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How Hollywood Turns Truth into Conspiracy Theory

September 23, 2012 

By Nicolas Bonnal

Let every eye negotiate for itself 
And trust no agent; for beauty is a witch.
- William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing

In spite of numerous eyewitness reports of explosions prior to and during the demolitions of the Twin Towers, and solid evidence of the explosives used notwithstanding, the government and media continue to deny the facts and tell the public that these were fire-induced collapses of steel framed towers - the first, second, and third such collapses in history.  It has never happened before - or since.

In this Western World, which is no more the Western World we used to know, the reality has become a show and it is so much destroyed, ground, and disguised by the mainstream media, political elite, and public laziness or indifference ("They do not know if they are alive", as Solzhenitsyn said when he came to America) that sometimes the Truth comes from the very source of the lies – say the fiction industry, Hollywood.  

While shyly celebrating the eleventh anniversary of the so-called attacks of 9/11, and mourning the bizarre assault on its Libyan embassy, the U.S. still fascinates me with its duplicity: it really doesn't know what it does. For while in the reality show, television invites us to believe in whatsoever trash concerning attacks and tumbling towers, in the theatres it admits that everything can be done by the so-called secret services. We are thus torn by the official duplicity, and the Truth becomes a conspiracy theory, like in the Baroque Period.

In a way this duplicity is a weapon that encourages and promotes inertia. I had a French-Russian friend, a famous expert in stay-behind mobs, whose theory was that in our societies the Truth had to be denied to be believed!  The false is a moment of the Truth, Hegel once said. Nowadays, Truth is barely a moment of the false of the world we live in. In a dictatorship nobody believes the media; but in a democracy? For my friend Serge de Beketch, indeed, someone who would seek the Truth behind the 9/11 event is considered a conspiracy theorist. Even the engineers and architects who seek to understand the facts are accused and set aside. The military entertainment complex needs this fume to fulfil its deceptive strategy. They tell the Truth not to be believed. It is a tale full of sound and fury, and told by a liar whom nobody trusts...

For instance, you can consider conspiracy theorist and journalist Christopher Bollyn (see his site and book, Solving 9-11) that the Mossad was fully involved in the attacks to motivate America and promote a Western Crusade against the Arab world; and you can be insulted or sued for that; Bollyn and his family had to expatriate.  But about the Mossad (it is well-known that movie producer Arnon Milchan is a former intelligence agent who, according to Ha’aretz, helped Israel develop its nuclear arsenal), Hollywood can make the same statement and even in a movie released a few weeks before the attacks of September 11.  (September 11 was the date of a famous and important speech by Charles Lindbergh in Des Moines in 1941; it was also the date of the infamous coup against President Salvador Allende of Chile in 1973).

The movie is Operation Swordfish, with John Travolta playing an undercover Mossad agent, who coordinates attacks on American soil to promote Freedom and defend the American way of life (in his proper words).  Whom shall I believe:  The government's conspiracy theory or Hollywood and Bollyn?  The mainstream media of course, who explained poorly how a bunch of ruthless cavemen crashed their invisible planes against the Pentagon and how the huge towers fell down thanks to this cavemen theory!  The Taliban guerrillas have such advanced technology...

Want to believe another Truth turned into a "conspiracy theory"?

For instance even in the propagandistic movie The Siege, starring Bruce Willis and Denzel Washington, it is demonstrated that the CIA manipulates and coordinates the attacks of terrorist networks.  This movie was shot three years before the 9/11 attacks, in which nobody believes, or so little...

But Hollywood showed us that the attacks come from false-flag terrorists too.  See the movie The Long Kiss Goodnight, released in 1996, where the secret agency uses a frozen corpse to help its false-flag script. It is even articulated in this amazing movie (and by Samuel L. Jackson!) that the CIA framed the first attacks on the Twin Towers in 1993!  There were only a couple of dead that time. But the military complex and the world of intelligence (!) needed a new enemy after the fall of the Soviet Union!  So why not try the Arab world?  You just need to blow up a tanker or a plant, put some Muslim corpse in the room, and wait for the Crime Scene Inventors and the mainstream media!  You just need to brainwash a bunch of cavemen and you have an army of terrorists!

Why are the western media so stupid?  Of course they are paid or threatened.  But to understand this interesting question, watch, and watch again Wag the Dog, a masterpiece of wit written by David Mamet and co-starring Robert de Niro and Dustin Hoffman.  Here too we have a sex scandal involving a weak president, a false war against a small country, a false-flag terrorist, a Hollywood producer hired to create fume, and the perennial distracted attention of the audiences!  For the audiences, like the media, watch the tail – not the dog.  Apparently this wonderful movie was never trusted or commented on by political advisers.  They don't believe what they see, they just believe what has been said about the event. It is no coincidence that so many courageous Hollywood directors (including Matthieu Kassovitz and David Lynch) and actors (Charlie Sheen, Marion Cotillard, and Willie Nelson) didn't buy the official theory on the infamous attacks. Media and Politics run the show but Hollywood runs the job.  And it knows the dark part of the stage.

Last scene of all, that ends this strange eventful history... is, for instance, The Lone Gunmen, a TV series released as a spin-off toThe X-Files. One very interesting aspect of the pilot episode of The Lone Gunmen is the hijacking of an airliner (via remote control of the plane's autopilot system) to crash into the World Trade Center!  This, of course, was before the actual 9/11 attack against the World Trade Center. In this case as well the scriptwriters explained for us why this hijacking had been carried out:  it was an act of voracity by an arms manufacturer to increase its weapons sales by invoking U.S. retaliation against an extremist dictator... “I'll create the war,” as Randoph Hearst said, the media mogul who inspired Orson Welles. It is well-known today that the U.S. sank some boats in 1898 in Havana in order to declare war on Spain and take all of her colonies...

A good Orthodox too, my friend Serge de Beketch stated gravely that the devil must tell the Truth before he acts. It's his part in the deal. The audience doesn't get it and laughs.  And that has cost one million dead in Iraq and a three-trillion dollar war.  Why are modern audiences so insensitive?  Don't they know they are alive?  Don't they know the Truth will set them free? Maybe it is because, in this world, Truth is of no use.

For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face.
- 1 Corinthians 13:12 (KJV)

Original source: 

Bonnal, Nicolas, “How Hollywood turns truth into conspiracy theory,”, September 18, 2012

Nicolas Bonnal is a French writer. 

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