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Greg Palast is Related to Mossad Chief David Kimche

October 7, 2013

Update:  Israeli spymaster and Mossad chief David Kimche is a first cousin with Greg Palast's father.  So, what does that make Greg Palast? An honest reporter? The fact that Greg Palast has hidden his family ties to Israeli intelligence suggests that he is working for them. Why else would he hide this relevant relationship. It certainly does not look good for Greg Palast. Don't Palast readers deserve to know about his ties to the Mossad?

Greg:  You should write a tell-all book with a title like My Life as a Disinfo Agent for the Mossad. Hey, it would sell big -- but you might have to move to Israel.

GREG PALAST markets himself as an "investigative journalist" but he always misses the Israeli elephant in the room.  Could it be because his father's cousin was David Kimche, a "founding father" of Israel's intelligence agency - the Mossad?

MOSSAD CHIEF DAVID KIMCHE WITH BIBI NETANYAHU - Greg's father Gilbert is a first cousin of David Kimche (right), a founding father of the Mossad who was deeply involved in Iran-Contra and other Israeli state crimes until he died in March 2010. As a former head of the Mossad, Kimche would have had a pretty good idea about the Israeli connections to 9-11, something Greg denies knowing anything about.

Palast is notorious for ignoring the most obvious evidence of Israeli involvement in 9-11 - or the war in Iraq. He even went so far to say that there is no evidence of controlled demolition or explosives at the World Trade Center. Could his relationship to Israeli intelligence be the real reason he fails to see the obvious in these huge crimes? Palast refused to answer my questions about his relationship to the former deputy director of the Mossad - but the public deserves an explanation of his family ties to Israeli intelligence.

WHAT CHUTZPAH - Palast rudely accused Dr. Steven E. Jones of being an "utter fraud" on INN with Lenny Charles, while he hides the fact that he is related to the "founding father" of the Mossad. Why would he hide that, if he is a honest "man of the people" reporter?

See 7-minute video:
“Greg Palast On 9/11 Controlled Demolition,” YouTube, May 31, 2007

Is Greg Palast a disinformation agent working for the Mossad? Why would a person tied to Israeli intelligence refuse to see the obvious evidence of explosive demolitions at the World Trade Center on 9-11?  Why does Israeli intelligence attack honest 9-11 researchers like Dr. Jones and myself? What does this tell us about the Israeli role in 9-11? 

GERI PALAST - Greg's older sister is another Zionist agent working for the state of Israel. Geri is the managing director of the Israel Action Network, "a strategic initiative of The Jewish Federations of North America." She is responsible for the operations of the IAN and works to promote the image of the state of Israel. Her Mossad connections are an important part of her work.

DAVID KIMCHE, the British-born Israeli spymaster and deputy director of the Mossad, is the son of Sara Palast, Greg Palast's great-aunt and his father's aunt. This means that David Kimche and Greg's father are first cousins. In 1987 theNew York Times described Kimche as "the former director general of the Israeli Foreign Ministry and now a private arms dealer" - when Kimche was served with a summons to testify before a federal grand jury about his role in the Iran-Contra affair. Kimche played a key role in the inception of the Reagan Administration's secret arms sales to Iran.

MOTHER OF THE MOSSAD - Sara Palast Kimche with her first five children (ca 1917).  David, born in 1928, was her last child.

Greg Palast is an American journalist who rudely accused Professor Steven E. Jones, the scientist who discovered nano-thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center of being "a complete fruitcake, and a complete, utter fraud" on INN with Lenny Charles in 2007.

I wrote an article about Greg Palast in August 2007 in which I revealed his Zionist roots from Poland and Chicago.  Having looked a bit more into the Palast family history, I found that Greg Palast is closely related to David Kimche, the late Israeli spymaster and deputy director of the Mossad -- Greg's father and David Kimche are first cousins.

David Kimche in 1983

When Kimche died in March 2010, his obituary in Ha'aretz read:

Kimche joined the Mossad spy agency in the early 1950s, and was in essence one of the organization's founding fathers, among those who designed its doctrine and modus operandi. He was involved in just about every aspect of the Mossad over the course of his service, eventually reaching the position of deputy head of Mossad.

The fact that Palast is related to one of the founding fathers of Israeli intelligence might explain his refusal to see the obvious Israeli connections to 9-11, electronic vote fraud, and other mega-crimes. This raises the obvious question:  Is Greg Palast working for the Mossad?

To get Palast's side of the story I looked him up in the White Pages and called his number.  A woman named Leni [von Eckardt] answered the phone.  I told her I was working on an article about the relationship between Greg Palast and David Kimche, the famous chief of the Mossad.  Leni was quick to confirm that they are related.  She gave me Greg Palast's mobile number so I called him to ask about the details.  He refused to answer any questions about his family relationship to David Kimche and pretended to be offended that I was asking such questions.

Palast's girlfriend Leni von Eckardt told me that he is related to David Kimche.
Source: Leni von Eckardt on Facebook

The relationship between Greg Palast and David Kimche is quite close and also explains Palast's close connection to Britain and the Zionist establishment of London.  David Kimche was born in London on February 14, 1928.  Kimche's mother was Polish-born Sara Palast, who married Moses Kimche from Grodno (then Poland).  Sara was the daughter of Theodore Palast and Sonia Celmaister, and had many siblings:  Nathan, Norman, Dora, Max, and Morris.

Sara's brother Morris (a.k.a. Moritz or Maurice, born in Poland, 1897) came to Chicago and listed Norman Palast of 1056 Oakley Blvd. as his nearest relative when he registered for World War I.  Norman Palast is Greg Palast's paternal grandfather, i.e. the father of his father, Gilbert Leon Palast.  The following documents indicate that Greg Palast's father, Gilbert, is a cousin of the former deputy director of the Mossad. The fact that Greg Palast is related to a former director of the Mossad is a troubling relationship that demands an explanation.

Greg Palast's father was born to Norman and Anna Palast in Chicago, in 1921.

Greg Palast's grandfather Norman (a.k.a. Nathan) Palast was born in Poland on January 26, 1888.

Greg's grandfather Nathan immigrated to the U.S. on October 31, 1913

and gave 151 Minories, London, as his address of origin

and his brother Max in Chicago as his destination in the U.S.

and his birthplace as Hrubieszow (Poland).

151 Minories was the London home of Sonia and Theodore Palast, where Sara Palast lived before she married Moses Kimche in 1908. This indicates that Sara Palast is a sister of Greg Palast's grandfather Nathan (Norman), which makes his father a cousin of David Kimche.

Norman Palast lived at 1056 N. Oakley in Chicago in 1917, when he registered for the war.

Maurice Palast listed Nate Palast of 1056 N. Oakley Blvd. as his nearest relative.

Another Nathan Palast also lived at 1056 N. Oakley, which may be a brother or cousin of Norman (Nathan) Palast.

When Maurice Palast became a citizen in 1927 he lived a few doors away from Greg's grandfather.

Morris (a.k.a. Moritz, Maurice) Palast

Maurice Palast married Gertrud Newman of Cleveland in 1926.  He is buried in Cleveland.

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