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Ron Paul's Letter to Bollyn

September 28, 2012

Since publishing the Solving 9-11 books in the spring of 2012, I have sent copies of the books to many 9-11 activists and notable personalities like Dr. Ron Paul and Julian Assange.  Because both Dr. Paul and Julian Assange had stated that they do not doubt the official version, I thought it was important to get these books to them.  

Representative Paul very kindly sent me the following letter after receiving the books:

August 24, 2012

Dear Mr. Bollyn:

Thank you for the copy of your books Solving 9-11.  I look forward to reading them.  It is always a pleasure to receive books from authors such as yourself.

Thank you for taking the time to pass on your knowlege of this very important subject.  Please rest assured that I will continue to fight to restore limited government under the Constitution of the United States.


Ron Paul

Ron Paul's letter to Christopher Bollyn

Rep. Ron Paul 

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