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Solving 9-11 Reviewed in the Washington Report

February 4, 2013

"Bollyn… opens a path that needs to be pursued."
- Professor J.G. Smart on Solving 9-11
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

Solving 9-11 is reviewed in the Washington Report 

The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs has published a review of Solving 9-11:  The Deception that Changed the World.  The review was written by James G. Smart, professor emeritus of American History at Keene State College, New Hampshire.  The full-page review is found in the March 2013 issue (page 62) of the Washington Report, America’s most widely read magazine on the Middle East.  

The complete review can be read here.

The March issue of the Washington Report, which contains the review of Solving 9-11, is now available in news shops and libraries across the United States.

The review of Solving 9-11 will be read in the coming month by tens of thousands of readers in government, embassies, and universities across the United States and around the world.  This is a major breakthrough as it is the first time Solving 9-11 has been reviewed in a leading scholarly publication that focuses on the Middle East.

The following is an extract from the beginning of the review:

Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed the World
By Christopher Bollyn, 2012, paperback, 325 pp. List: $24.99; AET: $22.

Reviewed by James G. Smart

As terrified workers jumped from the burning towers on 9/11, five Mossad agents celebrated the event across the river in New Jersey. They high-fived each other, danced and took photos of themselves in obvious delight. Notified, the police apprehended them. They had Palestinian clothing in their truck. They failed lie detector tests, but were released. Back home they admitted on Israeli television they had come to New York “to record the event.”

Two hours before the first plane struck the World Trade Center, the Mossad-owned Odigo messaging system advised its members “to the precise minute” the time of the attack.

These events in particular caused Christopher Bollyn, an independent journalist, to suspect that Israel was a key player behind 9/11.

In his book Bollyn proposes that “9-11 was an elaborate false-flag deception carried out by Israeli military intelligence and Zionist agents” in the United States. He states the “Israeli nationals or dedicated Zionists [can be found] at every key point of the 9-11 matrix.”

The review by Professor Smart concludes: Bollyn… opens a path that needs to be pursued. The author is to be complimented for pursing an idea that many people have long suspected but have wished to avoid. 

Source:  Smart, James G., Book Review of Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed the World, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, March 2013

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