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Jeff Prager's Apology to Christopher Bollyn

October 6, 2019

Jeff Prager's Apology to Christopher Bollyn

October 5th, 2019

Dear Chris,

This apology is a long-time coming but I have, what I believe, is an even more important commentary before that. First, I want to thank you, as everyone should, for your historic and accurate portrayal of Israel and its extensive and direct connection to the events of 9/11. Your investigative journalism is unprecedented and the accuracy of your voluminous findings simply cannot be disputed.

Having said that, several years ago, in 2011 I believe, I made an unfortunate and extremely poor decision to not only criticize you, but I called you a liar. And even worse, I called you a liar on a public Internet forum where that comment likely still remains today.

This has been a long-timing coming as I said above. I couldn’t have been more wrong and couldn’t have exercised poorer judgment and for that you have my most sincere apology. I can’t remove my comment, I don’t even know where it was posted, but the world should know, and the many, many people that follow you should know that not only are you not a liar, but you’ve produced some of the most credible and fully referenced 9/11 data the world has seen. I can only thank you for that. If history is correctly recorded, your name will be a part of our species' historic record. I sincerely hope the record reflects this, forever.

Jeff Prager

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