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NYFD Survivors of Explosions on 9/11

December 11, 2010

The following video is important testimonial evidence of three NYFD firemen on 9/11.  The three firefighters are from Ladder Company 24 - Jimmy Grillo (the injured one in the middle), and probably James Duffy and Tyrone Johnson.  These men describe witnessing explosions going off in the lobby of hotel next to the tower before the collapse.

James Grillo was trying to reach his sister at the family business, a Citgo gas station in Lindenhurst.  The Grillo family is from the Babylon-Lindenhurst area on Long Island.  Some critics (i.e. anti-truthers) claim that Grillo was not in the lobby of the South Tower.  His comments on Larry King indicate he was:

Comment on Larry King from Jimmy Grillo:

GRILLO: I was -- my assignment with Ladder 24, the company I'm assigned to, we were supposed to go into building No. 2, the south tower and make our way into tower No. 1, the north tower. And we were caught in the collapse in the lobby of tower No. 2, the south tower.

Jimmy Grillo's 9/11 testimony of explosions in the interior of the tower is supported and confirmed by John Schroeder of the NYFD - 



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