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Is Fjordman an Israeli Agent?

August 10, 2011

BOYCOTT ISRAEL - Norway's foreign minister Jonas Gahr Støre got the message when he visited the AUF camp shortly before these young people were massacred by Anders Breivik.  Although it is not at all uncommon to see such signs in Scandinavia, high-level politicians have met similar fates after calling for a European boycott of Israel.  Were these young Norwegian political activists targeted for taking a stand against militant Zionism?

Sweden's Foreign Minister Anna Lindh called upon the European Union to sever ties with Israel in protest against Israeli practices in April 2002...

A well known supporter of Palestinians' human and political rights, Lindh was brutally murdered in Stockholm on 11 September 2003.  I wrote an article entitled "The Strange Death of Anna Lindh" shortly after her murder.  

We can only begin to heal our self-inflicted civilizational wounds if we embrace the Jewish component of our cultural identity.
- Fjordman, "Why Europeans Should Support Israel"

We demand that all financial support to the Palestinian Authority should cease immediately. It is proven beyond any doubt that this has in the past been used to finance campaigns of Jihad terrorism against Jews in Israel and against Christians in territories under PA control. A public statement in support of Israel against Muslim aggression should be issued, and the money that has previously been awarded to Palestinians should be allocated partly to Israel's defense, partly to establish a Global Infidel Defense Fund with the stated goal of disseminating information about Muslim persecution of non-Muslims worldwide.
- Fjordman a.k.a. Peder Jensen, "Native Revolt: A European Declaration of Independence"

Fjordman is the nom de plume of the previously anonymous pro-Israel and anti-Islamic blogger who inspired the Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik.  Two days after Breivik's killing spree, in which scores of young people were massacred, the Norwegian press reported that Fjordman was "an important ideological inspiration" for the mass murderer. 

Breivik cites Fjordman extensively in his manifesto.  The Norwegian mass murderer and terrorist also named Fjordman as his favourite author with similar views.  One idea of Fjordman’s that Breivik quoted was that Christians should meet “Islamization” by arming themselves. One of Fjordman's articles, titled
“Native Revolt: A European Declaration of Independence,” states that if the demands of the anti-Islamic movement are not met, they would “have no choice but to realize that our leaders have betrayed us” and that they will “take the necessary steps in order to protect our own security and national survival.”  This is Breivik's basic rationale for his murderous actions on July 22. 

Shortly after the bombing of Oslo, Fjordman wrote on his "Gates of Vienna" blog that Jens Stoltenberg, the Norwegian prime minister, who was the primary target of the bomb, was a "pathetic sucker for Islam".  Later, after the mass murder of 69 young people from the youth organization of Norway's labor party (Arbeidernes Ungdomsfylking or AUF), Fjordman described the AUF youngsters under attack as a "gang of anti-Israel, pro-Palestine young socialists"

On August 5, the Norwegian media revealed the identity of Fjordman, the rabid anti-Islamic blogger who is said to have inspired the terror atrocity of 22 July 2011.  Fjordman was named as Peder Are Nøstvold Jensen, from Ålesund on Norway's west coast.  What kind of Norwegian could harbor such animosity for his fellow Norwegians?  Would Jensen get off so lightly calling for war against any other religious group?  What would happen if Jensen had called for the expulsion of Jews and the destruction of their synagogues, as he and his ilk do against the Muslims?  Why are Zionist extremists like Jensen not prosecuted for their anti-Muslim hate speech? 

Why has the U.S. Ambassador to Norway, Barry B. White, a Jewish Zionist at the highest level, not spoken out against the hateful anti-Muslim rhetoric swirling about Oslo?  Barry White, one of Barack Obama’s top fundraisers, received the American Jewish Committee of New England’s Award for Community Service in 2005.  The AJC is an organization that is closely tied to Israeli intelligence. 

