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Israel at the U.N. - Who is Ron Prosor?

December 4, 2012

Sixty-five years after the United Nations passed a resolution to carve Palestine into pieces and give the best parts to the minority population of Zionist immigrants from Russia and Poland, the national rights of the Palestinian people were formally recognized by the same international organization that created the state of Israel.  Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, rejected the U.N. decision granting the Palestinian Authority non-member observer status and reacted by declaring that Israel would build 3,000 homes in occupied East Jerusalem.

"All settlement construction is illegal under international law and constitutes an obstacle to peace," the European Union's foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said in a statement, repeating what all nations have said since the 1970s when Israel began building illegal settlements on occupied Palestinian land.  Several nations called their ambassadors home from Israel and summoned the Israeli ambassador to express their disapproval, but there is no indication that any serious and meaningful actions are planned to punish the Israeli regime or to compel them to refrain from their on-going illegal settlement activity.  The European Union, for example, is Israel's largest trading partner and if the E.U. were to threaten to boycott Israeli products the regime in Jerusalem would have to modify its outrageous behavior.  The last European to call for a boycott of Israel was Anna Lindh, the Swedish foreign minister who was stabbed under very suspicious circumstances in Stockholm and died on September 11, 2003.

To punish the Palestinians, however, the Israelis announced that they would withhold some $120 million of tax revenue they have collected from the Palestinian people.  Yasser Abed Rabbo, a senior Palestinian official, said Israel was guilty of "piracy and theft" by refusing to hand over the funds.

Pirates and thieves would certainly describe the nature of the current Israeli regime and one has to wonder how any thinking observer would not have recognized this fact as painfully obvious many years ago.  The dastardly criminal nature of the Israeli leadership has to be understood in order to make sense of the policies and actions taken by the state of Israel.  When a person or an organization are judged to be criminal we have to take that determination into account and treat them as criminals.  To ignore their criminal behavior and to continue to have normal relations with criminals makes us complicit in their crimes.  With that in mind, let's look at Ron Prosor, Israel's ambassador to the United Nations.

SIXTY-FIVE YEARS LATER - "No decision by the UN can break the 4,000 year-old bond between the people of Israel and the land of Israel," Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor, said on November 29, 2012.  Prosor spoke on the 65th anniversary of the woefully ill-advised and unfair UN Partition Plan for Palestine, which gave more than half of Palestine to Zionist settlers - like his family who immigrated from Germany in 1933.  So, who is Ron Prosor?  Why is he Israel's ambassador to the UN?  And what is his connection to the "land of Israel?"

THE U.N. PARTITION PLAN OF 1947 CREATED ISRAEL - On November 29, 2012, the UN General Assembly voted by a huge majority to recognize Palestine (within the 1967 borders) as a non-member state with observer status.  This vote occurred exactly sixty-five years after the United Nations created the state of Israel by giving the minority Zionist settlers more than half the land of Palestine.  This ill-advised plan led to the murder of the UN envoy to Palestine, Swedish Count Folke Bernadotte, by Yitzhak Shamir and other terrorists.  Armed Zionist gangs then went on the offensive and seized nearly all of historic Palestine by using terrorism to expel the native population.  Some 500 Palestinian towns and villages were ethnically cleansed in 1948.  The dispossessed Palestinian population is the crux issue of the Palestinian problem.  These refugees, now in the millions, have the legal and natural right to return to their homes and villages, which are now occupied by Israeli settlers.

WHO IS RON PROSOR? - Prosor is described as a career diplomat who served under a previous Likud government as director-general of the Foreign Ministry. (Photo - "Durch Hitler Geboren," Der Spiegel, 1994)

SON OF URI PROSOR (a.k.a. Uri Proskauer) - Ron Prosor's father is the German-born Uri Proskauer (right).  His grandfather, Berthold Proskauer (left) was a German patriot and officer who wanted nothing to do with Zionism.  Under pressure from his wife, Berthold quit the German army and took his family to Palestine in 1933, where he was very unhappy.  He refused to learn Hebrew and longed for Germany.  Like many German Jews, Berthold did not consider Palestine as a home, but as a compulsory and unnatural place of exile. (Source - "Durch Hitler Geboren," Der Spiegel, 1994)

PROSKAUER'S MASSADA - Ron Prosor's father, Uri Proskauer, served in the Israeli navy in 1948, when its primary mission was illegal weapons smuggling.  In November 1949, Proskauer and seven partners from the navy started a shipping company named "Ophir" and bought their first ship, the Mercur, in Denmark.  The vessel was registered in the Israeli Consulate in Copenhagen under the nameMassada.  Four months later, on March 28th, Massada sank off the coast of Italy due to the incompetence of its Israeli officers.  Six lives were lost.  The Massada sinking was Israel's first maritime disaster.  (Source - Massada, National Maritime Museum of Israel)

WORKING FOR A TERRORIST - In Israel, the appointment of ambassadors is the prerogative of the foreign minister.  Ron Prosor's father, Uri, served as a senior Israeli diplomat in Austria (1982-1986) under foreign minister Yitzhak Shamir, the notorious Zionist terrorist and assassin.  

