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New TWA 800 Film Reveals FBI/CIA Lies

Updated July 2, 2013

Added video clip about TWA Flight 800 from Shadows of Liberty and removed dead link to TWA Flight 800 video

"I know what I saw. I saw an ordnance explosion.  And whatever I saw, the explosion of the fuel was not the initiator of the event. It was one of the results. Something happened before that which was the initiator of the disaster.''
 - Major Frederick C. Meyer, Air National Guard helicopter pilot who witnessed the explosion of TWA Flight 800, “Eyewitness Views of Flight 800”,

This graphic depicts what ANG pilot Major Frederick Meyer saw when TWA 800 was hit.

"TWA Flight 800 was a watershed moment for this country."
- Tom Stalcup, producer of TWA Flight 800

A new film about TWA Flight 800 reveals that the plane was shot down - hit by missiles fired from the sea, just as hundreds of eyewitnesses said.  

David Louis Mayer III of the NTSB has a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from Rice University. Mayer handled the eyewitness accounts, which he said could not be trusted.  It was suggested by the NTSB panel that based on the fact that the incident occurred on a warm summer evening, one should consider the possibility that all of the eyewitnesses were drunk and had hallucinated seeing a missile.  I attended the final NTSB hearing and thought that David Mayer's outrageous dismissal of eyewitness testimonies was a huge red flag. The Stalcup film states that Mayer was seen tampering with the evidence in the hanger, which should be considered a crime. David L. Mayer is now the managing director of the NTSB. 

Tom Stalcup surveys the wreckage of TWA Flight 800.  Stalcup's forthcoming film about the downing of Flight 800 reveals that the FBI, CIA, and NTSB, all lied about what was really behind the 1996 crash off the coast of Long Island.  

Tom Stalcup (right) with TWA 800 investigators - Stalcup's video reveals how the federal agencies that are supposed to investigate such incidents are actually involved in criminal cover-ups.  The cover-ups of TWA Flight 800 and the 9-11 atrocity are connected.

A new documentary film by Tom Stalcup about TWA Flight 800 will be aired on July 17, 2013.  The rough cut of the film, about 90 minutes long, was available for online viewing but is not now available.  I have watched the video from beginning to end and found it to be excellent in every way.  I highly recommend viewing this video when it is available or shown on television.

The following video clip from the 2012 film Shadows of Libertydescribes how Kristina Borjesson, the journalist who produced TWA Flight 800 with Thomas Stalcup, investigated the TWA Flight 800 saga for CBS News and how she was fired for getting too close to the truth.

Video Link -

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