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"Slam Bollyn Every Way You Can" - Daryl B. Smith

December 9, 2007

Understanding the Purpose and Methods of Defamation

Daryl Bradford Smith Reveals Himself as an Agent
and Threatens to Kill Eric Hufschmid
By Christopher Bollyn
Daryl Bradford Smith of The French Connection has certainly never been an associate or friend of mine.  I met him only once, at Thanksgiving 2005, when we visited him, at his request, at his house in rural central France.  Smith raised our suspicions right away.  We were both uncomfortable being around him, Helje could not sleep a wink in his very dismal house, and we left as soon as possible.

 Daryl Bradford Smith, the agent, a.k.a. Daryl B. Setters

Daryl B. Setters has a string of narcotics violations involving possession of needles and syringes in Rhode Island, including a felony conviction. After more than a decade, Setters' (a.k.a. Smith) court charges were paid off by an unknown party on January 7, 2005 - exactly the month he became engaged in the 9-11 discussion as a radio host.  Who paid off Smith's court costs and fines? Who does he really work for?
He had repeatedly invited us and was quite adamant that we come, although it was not at all convenient. I had been at the Axis for Peace conference in Brussels, and Daryl and Eric Hufschmid wanted me to visit Smith in central France.  I decided that it was too expensive and told them that the connections were non-existent. Hufschmid then wired me the funds to make the trip because he was also very adamant that I meet Smith.
The French trains were going on strike and the only possible way to get to the village in rural France where Smith lives was to drive. We traveled south across Germany and Switzerland and I rented a car in Geneva in order to drive west across the mountains and through Moulins to get to his remote rural location.
After meeting Smith, I repeatedly warned Hufschmid that this person clearly could not be trusted. It was obvious. Shortly after that Thanksgiving 2005 visit, Smith was already spreading malicious slander about me to somebody in Canada. It was very clear that Smith had an agenda from the beginning -- to defame me and attack my credibility. I had no idea who he was working for, but he definitely was not a truth seeker and was clearly working against me.
During the summer of 2007, Smith completely revealed himself as an agent and articulated that his mission was to defame me and destroy my credibility in any way he could. After he went on his vicious attack, he tried to get Eric Hufschmid to support him and join the defamation campaign against me. Hufschmid resisted. 
Eric recorded several of the phone calls in which Smith demanded that Hufschmid attack me. Smith made several clear threats on the life of Hufschmid and was evidently unaware that he was being recorded.
Hufschmid has written about this and posted links to Smith's criminal record – and the mysterious pay off that was made to clear Smith's record in January 2005:
See: "Why don't I work with Smith any longer?" Eric Hufschmid, 21 Oct 2007
Daryl B. Smith, a.k.a. Daryl B. Setters, arrest record
Note of Warning: The complete transcripts have been posted on a website of unknown authorship called "Take Our World Back." The entire recorded conversations have been transcribed, but this website is clearly a broker of defamation, much of it coming from Michael Collins Piper -- which I will deal with shortly.   Be forewarned that this is not a known source and that Daryl B. Smith uses extremely foul and violent language a great deal. 
With this warning given, the online transcripts can be read at:
By reading these transcripts the public can get an idea of how orders are given to these lower-level disinformation agents and how they are given. Their orders are usually forcefully given and are accompanied by threats of extreme violence.
I am now aware of three of these agents, and all three are drug addicts or have histories of hard drug abuse, and we are not talking about smoking marijuana. It appears that the agencies use these people and exploit their weaknesses to force them to comply.
Smith reveals in these calls to Hufschmid that he has a criminal record and that he is ready to kill Eric if he does not do as he is told. Such threats certainly leave an impression. Hufschmid had undoubtedly been affected by such repeated threats against his life.
What have I done to deserve such defamation? Smith's attack against me gives the public some idea what kind of directives have been given from the top on how to defame and discredit me. There is a method to this madness, and Smith reveals some of these methods: attack my child, say that I am a lunatic and a child abuser, etc.  
I am posting this very unpleasant material because, in the coming days and weeks, I will be addressing the defamation campaign and exposing the people behind the vicious defamation I have been subjected to. Defamation reveals more about those who are behind it than it does about the person being defamed, in this case me.
The following are a few excerpts from the transcripts. DBS is Daryl Smith, a.k.a. Daryl Setters; EH is Eric Hufschmid.  I have cleaned up the language, which is spelled out in the complete transcript: 


