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Fire Did Not Collapse WTC - Swedish Structural Engineer

January 8, 2008

"I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."
-- Thomas Jefferson

The United States has become a nation enslaved by lies. The fundamental deception of our time is clearly the pack of lies about what happened on 9-11. The so-called "War on Terror," the USA PATRIOT ACT, and the subsequent illegal invasions and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq all ride on the back of this immense lie.
The lie that has enslaved the nation was pushed on the people by the unelected regime of tyrants and the Zionist-controlled media. The high-level people who planned and protected the 9-11 lies, like the Israeli-American Asst. Attorney General Michael Chertoff, are the chief architects of the reign of terror that has followed. Chertoff, for example, is the primary author of the USA PATRIOT ACT and the head of the Dept. of Homeland Security.
What is most disturbing about the tyranny of lies in America is the appalling lack of protest from the so-called "free press," academia, and the churches in the face of such blatant and dangerous deception. If not the truth, what do these institutions really stand for? Why have so many physics professors and structural engineers gone along with such outrageous lies about the collapse of the three World Trade Towers that collapsed on 9-11? Why has the scientific community rolled over and accepted the falsehoods that were presented as science in the aftermath of 9-11?
Instead of challenging the nonsense about the collapses that was presented to the public by a bunch of lousy immigrant "scientists" who could barely speak English, the American scientists who really should know about steel-framed skyscrapers just rolled over. Much of the worst science came from engineers who live and work near my home in Chicago. W. Gene Corley and Zdenek P. Bazant will certainly go down in the history of science as two of the most servile and corrupt engineers in U.S. history. Corley headed the government's 9-11 (FEMA & ASCE) engineering study, as he did for the mass murder at Waco and the Oklahoma City bombing. Professor Bazant authored a paper on what caused the collapse of the twin tower that was published two days after 9-11.
Bazant's purpose was not to bring attention to himself. Bazant's purpose was to present a plausible explanation for the government and media in order to prevent the public and independent scientists from asking the obvious questions and doing their own investigation and analysis. The last thing the architects of the false flag terror wanted was for people like Van Romero of New Mexico Tech to start talking to the media about the evidence of explosives in the towers, which Romero did on 9-11.
The silence of the larger engineering and scientific community indicates that these experts and engineers are either unable to understand what happened on 9-11 or that they are controlled by forces that prevent them from speaking out. In either case, it is quite clear that most members of the scientific community in the United States are simply afraid to challenge the lies of the government and media.
When Steven E. Jones, a professor at Brigham Young University, was attacked for his research and article on the collapses of the World Trade Center there were very few members of the academic community who came to his defense. The public had been waiting for years for someone in the scientific community with Jones' credentials and expertise to come forward and challenge the lies about 9-11. When he did, he was knocked down – most unfairly.
As I said, there must be other forces, political forces, acting on this community. When things get really serious they certainly do not stand up for the truth – or good science. Very few scientists have joined with Dr. Jones or the 9-11 truth movement in spite of the blatant lies that must really bother those scientists who can see through them.
Jones has established the Journal of 9-11 Studies, a scientific forum where papers on 9-11 are presented for the public at:
Recently, Anders Björkman, an independent structural engineer from Europe, has written a response to the conclusions of Zdenek Bazant of Northwestern University about what caused the collapses of the World Trade Center. Björkman, a Swedish naval architect and engineer, has exposed the biggest fraud in maritime history behind the 1994 sinking of the Baltic ferry Estonia. Now he has joined the discussion about the demolition of the World Trade Center with an article in which he does a good job of disproving Bazant's "false theory" that burning jet fuel brought down the twin towers.
Björkman's article was written for "children and amateurs of skyscraper design who want to get a better understanding of the world around us." He "describes the structure of the World Trade Center Twin Towers and what happens when the release of potential energy, due to downward movement of the mass above one of its supporting columns when buckling, exceeds the strain energy that can be absorbed by the same column below."
He concludes that "no global collapse of the Towers can ensue under the given circumstances." He even describes a simple test that can be done to see how the steel in the towers would have responded to the 500 degree C. heat it was exposed to.
All videos of the collapse however show that the upper part above the initiation zone actually disintegrates within 3,5 seconds after the roof starts to fall, so there is no rigid mass above to act on the structure below after that. The debris of the upper part is actually thrown outwards between intact wall columns and produces a smoke and dust screen that hides the destruction of the lower part that starts after 5 or 6 seconds. (A. Björkman)
Björkman concludes:

The suggestion that the Tower cages collapsed due to release of potential energy at the top exceeding the strain energy of the cage structure in the initiation zone and later below is not demonstrated by NIST and Z P Bazant and not supported by any evidence what so ever or any serious structural analysis. The picture above does not show a global collapse due to floors falling down or a hammer hitting a nail ... or a child jumping in a bed!
Bjorkman's article is on his website:

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