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Obama Acts on French Fibs about Sarin in Syria

Updated June 14, 2013

NB! - added Russian and Syrian statements on Obama decision to arm rebels (many of whom are not even Syrian) based on "fabricated" evidence

The data on Assad’s use of chemical weapons is fabricated just like the lies about weapons of [Saddam] Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction. Obama is going down the path of George Bush.
- Alexei Pushkov, Chairman of Russian parliament’s international relations committee, RIA Novosti, June 14, 2013

The White House...relied on fabricated information in order to hold the Syrian government responsible for using these weapons, despite a series of statements that confirmed that terrorist groups in Syria have chemical weapons… The United States, in resorting to a shameful use of pretexts in order to allow President Obama's decision to arm the Syrian opposition, shows that it has flagrant double standards in the way it deals with terrorism.
- Syrian foreign ministry, June 14, 2013

International law doesn't allow, doesn't permit, the supplies of arms to non-governmental actors. It's a violation of international law.
- Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister, June 14, 2013

A photograph distributed by Syria's national news agency on May 20, 2013, shows an Israeli military vehicle that was being used by rebel fighters in Qusair. Pro-Israel politicians like Sen. John McCain back the rebels who receive weapons and military support from Israel. Is the rebellion in Syria simply a Zionist war by proxy?

Sen. John McCain visiting rebels in Syria, many of whom are not even from Syria. McCain dismissed the numerous war crimes committed by the rebel fighters as, "Isolated incidents of people who have just gotten … battle-hardened and angry."

Israel, whether intentionally or not, has made itself a perceived ally of the Syrian rebels – capable of replacing international shoulder-shrugging and military inaction with a policy of intervention.
-  “Assad's dilemma: Blame Israeli strike on rebels or retaliate and risk open war,” by Zvi Bar'el, Haaretz (Israel), May 5, 2013

Based on lies and fabrications the United States and its NATO allies went to war in Afghanistan and Iraq. By using lies about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, which did not even exist, the war in Iraq was sold to the American people. These unjustified wars have plundered the U.S. economy with massive amounts of defense spending in which defense contractors earn immense profits, year after year, at the expense of the American taxpayer.

The top contractors for the U.S. government are all defense related companies. The federal funds, borrowed and paid to the top 5 defense contractors alone (Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, and Raytheon) currently amount to nearly $400 per year for every man, woman, and child in the United States. Lockheed Martin is the No. 1 contractor getting nearly $40 billion a year from the government. In 2009, the money paid to Lockheed Martin amounted to $38.512 billion, approximately $126 per person from the U.S. population of about 305 million.

War is very dirty business through which huge amounts of money are stolen from the state. Apart from interest on the debt, the U.S. Defense Department is the undisputed king of the hill consuming the lion's share of the U.S. budget (about $373 billion in 2011), a budgetary distortion that does not leave much to provide for the needs of the American people.

The same propaganda tactics that were used to start the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are now being used to prepare public opinion for more wars. The same lies about banned weapons are being recycled to set the stage for military intervention in Syria and Iran. It is, therefore, important to understand who is pushing for Western intervention in the war in Syria, and why.

As Syrian forces and their allies regain territory from the rebels, the supporters of the rebels (some of whom have engaged in acts of cannibalism) are increasing their demands for Western states or NATO to intervene militarily to overthrow the Syrian government. This call is being led by France and Britain, states in which the ZionistRothschild family has the greatest influence. In France, Laurent Fabius, the Jewish foreign minister who has close ties to Israel, is pushing for military intervention claiming that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons. The opinion of non-biased experts, however, is that it is the rebels who have used these banned weapons - not the Syrian government.

In early May, Carla del Ponte said that the independent UN investigation into the use of chemical weapons in Syria indicated that they had been used by the rebels - not government forces.

"Our investigators have been in neighboring countries interviewing victims, doctors and field hospitals and, according to their report of last week which I have seen, there are strong, concrete suspicions but not yet incontrovertible proof of the use of sarin gas, from the way the victims were treated... This was use on the part of the opposition, the rebels, not by the government authorities." 

The statements by del Ponte, a former Swiss attorney-general and prosecutor with the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, that chemical weapons had been used by the rebels were not welcomed by those who support the rebels in Syria, especially the governments of France and Britain.

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The very same French government, which wages war in Mali against Islamist militias, is now pushing for intervention in Syria to support Islamist rebels. Evidently, Islamist rebels are being used to achieve strategic goals that have nothing to do with Islam.

One month after del Ponte's revelation, on June 4, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius turned the allegations around saying there was no doubt the Syrian government had used nerve agent sarin against the rebels. "There is no doubt that it's the regime and its accomplices" that are responsible for use of the gas, Fabius said on France2 television. "All options are on the table," he said. "That means either we decide not to react or we decide to react including by armed actions targetting the place where the gas is stored."

Laurent Fabius (right) with Israel's finance minister Yair Lapid on May 31, 2013. Lapid is the former TV host who discussed the 9-11 attacks on Israeli television with three of the five Israelis who were arrested on 9-11. One of the terror suspects told Lapid, "Our mission was to document the event." Lapid didn't ask who gave them the mission. It was understood.

Fabius (left) with Israel's foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman in Israel during the Jewish state's aggression against the Gaza Strip in November 2012.

Laurent Fabius and his wife Françoise Castro are both Jewish. When Fabius was prime minister, Jewish militants worked with the French government.

It is certainly not the national interest of France that Laurent Fabius is promoting in Mali and Syria. He is clearly working as an agent of the Rothchilds and the Zionist state of Israel when he lies about who is responsible for war crimes in Syria. Fabius has a history of working with Jewish extremists, as Robert Faurisson noted in 1995:

In 1986, when Laurent Fabius was Prime Minister of France, his wife, Mme. Françoise Castro, revealed that the Jewish militants and the Interior Minister were working hand in hand. She stated: "An extraordinary novelty in political behavior: the Left has allowed Jewish militants to establish themselves in some quarters of Paris and also in Toulouse, Marseille, and Strasbourg [and to have] regular contacts with the Interior Minister." (Le Monde, March 7, 1986, p. 8). Castro and Fabius are both Jewish.
- "Jewish Militants: Fifteen Years, and More, of Terrorism in France," by Robert Faurisson, June 1995


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