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Did Israel Murder Arafat with Polonium-210?

October 17, 2013

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat (1929 – 2004)
"So Israel has form on Arafat and, as a nuclear power, it was able to acquire polonium-210. Could one of its agents have applied a lethal dose to Arafat’s toothbrush, so it was absorbed through the gums?"

From the Daily Mail:

Did Mossad kill Arafat with radioactive poison on his toothbrush? 
Israeli operatives may have given Palestinian leader lethal radioactive dose

At first they thought it must have been something he’d eaten. About two hours after having supper, at 11.30 p.m. on the evening of October 11, 2004, Yasser Arafat felt sick…

On November 3, he fell into a coma, and in the early hours of November 11 he died of internal bleeding in the brain.

For nearly a decade, the true cause of death of a man regarded by some as the world’s most evil terrorist has remained a mystery, amid accusations from his family and supporters that he was poisoned.

This week, however, the world came a step closer to finding out the truth.

Two years ago, Arafat’s widow and daughter demanded a French judicial inquiry into his death. Since then Swiss scientists have investigated his belongings for traces of poison.

And they have announced the results in the medical journal The Lancet:  they found traces of a highly toxic radioactive material, polonium-210, on his headwear, underpants and toothbrush.

In the article, coyly titled ‘Improving forensic investigation for polonium poisoning’, the team say they took samples of blood, sweat and urine from Arafat’s clothes and found they contained significantly higher than expected levels of polonium-210.

‘These findings support the possibility of Arafat’s poisoning with polonium-210,’ the report baldly states. It is a conclusion that tallies with another investigation of Arafat’s belongings, which was published in May last year.

The authors of both reports stress that their findings are not definitive, but they certainly point to an assassination...

Did the Palestinian leader suffer the same fate [as Russian intelligence agent Alexander Litvinenko]?  And if so, who were the killers?

To most people the answer seems obvious — Israel, or to be specific, the Israeli Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations, better known as Mossad.

Source: "Did Mossad kill Arafat with radioactive poison on his toothbrush? Israeli operatives may have given Palestinian leader lethal radioactive dose" by Guy Walters, Daily Mail (UK), October 15, 2013 

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