced to fork over - not for medical care, mind you, but for insurance.

Obama Care is another massive transfer of wealth, just like the "bailout of the banksters" that Obama put through during his first days in office.  These transfers of wealth are institutional robbery, which is what one should expect when criminals take power in any nation.

Barack Obama is serving the Jewish criminal organization that brought him to power, especially those who have fostered and cultivated him since he came to Chicago.  One of the families that is at the top of the "Chicago Outfit" is the family of Henry Crown, who rose from selling sand and gravel to becoming the owner of the Empire State Building and the weapons manufacturer General Dynamics.

Henry Crown was reportedly one of the crime bosses who controlled the mob:


In 1946, fearing for his life, Chicago organized crime leader James M. Ragen contacted Clark through newspaper columnist Drew Pearson to obtain the protection of federal agents in exchange for information.  A dozen FBI agents were sent to Chicago to interrogate Ragen. After checking and confirming the details of mob activity provided by Ragen, Tom Clark withdrew Ragen's FBI protection for lack of federal jurisdiction to prosecute the suspects Ragen named.  Almost immediately, Ragen was seriously wounded by gunfire. Several suspects were arrested but no one was prosecuted due to the disappearance of some witnesses and the lack of cooperation of others. Ragen's condition was improving after the shooting, but he died suddenly in the hospital of mercury poisoning… Tom Clark had told Drew Pearson that Ragen stated that Henry Crown, the Hilton Hotels chain, and Walter Annenberg controlled the mob.,_Jr.

There is an old saying that behind every fortune is a great crime and this is certainly true of the Crown family.  Henry Crown (1896-1990) was allowed (thanks to the mayor of Chicago) to enlist in the U.S. military at age 45 and was put in charge of procurement of materials for the U.S. Army in the Great Lakes region.  Crown's family business was called Material Services Corp.  In this way, Henry Crown made millions of dollars for himself and saw that the real money was to be made by ripping off the government, which is what he proceeded to do with General Dynamics. General Dynamics was nearly bankrupt when Crown took over the company and its fortunes improved greatly with the outrageous profits it made during the Vietnam War era. By the 1980s it was the largest defense contractor in the United States. Today, the company receives more than $16 billion in defense contracts per year.

The Crown family is an ardent Zionist family that is close to the leadership of Israel and the Zionist movement.  The Crown family also owns the ski resort of Aspen and runs the Aspen Institute. 

Last summer, Lester Crown, the son of Henry Crown, discussed his family's close relationship with the state of Israel during an event in Aspen. What is most interesting in this video is that Crown reveals that his father provided the state of Israel with an aircraft manufacturing plant in the 1950s, which he had bought in the United States - and which was sent to Israel in violation of U.S. law.

We’ve been involved in everything we’ve been asked to do [for Israel]. Going back originally, I remember Dad coming home one day and saying that he was asked by– I don’t know who from the State – this would be I guess in the early 50s. That North American Aviation and one other company and I don’t know what the name of it is, merged, and because they merged, one of them’s factory was going out of business. And he was to go and buy the equipment for plane-manufacturing from – and not to ask, and no questions were to be asked.

He went and he bought all of the equipment from the plant. It ended up being shipped to Israel. Because you know at that time, there was a complete embargo from the United States, and what little they got –- well, most of what they got were smuggled in. Most of them were illegal, all the arms. That’s what Teddy Kollek did. That was his job before he became a mayor [of Jerusalem]. He was a master smuggler. And he was good. Oh was he good! [laughter]

Original Source: 

The fact that Henry Crown was involved in such a large weapons transfer indicates that he was involved at the highest level with the illegal weapons smuggling to Israel. This would have put him in contact with Teddy Kollek, which explains his close relationship with Kollek in later years. 

The final paragraphs in this article are from "America the Target: 9-11 and Israel's History of False Flag Terrorism" - a chapter in Solving 9-11The Deception that Changed the World.

When the war of 1947-1948 ended, Peres "assumed the position of Director of the Defense Ministry's procurement delegation in the United States," according to his biography.  As director of arms procurement in the United States, Peres was responsible for organizing illegal arms smuggling.  Transfers of weapons and planes to Zionist forces violated the U.S. Neutrality Act.  Much of the Haganah arms smuggling activity was run from an office above the "syndicate-owned" Copacabana Club in New York City, where Peres and Teddy Kollek, the Hungarian-born son of the director of the Rothschild bank in Vienna, worked closely with the "crime syndicate" headed by the leading Jewish gangsters of the time.

After World War II, Kollek had been sent to New York, where he worked as the Haganah representative and head of its weapons purchasing team in New York.  Kollek worked from an office above the Copacabana nightclub in the Haganah's Hotel Fourteen to arm the Zionist forces in British-occupied Palestine.

Ben Gurion and Haganah gun-runner Teddy Kollek

Also deeply involved in this criminal arms smuggling activities were the American Jews, Adolph "Al" Schwimmer and Hank Greenspun.  Greenspun, the Las Vegas-based publicist for mobster Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel, was eventually pardoned for his crimes by President Bill Clinton, a close friend of the Greenspun family.  In 1951, at the request of Ben Gurion, Schwimmer and Peres founded Bedek, the military's aviation firm that became Israel's largest company, Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI).

Adolph W. Schwimmer, Zionist arms smuggler, and Ben Gurion

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