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How to read the book online

March 12, 2010

Comments from readers of my book online:

Dear Christopher,
Thank you for sending the link. I already have it on my website and appreciate your personal e-mail to me very much. Your book is definitely the top notch work of the 9-11 collection and is, in my opinion, the work of a brave genius. I have always admired your work but this, your new book, is truly THE book on 9-11 which should be studied by everyone for generations to come (of course I know that this will most likely not happen). Thank you for publishing it on the internet and even more so, thank you for writing it!
- H.H. in Savannah, Georgia (USA)

Dear Christopher Bollyn,
You are one of my heroes because I care about the truth.   We have really gotten ourselves into a major pickle here with all these wars for “fake” reasons.  I have to agree with you that it is unlikely that we will be able to experience the satisfaction of the truth realizing justice, but I do think that it matters that you are telling it because in a strange way it keeps them on the run.   All the best, and I will contribute to your cause as well as read your book.
- K.B. in California

Dear Mr. Bollyn,
Thank you for your investigative work -- it is a quantum step superior to most others I have read -- thanks also for fingering Mr. Eric Hufschmid -- a donation will follow.
- R.J.C. (M.D.)

I've been in this website for 2 days now, it's fascinating, and it answers so many questions for me and it all makes sense. Sort of like the puzzle came together. I totally admire your strength and courage. It takes a special person to expose this sort of thing, and I truly hope it all works out for you and you get justice for what was done to you.  May God bless you.
- Nancy

Your brilliant work is the most important book ever written on 9/11, and every American should contemplate your research.  I would very much like to buy printed copies to give to family and friends, and I want to support you by purchasing your book.  Please find a way to get it printed.  I would like to pledge to buy 25 copies myself, and that you can depend on.
- G.V.R.

Over the last several years I have been scouring the internet for a factual and coherent source of information and analysis which would dare to expose the criminal network which is destroying my world.  In your work I have found my source.  Your on-line book, Solving 9-11, gives me hope that truth and liberty can ultimately prevail.  
- R.W.W. in Arizona

My book about 9-11 is available online and can be read and printed out for free, which I recommend doing.  The first fourteen chapters and 134 historical articles about are now online under  Solving 9-11:  The Deception that Changed the World.  The chapters have all been carefully edited and proof-read by an American editor.  A key chapter, "The Architecture of Terror" (Chapter VII) was scrutinized by an independent fact-checker in Britain (who is critical of my thesis) and passed without a single error.  More than one hundred points were checked.  Every single point was found to be correct.


The bold blue titles in the Table of Contents are clickable and bring the reader to the specific chapter or article.  Each chapter has a print icon in the top right corner for the print-friendly format to facilitate printing each article or chapter separately.  The bold blue heading title for each year of articles is also clickable and brings one to the complete set of articles for that year in chronological order.  These articles may also be found by going to the 9-11 section on this website.  These articles make up the second half of Solving 9-11:  The Deception that Changed the World.  I will be adding illustrations and giving each article its own URL. 

The articles, which are historical and essential reading to understand the book can be read in chronological order by clicking on the 9-11 section in the left-hand margin.  The article files are laid out in a way to facilitate printing them out, which is a good idea.  I strongly recommend that readers print out the chapters and articles and put them in a three-ring binder.  This will facilitate reading and studying the material.

I am still trying to find out who made the super-thermite that was found in the dust of the World Trade Center.  When we know who made this extremely powerful explosive and who put it in the twin towers, we will know who committed this false-flag terror atrocity.  That will be a most suitable conclusion for my book, especially if it supports my thesis that 9-11 is a false-flag terror crime committed by Israelis and high-level Zionist agents in the United States and Britain.  My next article will name the designers and manufacturers of the super-thermite used on 9-11.

I look forward to the day I will be able to see the book in print and available in the public libraries of the United States.  I certainly intend to see this atrocious crime solved, the criminals exposed, and my book published.  Thank you for your support. 

Christopher Bollyn and Dr. Steven E. Jones discuss the evidence of thermitic explosives in the World Trade Center at Brigham Young University,
May 2006.

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