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My Only Question about the 9/11 Narrative: Is it True – or False?

May 3, 2018

False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil. 
- Socrates

A detainee in Guantanamo Bay called Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM), who is supposedly "the mastermind" of the terror attacks of 9/11, is now after many years back in the news. There have been recent reports that he may have suffered brain damage during interrogation sessions at a CIA black-site in Poland, where the detainee was held after being arrested in Pakistan in March 2003. So, fifteen years after he was abused during interrogation, the military is only now trying to determine if his brain has been damaged?

The detainee said to be Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of 9/11

In an April 30, 2018, article entitled "Lawyers: Scan suggests alleged 9/11 plotter suffered head injury in CIA custody," Carol Rosenberg of the Miami Herald (McClatchy) writes from Guantanamo, Cuba, that brain scans conducted on the man said to be Khalid Sheik Mohammed, accused of orchestrating the 9/11 attacks, show damage consistent with abuse he might have suffered in CIA custody.

"You've heard endlessly about waterboarding," former Vice President Dick Cheney said at a speech in 2009 at the American Enterprise Institute. "It happened to three terrorists. One of them was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of 9/11, who has also boasted about his beheading of Daniel Pearl."


In 2007, the detainee said to be KSM supposedly confessed to being the mastermind of 9/11:

I was the Operational Director for Sheikh Usama Bin Laden for the organizing, planning, follow-up, and execution of the 9/11 Operation… I was the Military Operational Commander for all foreign operations around the world…

I was Emir (i.e., commander) of Beit Al Shuhada (i.e., the Martyrs' House) in the state of Kandahar, Afghanistan, which housed the 9/11 hijackers. There I was responsible for their training and readiness for the execution of the 9/11 Operation. Also, I hereby admit and affirm without duress that I was a responsible participant, principal planner, trainer, financier (via the Military Council Treasury), executor, and/or a personal participant in the following;

I was responsible for the 1993 World Trade Center Operation.

I was responsible for the 9/11 Operation, from A to Z.
- Supposed confession of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, read by a Personal Representative in a closed-door hearing in Guantánamo Bay, March 10, 2007, "Verbatim Transcript of Combatant Status Review Tribunal Hearing for ISN 10024"

This is supposedly a confession read by a third person on behalf of a detainee who obviously does not speak English very well and who does not even identify himself in the process. He is simply called Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, although he is neither identified nor sworn in during the hearing. A further contradiction is that KSM was reported to have been killed in Pakistan in September 2002. The real KSM also graduated from college in North Carolina with an engineering degree, which suggests that he would have better English skills than the unidentified detainee said to be "the mastermind" of 9/11.

Photographs of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed


The evidence suggests that the person said to be Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is actually someone else, perhaps an Ahmed Qudus (also Qadus) who was arrested in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, in March 2003. Faced with so many contradictions in the reports about KSM, in March 2007 I called the engineering faculty of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University where KSM earned his degree in mechanical engineering in the 1980s.

The detainee called KSM (left) and Ahmed Qadus (right) both in March 2003 when KSM was reported to have been arrested at the Qadus home in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The Qadus family told the Guardian that only Ahmed was arrested and taken away from their home. Is the detainee called KSM really Qadus?

David E. Klett, a retired professor of thermodynamics, had the real KSM in several of his classes. Asked about the photos of the person said to be the terror mastermind KSM, Klett said, "I did not recognize that person. I never saw that face before."

There are many questions about this detainee called Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and how he has been handled. Is he really KSM? Is he really the mastermind of 9/11? If so, why has he not been put on trial after 15 years in U.S. custody? Why is he kept incommunicado in Cuba?


Above and beyond these questions, however, is one we need to ask about this detainee and his supposed role in 9/11: Is it true, or is it false? Either the detainee said to be KSM is in fact the mastermind of 9/11, or he is not. This needs to be determined and proven.

If it is true, why has he not been put on trial after 15 years? If he is indeed the mastermind of 9/11, why has he not been properly interrogated to find out how the terror attacks were planned and carried out? Why is he being held in a kind of legal limbo at a military base in Cuba? Don't we deserve to know more about the person who is supposedly behind the crimes of 9/11?

The person said to be Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of 9/11, is like a linchpin in the whole sordid saga of 9/11. Either he is who they say he is, or he is not. Likewise, by extension, either the official 9/11 saga is true – or it is false.

This is much more than an academic exercise. This is nothing less than the most important historical and political question of our time. If the official narrative about 9/11 is true, why has the government failed to prove or prosecute their case after more than 16 years? Why has there been no criminal investigation? Why was crucial evidence from the World Trade Center destroyed starting on the first day?

If, on the other hand, the official story is false, it means we have been deceived from the very beginning and have been tricked into fighting numerous wars across the Middle East under the pretext of waging the Global War on Terror. According to President Trump, these wars have cost the U.S. some $7 trillion in 17 years. 


Someone at the FBI, or elsewhere in government, needed to make sure that al Qaeda members were left in place – either to perpetrate the attacks or to take the blame for them afterwards.
- Michael Ruppert, Crossing the Rubicon, 2004

Rather than getting a blue-ribbon investigation of 9/11, we were given a prepared narrative blaming a nebulous group called al Qaeda, supposedly headed by a wealthy Saudi named Osama bin Laden. Before the dust had even settled in New York City the blame was being assigned to bin Laden on BBC World and Sky television by Ehud Barak, the former prime minister of Israel. Barak, conveniently in London, blamed bin Laden and said it was time for the U.S. to begin an "operational war against terrorism." While the al Qaeda connection to 9/11 has never been proven, it has been the focus of the official narrative from the beginning.

How was this done? Over a period of years prior to 9/11 a whole host of terrorist bombings were blamed on al Qaeda. The detainee called KSM supposedly confessed to 29 of them, going back to the first bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993. The 19 alleged hijackers were like actors on a stage, positioned and prepared to take the blame for the 9/11 crimes. If you are willing to accept that Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda carried out 9/11, without seeing any evidence to prove the allegations, you can probably be misled with more unproven details connecting this suspect with this person or event. It then becomes a matter of missing the forest for the trees. This is the purpose of all the noise, discussion, and leaks about who knew what when about the 19 hijackers and their plot.

The alleged Arab hijackers were monitored by cells of Israeli "art student" spies.

If, however, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is not the real mastermind of 9/11 the question remains: who is behind the positioning and preparation of the narrative about the 19 alleged hijackers? Who was the hidden hand preparing the Arabs to take the blame for the crime? Was this the real reason the Israeli "art students" lived near the alleged hijackers?

Putting the blame on the targeted foe is the whole purpose of false-flag terrorism, but the deception only succeeds with an audience who is willing to accept an unproven allegation as true. The false narrative fails as soon as one looks for proof and finds there is none. This is exactly what we find with the official narrative of 9/11: volumes of allegations, but no solid evidence.  

So, we must ask: Is it true, or is it false?

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