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Rare Photos of Palestine in 1931

May 20, 2017

President Donald Trump will arrive in Palestine on Monday to meet with Israeli leaders in occupied Jerusalem. An Israeli official said on Monday that Israel wants the White House to explain why a U.S. diplomat preparing Trump's visit to Jerusalem said the "Wailing Wall" is part of the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Most likely the diplomat holds that position because that is, in fact, the legal status of Jerusalem:  Israeli-occupied territory.

Israel seized the Old City of Jerusalem in 1967 by force and passed a bill in 1980 to annex the Old City. Israeli's annexation of East Jerusalem was condemned by the United Nations Security Council as "a violation of international law" and declared "null and void" in United Nations Security Council Resolution 478. Israel's claim to Jerusalem has not been recognized by the international community; no country has its embassy in Jerusalem.

To mark the occasion of President Trump's visit and fifty years of Israeli occupation, I am presenting some rare photos of Jerusalem and Palestine from 1931, when it was under British control. (Source: The Holy Land - A collection of 66 coloured photographs with explanations, Uvachrom A.G., Munich)

A map of southern Palestine with Jerusalem in the center

The map of Jerusalem, 1931

Damascus Gate - a main portal to the Old City

A view from Damascus Gate to the South-East

Entry to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

The Via Dolorosa - the route Jesus Christ walked to Golgotha with his cross

Place of the Temple; North-West corner of the platform

Al Aqsa mosque interior

Al Aqsa mosque

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