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Israeli Terror Suspect Comments on Bollyn Article

June 23, 2012

I liked your article, it is a nice conspiracy story, but in my case it was exactly the truth as written.  Nice to remember those old-times, when we did foolish mistakes... 
I certainly paid for my mistakes, but I am no criminal, just another unlucky Israeli.
- Israeli agent Tamir David Sasson commenting on Bollyn article “Is Israeli Intelligence behind Terrorism in America?” in email to, February 26, 2011

Israelis Tamir David Sasson and Daniel Henry Levy were detained at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in Georgia in May 2004.  The Kings Bay base is the home port for 10 of the nation's 18 submarines armed with nuclear missiles.

Tamir David Sasson, an Israeli terror suspect who was arrested when he tried to gain access to the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in May 2004 wrote to in February 2011 and commented on my article “Is Israeli Intelligence behind Terrorism in America?”.  Most significantly, Sasson did not object to anything I had written in the article saying that the article is "exactly the truth as written."  The article is included in the recently published book Solving 9-11:  The Original Articles.

Most likely, the real reason the two-man team of Israeli military agents tried to enter the base with their moving truck was to monitor the response by base security.  Having infiltrated the U.S. Navy computer network, Israeli military intelligence would be able to see exactly how the Navy responded to the security threat.  Such information would be essential for the planning and execution of a false-flag terror incident involving the base.

The following are parts of my article concerning Sasson:

A second team of Israeli military agents posing as "movers" tried to enter the U.S. Naval Submarine Base at Kings Bay, Georgia on May 21. When an inspection of their rented moving truck revealed evidence of explosives, the base, home to 8 Trident submarines, was shut down for more than three hours, according to base spokesman Ed Buczek. 

When the two Israeli soldiers posing as movers tried to access the base without proper identification an inspection team was called out to check their rental truck. Dogs trained to detect explosives and drugs "hit on something in the cab of the truck," Buczek told me. The evidence of "potential explosives" led to an immediate lockdown of the base and the St. Mary's police department closed off the area around the base and called in a bomb squad. "Guards closed access to the base and notified the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service," Buczek said. 

Buczek said the two were driving a Budget rental truck and were working for an Atlanta-based moving company called Advantage. Advantage Moving and Storage in Norcross, Georgia was blocking calls from unknown callers on May 26. Like hundreds of other "moving companies" in the United States, Advantage is probably Israeli-owned and operated. 

It was a "textbook scenario" reaction to an obvious security threat to the base and national security, Buczek said. "We saw something wasn't right." When the Israeli intruders were turned over to federal officials, however, their criminal activity was handled with what can only be described as indifference. The fact that Israeli military agents operate moving companies across the United States is a security problem, which apparently does not concern the Department of Homeland Security. Israel's military foreign intelligence agency, Mossad, has a network of transportation and logistics companies that spans the United States...

Like some 60 other Israelis apprehended in the aftermath of 9-11, the two young Israeli movers who tried to access Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base, Tamir D. Sason, 24, and Daniel Levy, 23, were simply turned over to federal immigration officers. Although the truck had tested positive for explosives and a thorough criminal investigation should have been conducted, the two were simply turned over to immigration authorities because one of them was carrying an expired passport. The two were reportedly being held for deportation. 

I spoke with Marc Raimondi, spokesman at the Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) in Washington. Raimondi said that both Sason and Levy "will be deported," although he did not know their current location or status. Raimondi said ICE had taken custody of the two individuals and simply checked their names against immigration and criminal data bases. Because nothing was found in the data bases, Raimondi said, their only crime was that they had worked illegally on visitor visas. There was no further investigation of their activities. 

"Perhaps the conspiracy theory has merit," Raimondi said when asked why Israeli agents involved in criminal activities were simply being deported on visa violations. When asked if DHS was concerned about the network of Israeli-owned moving companies in the United States, some with proven ties to Israeli intelligence, Raimondi was unable to answer. He said he was unable to carry on the conversation and that the agency welcomes any information that could be helpful in the "war on terror." 


Bollyn, Christopher, "Is Israeli Intelligence Behind Terrorism in America?" May 28, 2004 

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