Is there perhaps a connection between Breivik's terrorism and the U.S. "anti-terrorism" spying outfit that was run by the U.S. Embassy "in deepest secrecy" in Norway for the past 10 years?  If the U.S. has kept hundreds of Norwegians under surveillance, were Jensen and Breivik on their lists?  They were certainly on the Norwegian police lists.  What was the U.S. anti-terrorism operation in Norway really up to for the past 10 years?  We can certainly all agree that whatever this U.S. "anti-terrorism" unit was meant to accomplish to make the U.S. and Norway safe from terrorism - it failed completely.  A complete investigation of this illegal "anti-terrorism" outfit run by the U.S. Embassy is long overdue.  July 22  (7/22) was Norway's 9/11, and as numerologists will note, both dates add up to 11 - and 11 means Israel.

Peder Are Nøstvold Jensen, a.k.a. Fjordman, has gone into hiding.

Peder Jensen is the Zionist extremist/anti-Islamic blogger known as Fjordman.  One of his articles from 2007 is entitled "Why Europeans Should Support Israel".  Jensen's outspoken support for Israel and Zionism and his non-Nordic appearance (and his father's) have led some to speculate that he may be partly Ashkenazi Jewish.

Steinar Nøstvold Jensen, Peder's father, was active in Norway's communist party.

While Peder Jensen may very well have Jewish ancestors, there are other factors in his life that suggest that Jensen is a Zionist agent with close connections to the state of Israel.  It is probably Jensen's Zionist connection that is the true source of the hateful anti-Islamic propaganda that is said to have inspired the July 22 massacre in Norway.  Almost all such anti-Islamic propaganda efforts worldwide have the same return address - Israeli intelligence.   

Jensen reportedly studied Arabic at the American University in Cairo, Egypt, in 2001.  This is highly unusual for a Norwegian.  Although he studied Arabic in the most populous nation in the Middle East, Jensen seems to have very little understanding of Muslims.  Jensen claims to have abruptly changed his opinion about Muslims after having seen Egyptians celebrating the 9/11 terror attacks by eating cake.  It should be noted that Israel used fraudulent methods to try to portray Palestinians as celebrating the terror attacks of 9/11.  Furthermore, five Israelis connected to Israeli intelligence were actually arrested on 9/11 in New Jersey after having been seen videotaping themselves celebrating with the burning towers in the background.

In early 2002, Jensen went to Palestine and took a position with the 
Temporary International Presence in Hebron, which I find very suspicious.  This international observer mission in Hebron, which communicates with the Israeli army, is supposed to monitor the situation in the Israeli-occupied town on the West Bank.  Jensen, who says that he turned against Islam after 9/11, remained in this position in Hebron until mid-2003.  Why would a person who is strongly opposed to Islam want to serve as a monitor in an Israeli-occupied Islamic city?  Was there another reason for Jensen to be in Israeli occupied territory?  Was he recruited by Israeli intelligence during his stay in Israel?  There is obviously some very important information missing from Peder Jensen's biography.

Hebron, the burial site of Abraham...

is today a place of strife between Jewish settlers and the native Palestinians.

Jensen's year and a half in Israel and Palestine would have allowed him to spend a great deal of time with Israelis, especially with those in military intelligence.  He would have probably spent his free time in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, mingling with Israelis who shared his anti-Islamic views.  His working relationship with the Israeli military and his stated disgust with Islam would have made him a perfect candidate to become a Zionist agent spreading anti-Islamic propaganda in Europe.  Did Peder Jensen become a Zionist agent during his sojourn in Palestine?  This is a crucial question about this agent provocateur that certainly needs to be looked into by the Norwegian authorities. 

Øyvind Strømmen, a leading investigator of the far right in Norway, said that Peder Jensen “is responsible for spreading an ideology where violence is a natural, logical conclusion of his reasoning.”  Now that Norway has tasted the bitter fruit of Jensen's hateful ideology, will this Zionist agent be charged with inciting hatred? 

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