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Dutch Newspaper Deletes anti-Bollyn Libel

June 2, 2015
Updated - Dutch paper deletes libellous article in which it called Bollyn "a Holocaust denier."

  In their effort to defame me, the editors of Het Parool added a fabricated quote to the printed version of the libel: "The bombing of Dresden, which was the Holocaustof World War II." The false quote is contained within single quotes to make it appear as if these are my words. These are, in fact, not my words but those of the over-zealous editors of Het Parool.

"Sorry, this page could not be found" is the message that now appears when the link to the libellous article entitled "Holocaust deniers to speak at conference in Amsterdam on 9/11" (English translation), is clicked - but there are tens of thousands of copies of the article in print.

The libellous article as it appeared in Het Parool on May 30, 2015, puts a fabricated quote in my mouth, which reads (in English), "The bombing of Dresden, which wasthe Holocaust of World War II." This false quote does not appear in the online version.

The Dutch newspaper Het Parool deleted the on-line version of the libellous article on June 1, but the article appeared in the print version of the paper over the weekend (ca. 80,000 copies).  Bollyn informed the editors of the paper by email on Friday evening that he wanted a retraction of the allegation and a written apology by the end of the business day on Monday.  He also called the paper on Monday morning and informed them that if this was not forthcoming he would take legal action for defamation.

The text of the article as it appeared online is found with English translation at the bottom of this post.

It is important to understand that this use of a libel to defame me is nothing more than a Zionist "trick", as the former Israeli cabinet minister Shulamit Aloni explained to Amy Goodman, employed to defame critics of Israeli policies.  The following short video contains the comments of Shulamit Aloni about how the Zionists use the "anti-Semite" card against American critics and the "Holocaust" card against European critics. She is very candid about how this tactic is applied.

"It's a Trick, We Always Use It." (calling people "anti-Semitic") 
Israeli politician Shulamit Aloni explains Zionist Defamation Tactics to Amy Goodman
Video Link -

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May 29, 2015

Het Parool, the most widely read newspaper in Amsterdam, published a serious libel against Christopher Bollyn on May 29, 2015.  The libel, written by Heiba Targhi Bakkali, states that Bollyn is a "Holocaust denier." This is a particularly serious libel in that it is meant to incite hatred and violence against Bollyn when he comes to speak in Amsterdam at the Open Mind Conference on June 6-7.

DUTCH JOURNALIST Heiba Targhi Bakkali of Het Parool wrote the libelous and inciteful slander:  "Bollyn is a Holocaust denier, in that he considers the bombing of Dresden as the Holocaust of World War II."

Libel is defined as "a method of defamation expressed by print, writing, pictures, signs, effigies, or any communication embodied in physical form that is injurious to a person's reputation, exposes a person to public hatred, contempt or ridicule, or injures a person in his/her business or profession." (Legal Information Institute, Cornell University Law School) 

The article that contains the libellous statement against Bollyn is entitled,"Ontkenners Holocaust spreken op congres in Amsterdam over 9/11".

The article says, in Dutch:

Bollyn is Holocaustontkenner, in zoverre: hij beschouwt het bombardement op Dresden als de holocaust van de Tweede Wereldoorlog.

Which translates into English as:

Bollyn is a Holocaust denier, in that he considers the bombing of Dresden as the Holocaust of World War II.

In her attempt to portray me an a "Holocaust denier" for the 80,000 weekend readers of Het Parool, Heiba Targhi Bakkali evidently found my article about 9-11 entitled "An American Holocaust" from September 2007, in which I wrote:

I personally know of several actual holocausts in modern times in which there were "massive destruction of humans" by fire caused by other humans: the fire-bombing of German and Japanese cities, most notably Dresden on February 13-14, 1945; the massacre of the Branch Davidians at Waco, Texas on April 19, 1993; and the destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

The entire center of Dresden, the beautiful Saxon capital, was completely consumed by fire on Ash Wednesday 1945 after the Anglo-American fire bombing raids of February 13 and 14, 1945. According to August Kuklane, an eyewitness, some 600,000 people, including many thousands of refugees, had been living in the city center that was incinerated as they slept.

The U.S. mass media does not use the term "holocaust" to refer to the destruction of thousands of lives by fire in the World Trade Center because the word has been usurped by Zionist propagandists. The controlled media in the United States also completely avoids discussing the evidence of Israeli prior knowledge of the 9-11 holocaust.

Although it is extremely unpleasant to contemplate, it must be remembered that hundreds of innocent Americans and other people were literally roasted alive in the upper floors of the twin towers before they collapsed. Besides the fires that were caused by the airplane fuel, there is evidence that there were large amounts of Thermite involved in the destruction of the three collapsed towers. Many people chose to jump from the 110-story towers rather than die from the extreme heat they were subjected to.

Ms Bakkali is saying that I am a "holocaust denier" because I have used the word holocaust to refer to the mass murder of thousands of people by fire in Dresden and at the World Trade Center.  This is clearly a false representation of my statement about Dresden.  I did not say that the fire-bombing of Dresden was "the Holocaust of World War II."

A pile of bodies from the holocaust of Dresden, February 13-15, 1945

Holocaust means complete destruction by fire with extensive loss of life.  The English word holocaust comes from the Greek holokauston, which means "that which is completely burnt."  That is clearly what happened to the many thousands of victims of the Anglo-American fire-bombing of Dresden on Ash Wednesday/Valentine's Day 1945 and what happened to the 2,600 people who were trapped in the thermite-laden Twin Towers from which molten iron poured before they were pulverized into dust. The murder by heat and fire of the 2,600 people trapped in the Twin Towers is an American holocaust, no question about it.

