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Did 9-11 Planes Fire Incendiary Missiles?

September 30, 2004

Did the planes that struck the World Trade Center fire incendiary/high-explosive missiles before they struck? This is an important question and key to understanding the whole WTC plot.
Planes that hit buildings do not always result in tremendous fires and explosions. When a small plane hit the Pirelli Tower in Milano, shortly after 9-11, there was very little damage to the tower. This was also the case when a 10-ton U.S. Army B-25 bomber hit the Empire State Building in 1945. That crash killed 14 (11 office workers and the three crewmen) and injured 26 others. The integrity of the Empire State Building was not affected, however, and the cost of the damage was $1 million.
The WTC plot, on the other hand, required massive explosions to accompany the crash of the planes in order to provide the logical pretext for the planned demolition which followed. The explosions that occurred when planes said to be UAL 175 and AA 11 hit the twin towers were apparently caused by the missiles that they fired immediately before impacting the towers. The explosions were also required to destroy the evidence of what it was that hit the towers. The plotters could not allow any debris from the planes to survive the crash and collapse scenario they had planned. The collapse scenario was crucial to the plot and without a massive explosion there would be nothing that would explain what caused the towers to collapse.

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