DBS: Well, here's a deal. And this is between you and me, because we've been doing this a long time together. You have to come out and, and slam Bollyn every way you can, in my, in support of me. Every way you can. No compromise. If you don't, I want parting from our, from our relationship.

EH: But what do you mean, slam him?

DBS: I, whatever the f--k you need to do to make this son-of-a--- be crippled by the s--t he's doing. I'm talking about a full court press on this guy. I'm talking about whatever it is you know about him, whatever it is you can say about him, whatever it is you can do about him, you need to do now. And if you can't do that, Eric, we gotta go. I gotta go.
EH: But wait a minute...
DBS: No wait a minute. I'm telling you. It's not a wait a minute. There's no wait a minute. I'm not waiting for you to answer, you, you son-of-a----. Listen to me. This is a one-way conversation. One way. I don't wanna hear what you got to say. You fight for me, or get the f--k outta my life.
EH: Well how do I fight for you? I don't understand.
DBS: You start telling the world that this guy's got a sick f--k--g kid, that he stayed in your house as a weirdo, that this prick was all f---d up, that I called you and said what I said. Start supporting me. I'm getting f---g hammered out there.
EH: Where? I don't even....snip….
 EH: But how do I respond? What has he done? He only just put a picture up.
DBS: He's lied about every g-d d--n thing. This f--king guy, I want you to come out and say his son's sick. You were in your house. He's a weirdo.
EH: I can't...
DBS: Like Bollyn is mentally f--king ill.
EH: What? What am I...?
DBS: G-d d--n it, Smith is right, f--king Eric. That's what I want, f--ker. Wake up, wake the f--k up. It's me here, and if you f--k me, I know where you live, you prick. You understand me?
DBS: Yeah, I'm not yelling, you dude. You are, you have to hear this. So just listen, please.
EH: Alright.
DBS: Unless and until we can get this straightened out, Eric, this battle is not bullshit here. We got a f--king war going on, and I need either your full support, or none. And either you're gonna do what we need to get done here, or you need to relinquish what, what control you have of the website. And that's the bottom line. The fight is here, this is it. And Bollyn has been f--king me, and there's more than that going on right now. The simple truth of the matter is that this is full-scale war, and unless and until we do more about it, we're lost. Now, you can, you can say that you, you know, you didn't or you couldn't or what, doesn't matter. The fact is, let's put your prognostications on the side, and say what we need to do. The fact is, we're not doing shit about anything, and nobody's supporting me, and nobody's fighting for me, and you haven't put a single article up in my support, and I need that. You haven't put a single document up, you haven't said that Bollyn's kid was a f--king lunatic. This, look, I didn't go as far as saying that in my house, Bollyn's kid was hearing voices, and there were ghosts he thought that were in my room and that they were talking to him. I didn't say that because I have some comportment about children. But this man, doesn't give a f--k about kids so much, that he will drag that f--king kid from hotel room to hotel room, and tell him the ghosts are in his head, and not get him help. And you better not do anything to support him. Not a f--king word. D'you understand me, Eric?
EH: Well yeah...
DBS: Understand what I'm coming from?
EH: Yeah, but I don't know about the kids and the ghosts, I...
DBS: I'm telling you, this kid is f--ked up, and I'm...
EH: Yeah but, but let's say I say something. How does that help you if I say that his kid has problems? I don't understand, how does it...?
DBS: It's a hundred percent support for your partner, dude.
EH: But to say something about his kid, I, I never saw...
DBS: No. It doesn't matter about the kid. That's one element. There's a million elements in there. How 'bout the size of the car? How 'bout the fact that, that, that...
EH: But I never saw the car, I cannot, what am I supposed to say...?
DBS: It's in the picture, Eric.