Molten iron poured from the 81st floor of the South Tower for about 7 minutes before the tower collapsed. Molten iron is about 1,500 degrees C, which means that the people above this floor were being subjected to extreme heat. This is why so many people chose to jump.

Some 2,600 people were killed during the explosive demolitions of the Twin Towers in which everything in the towers was pulverized in explosive thermitic reactions that reached incredibly hot temperatures.

Sources and Recommended Reading:

Libel, definition, Legal Information Institute, Cornell University Law School,, May 29, 2015

"An American Holocaust" by Christopher Bollyn, September 25, 2007

"Remembering the Fire-Bombing of Dresden" by Christopher Bollyn, February 13, 2013

"The Passing of Kurt Vonnegut - An Eyewitness to the Holocaust of Dresden" by Christopher Bollyn, April 12, 2007   

The text of the article, in Dutch (in italics) and English, as it appeared online:

Ontkenners Holocaust spreken op congres in Amsterdam over 9/11
May 29, 2015  16:00
Bron: Het Parool

Holocaust deniers to speak at conference in Amsterdam on 9/11
May 29, 2015 16:00
Source:  Het Parool

Twee Amerikaanse sprekers die te boek staan als antisemitisch brengen volgend weekend in Amsterdam bij de Open Mind Conference hun idee over 9/11 te berde, volgens hen een zionistisch complot.

Two American speakers who are classified as anti-Semitic will spend next weekend in Amsterdam at the Open Mind Conference to present their ideas about 9/11, which is, according to them, a Zionist plot.

Het zijn oud-marinier Ken O'Keefe en journalist Christopher Bollyn. Beiden claimen middels eigen onderzoek de waarheid over 9/11 boven tafel te hebben gekregen. Hun conclusie: Israël zit hier achter. O'Keefe verwijt Israël bovendien de instabiliteit in het Midden-Oosten te veroorzaken, uit expansiedrift.

They are the former marine Ken O'Keefe and journalist Christopher Bollyn.  Both claim to have brought the truth about 9/11 to the table through their own research. Their conclusion: Israel is behind it. O'Keefe also criticizes expansionist Israel for causing instability in the Middle East.

Hij wordt geregeld voor commentaar gevraagd bij specifieke internationale nieuwsprogramma's, op zenders als het Engelstalige Iraanse Press TV en het meertalige Russische RT, voorheen Russia Today. In april sprak hij in Londen op een omstreden bijeenkomst waar neonazi en Hitlerbewonderaar Pedro Varela de hoofdgast was.

O’Keefe is regularly invited to comment on specific international news programs, stations, and the English-language Iranian Press TV, and the multilingual Russian RT, formerly Russia Today. In April, he spoke in London at a contentious meeting where neo-Nazi and Hitler admirer Pedro Varela was the chief guest.

Staatsgreep - Coup d'État

Bollyn, getrouwd geweest met een Israëlische vrouw die hij ontmoette in een kibboets, ziet de aanslagen van 9/11 als een Israëlische staatsgreep. Hij schreef de boekenserie Solving 9/11, waarin hij zijn ideeën uit de doeken doet. Hij is verbonden geweest aan American Free Press, een weekblad met een racistische en antisemitische reputatie.

To Bollyn, who was married to an Israeli woman he met in a kibbutz, 9/11 looks like an Israeli coup. He wrote the book series, entitled Solving 9/11, in which he presents his ideas. He has been linked to American Free Press, a weekly newspaper with a racist and anti-Semitic reputation.

Bollyn is Holocaustontkenner, in zoverre: hij beschouwt het bombardement op Dresden als de holocaust van de Tweede Wereldoorlog. De tweedaagse Open Mind Conference wordt voor het eerst in Nederland gehouden, in Oldschool, een zalencentrum in de Rivierenbuurt. Open Mind is een internationaal samenwerkingsverband van aanhangers van uiteenlopende complottheorieën. De afgelopen drie jaar werd het evenement jaarlijks in Denemarken gehouden.

Bollyn is a Holocaust denier, in that he considers the bombing of Dresden asthe Holocaust of World War II.  The two-day Open Mind Conference will be held for the first time in the Netherlands, at the Oldschool, a conference center in the River.  Open Mind is an international partnership of adherents of various conspiracy theories. The event has been held annually in Denmark for the past three years.

Vergiftigd - Poisoned

De Nederlandse oud-KLM-piloot Willem Felderhof, die zijn werkgever vergeefs aanklaagde omdat hij in het vliegtuig vergiftigd meende te zijn door zenuwgas TCP, haalde het evenement naar Amsterdam.

The former Dutch KLM pilot William Felderhof, who vainly sued his employer because he believed he had been gotten sick from toxic fumes of nerve gas TCP (in the cockpit) on the plane, brought the event to Amsterdam.

Felderhof bestrijdt de kritiek op de twee. 'Wie de waarheid spreekt, wordt al gauw beticht van het aanhangen van complottheorieën of antisemitisme, een manier om ons te diskwalificeren. Het zijn nota bene de Joden die het meest te lijden hebben onder het zionisme.'

Felderhof disputes the criticism of the two speakers. "Whoever speaks the truth is soon accused of adhering to conspiracy theories and anti-Semitism, which is a method that is used to discredit us.  It should be noted that it is the Jews who suffer most from Zionism."

Andere sprekers bespreken tijdens de conferentie onder meer de 'valsevlagtheorie' van vlucht MH17, het manipuleren van het weer, de vrijmetselaars en het monetaire stelsel.

Other speakers attending the conference will discuss subjects including the "false flag theory” of flight MH17, weather modification, the Freemasons, and the monetary system.

(Door: Redactie) – (By the Editors) 

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