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Israel's Danny Rothschild and the Plundering of Iceland

July 15, 2010

Daniel "Dani" Rothschild is the Israeli Major General who is a director of the Israeli bank that is a trustee of the Tchenguiz Discretionary Trust, which was a key player in the bankrupting of Iceland's largest bank in 2008.  Rothschild has long been at the higest level of Israeli military intelligence.

The Israeli-Rothschild connection to the plundering of Icelandic banks has become clearer and deserves to be noted.  On June 23, it was reported that the Tchenguiz Discretionary Trust (TDT is the parent company headed by Victor Tchenguiz in Israel) had agreed to settle by handing over frozen Somerfield cash to administrators of failed Icelandic bank Kaupthing on June 23, 2010.

The news reports point out that the trustees of the Tchenguiz Discretionary Trust are Investec and Bayeux Trustees.  The fact that Investec is a trustee of the TDT is extremely interesting because it has long been directed by Israel's Major General Daniel "Danny" Rothschild, the former chief of Israeli military intelligence.  Rothschild was born in 1946 in the Rothschild-funded settlement of Rishon Le Zion.  Investec is a privately held "bank" which has branches in Europe, Guernsey, Israel, and Switzerland.

The fact that the Tchenguiz family fund is affiliated with a Rothschild bank headed by a former head of Israeli military intelligence strongly supports my hypothesis that the plundering of Icelandic banks was a mega-crime masterminded by an Israeli Rothschild criminal network.

Danny Rothschild played a key role in getting the United States to attack Iraq in 1991.  When the bombing ended in February, he was promoted to Major General.

Danny Rothschild is the Honorary Consul General for Vanuatu to Israel.  His current biographical sketch includes this information:

In August 1984, Rothschild was Assistant to the IDF chief of staff.  In 1985, he was appointed Commander of the IDF Units in Southern Lebanon, and was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General. He served as Deputy Director of the Military Intelligence and chief of the Intelligence Research and Analysis Department. In this capacity, he was responsible for national strategic (political and military) production and analysis including during the Gulf War. He achieved the rank of Major General in February 1991 after the war.  As Coordinator of Government Activities in the OccupiedTerritories, Rothschild directed and coordinated all civilian affairs in the territories. He controlled an annual budget of $500 million US and administered 21,000 civilian and military staff.  Upon resigning his commission in February 1995, General Rothschild entered the business sphere; he established his own company (DANROTH Ltd.) which became a holding to 3 companies, dealing with: Security (NETACS Ltd.) and joint projects, Distance learning via satellite (TEACHLINK inc).  General Rothschild is the president of the council for peace and security; he is a board member of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Chairman of the Israeli board of the America Israel Friendship League, and director in Investec Bank.

When General Rothschild visited Florida in 2005 he was described as "a Governor of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the President of the Council for Peace and Security; the Chairman of the Israeli board of the America-Israel Friendship League, and a Director of the Investec Bank."

The Edmond Rothschild family held a 52.4 percent stake in Israel General Bank, which was sold in 1997 to the South African Investec Group.  Investec documents show that Danny Rothschild has been a director of Investec Bank (Israel) since at least 2000.  This connection suggests that the Rothschild family was not abandoning its bank in Israel, only re-labeling it. 


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