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Israel and 9/11: Mossad in Florida

June 6, 2008
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Roy Sarfati, on the left, is the son of the Israeli weapons smuggler, Maurice Sarfati, who runs the family business and websites under the alias Moshe Tzorfati.  Does these Americans really know who they are doing business with?

Is the Israeli Weapons Dealer Maurice Sarfati Still Doing Business in Miami?

Maurice Sarfati, the Miami-based Israeli who brokered the 1989 sale of Israeli weapons to the Medellin drug lord Rodriguez Gacha of the Colombian drug cartel, is apparently still doing business in the Miami area under the alias, Moshe Tzorfati.

Sarfati was one of the Israelis who supplied 500 machine guns (Uzis and Galil assault rifles) and other weapons to one of Colombia's most notorious drug traffickers. The illegal weapons transfer was directed by three Israelis, Maurice R. Sarfati, Yair G. Klein, and Israeli Brig. General (Res.) Pinchas Shachar. The deal was financed by Bank Hapoalim, an Israeli bank in New York.

The Colombian authorities discovered the Israeli-made weapons and hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition when they searched the ranch of Jose Rodriguez Gacha after he was ambushed and killed by the Colombian police.

Jane Hunter wrote about the Miami-based Israeli weapons dealers in an article entitled "Covert Operations: The Human Factor." The article appeared in The Link in August 1992.

Hunter wrote about Pinhas Shachar (Shahar):

Shachar, according to a British television report, was a Mossad agent and an “undercover representative” of the state-owned Israeli Military Industries (IMI). He was part of a network of Israeli arms dealers in Miami that had been selling Israeli weapons to Latin America since 1982.

And about Yair Klein:

Klein's work in Colombia, where his Israeli-licensed security company, Spearhead Ltd., trained the hit squads of the Medellin cocaine cartel in assassination and bombing techniques, was beginning to attract unwelcome attention. In August 1989, a promotional film that Spearhead made of the training exercises in Colombia would fall into the hands of Colombian authorities and, to Israel s acute embarrassment, it would be aired by television stations around the world. Colombian authorities would lay much of the blame for the 1989 assassination of a leading presidential candidate, a series of massacres, and the bombings of a passenger aircraft and the headquarters of the domestic intelligence agency on Spearhead's tutelage. In 1988, Klein was in Antigua, looking for a new way to provide arms to his Medellin client, Jose Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha.

About the Sarfati Weapons Deal:

In 1988 Shachar, Klein and Sarfati convinced Antiguan officials to provide a false front to ship $381,500 worth of rifles and ammunition to Medellin boss Rodriguez Gacha. Gen. Shachar placed the order with IMI. His name, Klein's and Sarfati's would all appear on the paperwork for the sale and, when the operation was exposed, Shachar would quickly depart for Israel. 

In March 1989, Israel dispatched the Medellin's guns on a ship, escorted by Captain Philip Earon, subsequently the deputy mayor of Eilat. The arms would be discovered in January 1990, buried on a farm belonging to Gacha's son, with papers and serial numbers identifying Israel as the source. Already fending off charges that it had sanctioned, or assigned, the Spearhead training team to Columbia, Israel insisted that Antigua had ordered the weapons fair and square. Although, after intense international pressure, it put Klein on trial and handed him a token conviction, Israel insists to this day that its security maestros were training Colombian ranchers. 

Klein, depending on which story you believe, was paid in cocaine delivered to him in Israel or in narco-dollars delivered in the U.S. and subsequently transported to Israel by a network of Orthodox Jews specializing in laundering. 

Sarfati used his melon farm as a front for Israeli activities with the Colombian drug cartel. Sarfati's illegal business activities on Antigua had been bankrolled with U.S. taxpayer money from the Overseas Private Investment Corp. (OPIC), an agency of the U.S. government. 

Sarfati's OPIC loan application had been submitted for his company called Roydan (Antigua) Limited. The Roydan company is apparently the combined names of his two sons, Roy J. Sarfati and Dan A. Sarfati. 

By July 1988, Roydan Ltd. was $8 million in debt. By February 1989, Sarfati's Roydan Ltd. was no longer in existence, but Sarfati was. 

Sarfati had received $1.3 million in loans from OPIC in 1985 and 1986, the Washington Post reported in November 1990. OPIC later suspected that not all of the money ended up in melons. In 1988, OPIC sued Sarfati for defaulting on the loans.

The Post article reported:

The loan requirements of the Overseas Private Investment Corp. read like those of any bank in the United States. The only difference is that OPIC is a government agency and if a borrower doesn't pay back a loan, American taxpayers are the losers. 

Under the circumstances, one would expect OPIC to be tight with its money. But one would be disappointed. In recent years OPIC, which lends money for business ventures in developing countries, has come under increasing scrutiny for risky loan practices. Now an investigation into an arms deal threatens to resurrect one loan that OPIC would just as soon keep buried. 

