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Cook County Cops Busted

 April 18, 2010

Here is a vivid example of the brutality of the rogue cops of Cook County.  This incident happened in Streamwood, a neighboring village of Hoffman Estates, my hometown.  In this case the video clearly shows the cop using excessive force on a person.  As typical of such cases, the victim of the beating was charged with resisting arrest, although he clearly did not resist in any way.

 See video here.

Ronald Bell of Streamwood, Illinois (left, note he is handcuffed to the bed!) suffered a concussion and multiple bruises and scrapes at the hands of Streamwood Police officer James Mandarino (right) in a beating outside his home on March 28.  In an unusual (and long overdue) move against the notorious police brutality of Cook County, Mandarino has been charged with two felonies. (Richard A. Chapman/Sun-Times)

 In my case there were at least six similar videos taken by the 7 police cars on the scene showing the illegal undercover police assault against me (by Michael Barber, Timothy Stoy, and Darin Felgenhauer).  Evidence of serious police misconduct, all video records of the three-man tactical squad assault at my home in August 2006 were destroyed in violation of Hoffman Estates police regulations.  I found evidence that the undercover police attack against me had been planned in advance (for exercising my Constitutional rights) - a federal offense.  (See section entitled "The Bollyn Trial" for more information.)


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