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James Files and the Murder of JFK

November 14, 2013

Files on JFK is a DVD produced by Wim Dankbaar of

On November 9, I posted an article, entitled "The Man Who Shot JFK & The Chicago Connection", about the testimony of James Files, a prisoner in Illinois, who admitted on camera in 1994 to having been one of the shooters during the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  Files, born James Sutton in Alabama, grew up in Melrose Park, a suburb on Chicago's West Side that is notorious for its Mafia connections.

Files admitted in great detail how he shot President Kennedy from behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll.  Files says he used a Remington Fireball to shoot the president in his right temple.  I find the Files testimony quite convincing.  It just smacks of being a truthful confession.  Furthermore, Files' testimony stands up to the scrutiny of experts who have examined his statements and cross examined him.

It is very interesting that Files says that his group had been sent to Dallas with the understanding that they were part of a counter-assassination operation and for this reason one of his team, John Roselli, refused to be a shooter, when it became a team of assassins.

James Earl Files admits being the shooter on the grassy knoll.

Files says he shot Kennedy from behind this picket fence.

Files says he used a Remington Fireball to shoot the president in his right temple.

The Files confession is the subject of a new video by Wim Dankbaar.

The next day, I was accused of being a "sophisticated intelligence agent" by Lisa Pease, a woman in Los Angeles who writes about the Kennedy assassination.  After smearing me on her Facebook page as an "intelligence agent", Pease dismissed my article about James Files as "crap".  This is a common tactic used by real agents to discredit truthful information by sowing suspicion about the person who presents it.

I contacted the Dutch researcher Wim Dankbaar, of, who kindly sent me a link to his hour-long video about the James Files testimony:  I Killed JFK - The Confession of the Grassy Knoll Shooter.  It is a very well done video and makes a very compelling case that Files is telling the truth.

I then wrote to Lisa Pease on her Facebook page asking her why she did not believe that Files was telling the truth.  I wrote:

Lisa - Can you tell me why you think that James Files is not telling the truth when he says that he was one of the gunmen in Dealey Plaza?

See -

I would be interested in knowing what makes you think that he is lying. When I listen to his testimony it sounds and looks truthful and during 7 hours of cross examination an experienced lawyer found no inconsistency in his testimony. What inconsistency do you find in the testimony of James E. Files (formerly James Sutton)? You can write to me directly at - I am using my wife's Facebook account.

Today, I looked to see if Lisa Pease had responded to my questions and found that the whole discussion of me and the James Files testimony had been removed.  I have also been blocked from any future comments on her Facebook page.

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