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Menachem Korn on Chamish Review of Solving 9-11

August 22, 2012

The writings of Christopher Bollyn ( and other intrepid journalists and researchers about the complicity of Israeli and American Jewish Zionist fanatics (i.e. "Neocons") in the September 11, 2001, terror attacks against the United States reveal the ruthless depravity of the Israeli State and confirm my worst fears about its essential anti-Christian and anti-humanitarian character, which indeed is the spirit of the anti-Christ.

- Michael Korn (a.k.a. Menachem Mevashir) in a June 2010 letter sent to every Israeli Consulate in the U.S. and to every Member of the Israeli Knesset,
“Messianic Jew Renounces Israeli Citizenship”

Menachem Mevashir (a.k.a. Michael Korn) is an American orthodox Jew who lived in Israel, where he was baptized as a Christian in 2000.  Having lived many years in Israel, Korn understands the nature of Zionism very well.  He wrote the following email to Barry Chamish about his review of Solving 9-11.


It's great that you finally are speaking out about 9-11 truth, even if it is 11 years after the fact.

And you may have your differences with Chris Bollyn, but please do not exaggerate them or demean this brave journalist, who like you has suffered physical attacks to prevent him from sharing the truth he unearths.

And I don't believe for a minute you can pin it all on Labor Zionism. I know you do this in order to preserve your dream of a "Kosher Israel" perhaps run by the Likud. But the fact is that "Lucky Larry Silverstein" is a close friend of Netanyahu. And the neocon manipulators are connected to all Israeli elites, of whatever party. It makes no difference, so long as they can advance Israel's national security agenda.

So I think you should be cautious about attacking Bollyn. Many of us in the 9-11 truth community view him as a great hero and courageous patriot. He also is a spiritually devout person, unlike you, the atheist or agnostic, who seems to use religion for nationalistic ends.

So beware invoking God's curse on yourself by attacking this noble servant of Truth.


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