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Dankof on the Israeli Role in 9-11 & Egyptian Coup

Updated September 1, 2013

Added link to review of Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World by Robert A. Sungenis, Sr., Ph.D., Culture Wars, May 11, 2012

Let me take 9/11, for example. I will simply quote Dr. Alan Sabrosky, the Jewish professor, by the way, at the National United States Army War College, who says that 9/11, in fact, was an Israeli Mossad operation from start to finish... I would point people to Christopher Bollyn’s work on 9/11 and Dr. Robert Sungenis' review on Mr. Bollyn’s book for E. Michael Jones Culture Wars [July/August & September 2012] so that people can look at all of these sources and see what the evidence actually is. 
Mark Dankof on Press TV, August 18, 2013

Israel... is planning to intensify a diplomatic campaign urging Europe and the United States to support the military-backed government in Egypt despite its deadly crackdown on Islamist protesters, according to a senior Israeli official involved in the effort. Israeli ambassadors in Washington, London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels and other capitals planned to advance the argument that the military was the only hope to prevent further chaos in Cairo.
"Court said to order Mubarak's release," International Herald Tribune (New York Times), August 20, 2013

Mark Dankof of San Antonio appeared on Press TV to discuss the Israeli role in the turmoil and bloodshed affecting the Middle East - and 9-11. Dankof debated the subject of Israeli involvement with Jihad Mouracadeh, a Lebanese banker with close ties to Britain and the ruling families of Saudia Arabia and the Gulf States.

The fact that the Israelis are using their diplomats, according to theNew York Timesto support the military coup in Egypt speaks volumes about who is really behind the bloodshed and instability in the region.

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Sungenis, Robert, two-part interview with Mark Dankof regarding Israeli involvement in the 9/11 attacks. Based on Sungenis' comprehensive two-part review of Christopher Bollyn's book Solving 911: The Deception that Changed the World

Part One:
Mark Dankof’s America July 11, 2012 « The Ugly Truth

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