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Eastman's Strategy to End the Criminal Regime in Washington

April 4, 2014

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev carried his white or silver colored bag on one shoulder. If his bag contained a heavy shrapnel bomb it would have pulled very hard with the full weight on one strap. The strap on his bag, however, does not appear to be stretched at all nor is his bag distended or sagging. The FBI says both bombs were in dark or black bags. Dzhokhar's bag is certainly not black. So why is he even a suspect? 
Source: "The Boston Bombings - 'Terror is Theatre'"

I received this inspiring call to action from Dick Eastman from Yakima, Washington. The subject line reads:  

The Unbeatable Strategy to Bring Down the Organized Crime Network Running Our Government -


Here is how we can bring down organized crime in government and media in one stroke.  We have every advantage.  The facts are completely on our side.  We will expose criminality that involves the administration, the DHS, the FBI, the prostitute media — expose and discredit them all — for the world to see.  They will be powerless once exposed.  All that is needed is for millions of Americans to demonstrate that they know the truth that the US government staged terrorism and killed people in order to frame two innocent people for their own political purposes.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was fingered for the Boston Marathon on the basis of one piece of evidence — evidence that the FBI has not shown to the public.  Not even the people who have described the video to us have seen it — they have only been briefed.   But the claim is that this video shows Tamarlan’s brother Dzhokhar dropping his backpack just before the second bomb exploded at the Boston Marathon.  But here is where organized crime in government blundered fatally.

Dzhokhar's backpack was white with black trim.  His brother’s backpack was gray.

But Richard DesLauriers, the head of the Joint Task Force in charge of the investigation and manhunts stated clearly during the first press conference that "both bombs" were in "black nylon bags or backpacks."  The FBI released a picture of the backpack that carried the second bomb, the one Dzhokhar was supposed to have dropped — that backpack is black:

In fact it matches the backpack that this man working with Homeland Security was wearing, the man with the tan pants and the very heavily padded black jacket.

But Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was wearing a white backpack.

But the only reason Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev were identified as suspects was that the FBI said they had a video showing Dzhokhar drop his backpack near the location of the second bomb.  That is the reason given for searching for these two brothers — for hunting them down with a small army.

The Federal Government, the Massachusetts local law enforcement, the prosecutor, the defense team of federal payroll appointed lawyers, and the media are all exposed as guilty of this frame-up of young Moslems who seem to have been exemplary young people.

The innocence of Dzhokhar is obvious — and the manhunt and arrest on what were known by those in charge to be false claims involving hiding the evidence that immediately clears the young man — this is the battle for truth we can win right now!  Expose this falsehood that goes so high and exposes this government's willingness to frame the innocent in order to blame Islam and Chechens — this is a wrong too great for the current power block of organized crime operatives in the Federal government to endure.   They have committed greater crimes, but those are easier to deny.  This crime, if exposed so the whole world knows that the American people know that this was a frame-up, this government crime is big enough and pervasive enough to topple the criminals that have dominated our government and harmed our people — all of us — for far too long.

To win this war will take great personal courage — especially the first ones who speak up — but the sooner everyone stands with them — the sooner will come the total repudiation of the organized crime network.  This will unlock the door — it will justify the people taking the broom and sweeping the murderous syndicate from power in our land.

Don't look around at what others are doing — it is up to you — this is YOUR moment of truth.  When you take their stand, those around you will be emboldened to take their stand with you.   No one needs lead.  We all simply must be the People and let the evidence speak for itself — the evidence they greatly fear - and unified Public Opinion with justice clearly on its side will cleans the infection — and change everything for the better. 

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington

Sources and Recommended Reading:

"The Boston Bombings - 'Terror is Theatre'" by Christopher Bollyn, Updated April 26, 2013

"Eyewitness Saw Police SUV Run Over Tamarlan Tsarnaev" by Christopher Bollyn, April 29, 2013 

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