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Electronic Vote Fraud is Alive and Well in Chicago

May 2, 2016

To have the representation real, the election must be real; 
and that where the election is a fiction, 
the representation is a fiction also. 
Like will always produce like.
- Thomas Paine to the Citizens of the United States, January 29, 1803

I monitored the French presidential election in Avignon in May 2002 and observed how a proper and transparent vote count is done, using paper ballots, in each polling place across France, in full view of the public. It's really very simple, but such proper elections would put the crimocracy out of business, so they force us to use riggable voting systems.

It was in the run-up to the election of 2000 that I wrote my first article about electronic vote fraud in Chicago.  In doing the research for that article, "The Death of Democracy or May the Best Hacker Win" I found that the voting machines being used in Cook County were wide open to vote fraud on a massive scale.  I also found that organized crime was behind the production and use of these rigged voting machines. This is when I concluded that the United States had become a crimocracy, a government of criminals, by criminals, for criminals.

What was very discouraging to see was that nobody really cared that the voting machines used in Cook County were not secure and that there was no way to be sure that the tally produced by the machines accurately reflected how the voters had voted. The fact that the vote count could not be authenticated did not seem to bother anyone. As I wrote then:


Tests of computer vote-counting systems used in Illinois from 1983-1987, which tested tens of thousands of ballots, revealed significant errors in the computer counting in more than twenty percent of the tests. Fulle said that in Illinois today there is “a 16 percent error rate” with ballot-counting machines. He expected numerous problems on election night saying “equipment will fail across the state.”

“I don’t understand why nobody cares,” Michael L. Harty, former Illinois director of voting systems and standards said, “At one point, we had tabulation errors in twenty-eight percent of the systems tested, and nobody cared.”

The indifference of election officials, the people ultimately responsible for the integrity of the elections, proves a point made by a former president of the University of Chicago, Robert M. Hutchins, who said, “The death of democracy is not likely to be an assassination from ambush. It will be a slow extinction from apathy, indifference, and undernourishment."


Today, 16 years later, electronic vote fraud is still the name of the game in Chicago, Cook County, and across the nation.  The following 7-minute video shows that when it comes to vote fraud in Chicago - nothing has changed. This is, of course, not a problem limited to Chicago - it is a national problem.  We want to believe that we have democratic and transparent elections when it is crystal clear that we don't.

It is, of course, very simple to have proper elections, but in our corrupt system there is no political will to have open and transparent elections, like those I have observed in France and other countries. If we had proper and transparent elections we could restore the integrity of our democratic republic. 

To explain how simple it is to have democratic and transparent elections, I wrote an article with photos from my experience monitoring the French presidential election.  The article is entitled "Restoring Democracy in America" 

It is, after all, exactly as Thomas Paine said to Americans in 1803:  "To have the representation real, the election must be real; and that where the election is a fiction, the representation is a fiction also."

VIDEO EVIDENCE The Voting Machines Are WRONG! 
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