WANTED FOR MURDER AND TERRORISM - Yitzhak Shamir was no minor terrorist; he was a wanted Zionist terrorist with a price on his head.  He plotted the assassinations of Lord Moyne, a British minister, and U.N. negotiator Count Folke Bernadotte, in Jerusalem in 1948.  "Shamir was proud of his involvement in planning the assassination of the British official Walter Edward Guinness, Lord Moyne, in Cairo in November, 1944," according to Shamir's obituaryin the Times of Israel. Shamir is also thought to be one of the senior architects of the 9-11 false-flag terrorism plot, which was first developed by Israeli terrorists in the 1970s when they came to power under Menachem Begin's Likud banner.

GONE TO JAMAICA - When Yitzhak Shamir became prime minister, Uri Prosor was sent from Vienna to Kingston, Jamaica, where he served as Israel's ambassador in the 1990s.  Why would an Israeli diplomat whose career started with weapons smuggling operations in the 1940s be posted in Jamaica in the 1990s?  Was Uri Prosor involved in Israel's smuggling of drugs to America through the "Caribbean Corridor?"  

ISRAEL ARMS THE DRUG CARTEL - That the state of Israel has supported and worked with the drug mafia in Colombia for decades is a well known fact.  In 2005, for example, the U.S. government demanded that Israel clarify how five U.S.-made helicopters sold to the Israeli military in the mid-70s had found their way into the hands of a Colombian drug cartel.  Why has Israeli support for the Colombian drug cartel been tolerated for so long?  Is the drug network in the Caribbean an Israeli-run enterprise?  How does this activity benefit the Jewish people?  (Source - “IDF choppers in service of drug cartel"

THE MIAMI CONNECTION - Oddly, Uri Prosor maintained a P.O. Box address in Hialeah, Florida, while he was stationed in Jamaica.  He also had an address at 240 Biscayne Blvd., next to the Port of Miami, where the cruise ships come in and make their deliveries.

What is most telling is who Uri Prosor shared the mailbox in Hialeah with.  One of his partners was none other than the notorious smuggler Felix Przedborski, a personal friend of Menachem Begin.

WHO IS FELIX PRZEDBORSKI? - Felix Przedborski is a Jewish mafia boss (born Zgierz, Poland, 1930) with Belgian and Costa Rican passports. In the 1990s, while Uri Prosor was Israeli ambassador to Jamaica, Przedborski was involved in the multi-billion dollar trafficking of diamonds, arms, narcotics, and nuclear material, and had considerable influence over the politicians in Belgium and the European Union.  About Przedborski and his Nebula outfit a Belgian police report from 1994 concluded:  "Our conclusion would be that, since over 20 years, some economical forces, some of which are of the mafia-type being linked to the political power and organized crime structures, have reached the 4th level of money laundering, in other words: Absolute Power."  (Source - Atlas File, Gendarmerie Liège, November 21, 1994) 

GOOD NEIGHBORS - Felix Przedborski has an apartment in Bal Harbour, Florida, at 9999 Collins Avenue, where Marilyn Arison (center), widow of Ted Arison also lives.  Arison, born Theodore Arisohn in Tel Aviv, created Carnival Cruise Lines in 1972.  Cruise ships are often used for drug smuggling.  Are the connections linking the Zionist terrorist mastermind Shamir with Uri Prosor, Felix Przedborski, and the Arison family the tip of the Israeli smuggling network in the United States?  These are telltale links connecting the criminals running the state of Israel today with the notorious Zionist terrorists of the 1940s.  This is the same criminal cabal at the center of the false-flag terrorism of 9-11 that called for an invasion of Afghanistan before the smoke had cleared at the World Trade Center.  The fact that occupied Afghanistan became the leading producer of opium after the invasion of 2001 is certainly no coincidence.  Drug smuggling is, after all, big business with huge profits.

THE ZIONISTS' SINKING SHIP - The Zionist criminal network is looking more and more like the Arison-owned Costa Concordia,which, like Massada, sank as a result of sheer incompetence and arrogance off the coast of Italy in 2012.

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