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Readers' Comments on Final Chapters of Solving 9/11

May 27, 2011

I have received many comments from readers about the final chapters of Solving 9/11, which I published on May 20.

Chapter XV - The Destruction of the Evidence

Chapter XVI - Making Sense of the 9/11 Cover Up 

The first comment begins with the last paragraph of the last chapter, “Making Sense of the 9/11 Cover Up”:

"As my patriotic duty to my nation and as a service to mankind, I am sharing my insights and the fruits of my research about the 9/11 deception in the hope that by understanding how this evil deception was planned and executed we can liberate ourselves from it and secure a more just and peaceful world for our children."

This statement above describes very well how your work is being received by more and more people, who think and ask relevant questions. All Your efforts and writings are so clear and result in easy to understand reading. Please continue!! Your work is indeed very important!!!!
- a reader in Sweden

- I appreciate your attention to detail and documentation of your research. Your search for truth and justice is very much appreciated.

- Thank you for a work of wonder that generations will talk about in due time. You deserve a purple heart for bravery, and a Pulitzer prize for work that is so distinguished!

- Sincere thanks for all your hard work. The 9/11 truth movement was hijacked from the get-go and you are one of the only people who sought the facts of the matter without limitations.

- Bravo and my most deeply felt admiration for your efforts in rooting out and exposing the facts regarding this treacherous attack on America and our Constitution. In particular I am awed by and profoundly grateful for your persistence and determination in the face of the persecution you have endured in the process. Will this e-book be published in classic hard copy form? I would be most interested to purchase a copy.

- Many, many thanks. Your work on 9-11 (and a whole lot more) has truly been magnificent. You have been the premier investigative journalist on 9-11, the one who has perseveringly hammered away at the hard core Israeli/Zionist (and biggest and most important) connection come what may. It should be a real lasting credit to you as well as to your family who no doubt were instrumental in giving you a tremendous amount of loving support through it all.

- You are a hero, and I wish you great success with your monumental achievement. May it be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Otherwise, how much longer must we endure this monstrous deception by a degenerate bunch of crooks who are destroying the world?  Good luck and heartfelt thanks to you. 

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