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My Final Show on RBN - September 7

September 8, 2010

I was on the Morning Liberty Show with Robert Hender on Tuesday, September 7, from 7-9 a.m. (Central) on the Republic Broadcasting Network.  After a year of monthly shows with R.J. Hender, I decided to make this my last show on RBN.  I am grateful for having been given the chance to speak on the Morning Liberty Show but decided to quit after detecting a clear and increasing anti-Islamic bias in the show. 

I discussed my latest articles (see the most recent questions in the Question and Answer section) about the Rothschild/Murdoch manufactured controversy about the "mosque at Ground Zero" and the hijacking of the memo
ry of 9-11 to wage war on Islam.  I also revealed the mega Zionist criminal behind Lenny Charles and the INN World News 9-11 conference to be held at Walker Stage in Manhattan on September 11, 2010. 

I am not invited to conferences like the INN conference because these are events that are planned and financed by the same Zionist agents who carried out 9-11.  These criminals have no desire to discuss the evidence of WHO really carried out the terror atrocity of the century -- because it points directly to their Zionist crminal network.

The controversy about the mosque at Ground Zero is a Zionist propaganda ploy that seeks to cement the idea that Muslims carried out 9-11 - a complete falsehood - in order to promote the Rothschild-Zionist war against Islam.  Note the professionally printed "Sharia" signs.  This was a staged event designed to produce photos to be published around the world.  Some 43 nations are involved in the criminal war to occupy Afghanistan...

- and they are losing to the Taliban fighters on motorcycles!  You would think that the professional soldiers in the U.S. military would have read a little history about the futility of trying to occupy Afghanistan - before jumping in where the Soviet Union failed.  How will President Obama and the military leaders of the other NATO forces explain their criminal fiasco when they are forced to retreat having lost so many young men?  Pray tell, Obama, why did you choose to surge in this disastrous war?  Who are you fighting this war for?

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