Although there is no evidence that Sarfati was involved in arms trafficking at the time the loans were made, court documents from OPIC's 1988 lawsuit when Sarfati defaulted indicate he was a risky loan. OPIC did a marginal job in checking out Sarfati before handing him $1.3 million. 

For example, in 1983 Sarfati had the Bank of Credit and Commerce in Miami send OPIC a letter of recommendation. The bank called Sarfati "one of our valued customers" and said he had five companies with accounts at the bank. Sarfati later testified in the lawsuit that three of the companies either had no assets or never got off the ground. 

In 1988, the General Accounting Office looked into Sarfati and found that if OPIC had looked closely enough, it would have found that the melon business was showing a loss before OPIC gave Sarfati a second loan.

Maurice Sarfati is apparently still doing business in Miami under the name Moshe Tzorfati. The Sarfati family has a website called the D.R.I.M. group, which apparently uses the first initial of the four family members: Dan, Roy, Ilana, and Maurice -- or Moshe.

The website says this about the D.R.I.M. Group:

Established in 1995, The D.R.I.M. GROUP is a multi faceted group of companies, with diversified activities: 

-Strategic Consulting in sophisticated financing vehicles for income producing real estate and other specific type of businesses.

-Commercial Aviation Consulting.

-Research and Development of a treatment method (Patent pending) for speech dysfluency (stuttering), language and communication disorders.

-Development of specialized centers in traditional and alternative healthcare.

The website provides the contact information:

4601 Sheridan Street
Suite 301
Hollywood, FLORIDA 33021
Tel: 954-965 6924
954-965 6925
Fax: 954-965 6926

MTzorfati at drimgroup dot com

MTzorfati is evidently Moshe Tzorfati, whose website domain is registered at: 19901 E Country Club Dr., Apt. 2101, in Miami. This is in the Zip Code area of 33180, where the Sarfati family (ies) have several residences and relations.

Moshe Tzorfati and Maurice Sarfati are both listed as living at 20314 NE 34th Court. After his criminal role was exposed in supplying weapons to the Colombian drug cartel, he evidently decided to change the spelling of his name. Maurice Sarfati is the name of a famous French actor but that name could no longer be used in Miami and the United States.

Here is Sarfati's old listing from the U.S. Public Records Index:

Name: Maurice Sarfati (along with Ilana and Roy J.)
Birth Date: Jun 1941
Street address: 20314 NE 34th CT
City: Miami
County: Miami-Dade
State: Florida
Zip Code: 33180
Phone Number: 305-466-1832
Record Number: 829168268

Here he is after his Israeli makeover with an new Hebrew alias:

Name: Moshe Tzorfati
Street address: 20314 NE 34th CT
City: Miami
County: Miami-Dade
State: Florida
Zip Code: 33180
Phone Number: 305
Record Number: 838149884

It is interesting that the Sarfati's D.R.I.M. group is involved in aviation, finance, and healthcare. Here are the sections from the website:


The Aviation Consulting Division has extensive experience in commercial aviation. Specifically in the formation of start up companies for passengers transport, charter programs, and cargo airline. 

The Aviation Consulting Division, provides a variety of services, including over-flight rights, landing rights, and opening new routes. Such services were provided to governments, international travel corporations, and airlines. We are uniquely placed to facilitate aircraft refurbishing and pre sale inspections. 


The Financial Strategic Consulting Division developed a structure specifically designed for qualified start up or existing corporations acquiring income producing real estate, to use this vehicle, and seek financing under certain terms, by way of a Private Offering(rule 144-A). This ready structure reduces considerably the time and costs, usually required. 

The D.R.I.M. GROUP engaged a leading legal institution, and a team of experts in sophisticated Asset Backed Securities transactions, to adapt the structure. 


Communication Disorders 

The D.R.IM. GROUP developed a comprehensive treatment program,The Ultimate TM SpeechCare Systems, for individuals who stutter. Innovative and unique techniques, presently under patent review, were developed by Roy J. Sarfati, MS,CCC-SLP, and incorporated for the first time in specific intensive treatment programs for children and adults. Our team consist of highly trained clinicians in a variety of fields, is at the forefront of progress. 

Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging 

This program is one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive available today. Headed and developed by Dr. Cass Terry MD,Ph.D., one of the world leading experts in this field, the program is designed to address every facet of aging and rejuvenation. 

Geriatric and Rehabilitation Centers 

The D.R.I.M. GROUP began diversifying into healthcare in 1997. Its team designed and developed a unique program for Geriatric and Rehabilitation Centers, operated with the state of the art technology.

The activities of the Sarfati family clearly show how Israeli criminals working with their network in Miami are able to operate with impunity. At least for the illegal transfer of weapons to the Colombian drug cartel Maurice Sarfati (a.k.a. Moshe Tzorfati) should be prosecuted and tried. Why has the U.S. government not pursued its case against Sarfati, the Israeli criminal who masterminded illegal Colombian weapons deals from his home in Miami?

Sources and Recommended Reading:

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