EH: But what do I say, what do I say, you want me to say something?
DBS: Yes. That the car was bizarre because he, see he's coming out on his website, saying that it's a small car, but the fact is it's a full size car in France.
EH: Alright, shall I say that, now...?
DBS: Yeah, d'you want me to baby-sit you through this or what?
EH: But, but, you're see, but I mean like, to me, I don't, you're saying that you want me to say this?
DBS: I don't want you ever to speak to that c--ks--ker again.
EH: He doesn't, hasn't called for, oh, months...
DBS: Yeah, but you know what, Eric...?
EH: How do you know that...?
DBS: That you got emails the other day, you got emails yesterday.
EH: That's right, I sent him an email to see if he'd respond, and he did respond.
DBS: Yeah, well here's a response: 'F--k you, you c--ks--king lying son-of-a-b--ch motherf--ker.' And how about a response to this guy Phillips' bullshit?
DBS: You don't say that. I'm 'just some voice on the phone', Eric.
EH: Well, yeah, but if you tell me what not to say, well...
DBS: Don't say that, ya dope. And anything like that. Because you're not that stupid. That's a f--king slander, man.
EH: You're on your own show.
DBS: That is a slander.
EH: It is not.
DBS: I'm 'just some voice on the goddamn phone'. You say something like that again man, and I'm gonna tell you something. I will fly to America, and I'll show up at your front door.
EH: Oh, come on.
DBS: You won't f--king like it. I'll shake you around like a rag doll. [Eric laughs.] You don't even know me man. You know something? Check my f--king criminal record. I'll grab you by the neck, Eric. You f--k me like this again and you're in trouble with me. You understand me?
EH: That isn't hurting you....
DBS: This isn't a threat. This is a promise to you, ya prick.
EH: I said it, I said it to Bollyn. Who heard it?
"I am your worst f--king nightmare"
DBS: And I'm telling ya something else man.
EH: What?
DBS: You f--k me, I will show up at your front door and I am your worst f--king nightmare. Don't you f--k me.
DBS: Eric, don't start that shit. You're my partner you f--king moron. You ever pull something like this again, I swear to God...
EH: You said you don't even...
DBS: ...I swear to my father, on my father's soul, I will show up at your door and I will wring your f--king neck.
EH: On your...
DBS: And I'm talking about, I'm talking about decapitating you, ya prick.
EH: On your own show, though...
DBS: Yeah, you don't, you f--king don't. You've left me hanging out here, and you're telling Bollyn shit.
EH: You're...
DBS: I will f--k you up man, and him.
EH: You're fighting with him 'cos you want to, I'm not...
DBS: Look Eric, I don't give a f--k about prison. You have to understand something you little bastard, I don't give a f--k about f--king blowing your brains out. And you better get your head outta your ass, and I know where the f--k you are. And you'd better pull your f--king head outta your ass, because if you piss me off I will show up at your front door and kill your f--king ass. You understand me? This ain't a f--king threat, this is a promise to you, ya prick. 'Cos I'll spend the rest of my life in jail, I got no problem with that. You f--k me like this again, I will kill you. D'you understand me. And I'm telling you that straight to your f--king head. Send those codes to my f--king in box, and get the f--k off my back. D'you understand?
EH: All right. Sure.
Daryl was ordering Eric to do what he, in turn, had been told to do, i.e. to "slam Bollyn every way you can."  Smith clearly spells it out what Eric had to do: "You start telling the world that this guy's got a sick f--k--g kid, that he stayed in your house as a weirdo, that this prick was all f---d up…"
This is exactly what Smith tried to do when he aired his vicious and slanderous rant about my visit to his house on Thanksgiving 2005.  I responded to Smith's slander in an article entitled Bollyn Responds to Final Message of Daryl B. Smith on September 7, 2007.  I will be addressing a similar defamation rant originating from Michael Collins Piper of American Free Press, a.k.a. Michael Bernard Piper, in the coming days.

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