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Stopping the War Agenda in Syria

Updated September 17, 2013

Source:, September 17, 2013

The U.S. government insists it has the intelligence to prove it, but the American public has yet to see a single piece of concrete evidence — no satellite imagery, no transcripts of Syrian military communications — connecting the government of President Bashar Assad to the alleged chemical weapons attack last month that killed hundreds of people.
"Lingering doubts over Syria gas attack evidence” by Zeina Karam and Kimberly Dozier, AP, September 8, 2013

Dennis Kucinich Warns of Regional War if Obama Rushes to Strike
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U.S. officials have not presented any evidence to the public of scientific samples or intelligence information proving that sarin gas was used or that the Syrian government used it.
 "Direct link between Assad and gas attack elusive for U.S." by Mark Hosenball, Reuters, September 7, 2013

Our motto is: 'By way of deception, thou shalt do war.'
- “Confessions of an Ex-Mossad Agent” from Victor Ostrovsky's book By Way of Deception

It’s very possible that Obama is trying to provoke a strong reaction from Syria to give the U.S. public a reason to escalate the war. Any attack on Syria also has the possibility of bringing Iran into the conflict, since Iran and Syria have a mutual defense pact. And this may be the ultimate goal: to provoke Iran into getting involved militarily, so that the U.S. would have a justification to expand the war into Iran, which has been in the U.S. crosshairs for years.
- “The Lie of ‘Limited War’ in Syria” by Shamus Cooke

Americans are understandably weary after the fiasco in Iraq and over a decade of war.  How can this administration make a guarantee that our military actions will be limited? How can we guarantee that one surgical strike will have any impact other than to tighten the vise grip that Assad has on his power, or allow rebels allied with al Qaeda to gain a stronger foothold in Syria?
- Sen. Tom Udall, D-New Mexico

Public opinion polls in the United States indicate that the public is strongly opposed to the Obama administration’s proposed military strikes against Syria.  The latest Washington Post/ABC News poll found that about 60 percent of the American population is opposed to the use of force.

Source: "Most in U.S. oppose Syria strike, Post-ABC poll finds"
Washington Post, September 3, 2013

It should be noted, however, that about 53 percent of the U.S. population believes there is "clear evidence that the Syrian government used chemical weapons against civilians."  This is, however, an allegation which has not been proven, despite Secretary of State John Kerry’s vociferous claims that he has the evidence. 

Source:  "Public Opinion Runs Against Syrian Airstrikes" 
Pew Research, September 3, 2013

What this figure represents is the power of propaganda, for this is what the controlled media wants the U.S. public to believe.  The U.N. inspectors have not yet finished their work and the world has not seen any evidence to prove these serious allegations against the Syrian government, but only one-in-four Americans seem to understand that.

If a larger percentage of the U.S. public understood that we are being deceived about who used chemical weapons in Syria, a larger percentage would certainly be opposed to the Obama proposal to use military force against Syria.  Once again, the U.S. is being deceived into waging war on allegations and fabrications.

There are two very good reasons to oppose any U.S. military action in Syria, the first being that there is no clear and indisputable evidence that the Assad regime used chemical weapons against civilians.  The people who are calling for military action against Syria now are the same people who deceived the U.S. into war with Afghanistan and Iraq. 

In both cases the United States went to war based on a moral outrage and threat – without showing the proof.  Since 9-11, the U.S. has invaded two nations, killed an untold number of innocent people, and ruined the lives of thousands of American families, all based on fabricated evidence.  This is why more than 80 percent of the British population demands that any military strikes against Syria be sanctioned by the United Nations, and 73 percent of those over age 65 is opposed to attacking Syria.  The British remember very well what happened in Afghanistan and Iraq and don’t want to see it happen again.

The second reason is that any U.S. military action against Syria is likely to result in very serious consequences that cannot be predicted.  Syria would be justified to strike back and has advanced weapons systems to do so.  Syria has very powerful allies, including Russia, and has a mutual defense pact with Iran.  This is why the Russians and Iranians are strongly urging the Obama administration not to attack Syria.  They certainly don’t want to become embroiled in a war with the United States and hope that common sense will prevail, as it did in Britain when the Parliament rejected a similar use of force proposal put forward by Prime Minister David Cameron.

Today, Americans have a better understanding of how a small group of Zionist extremists dedicated to a misguided notion of Greater Israel can deceive the United States into waging disastrous and costly wars.  We are at a very crucial point where Americans and Europeans need to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and firmly and openly reject the Zionist deceptions that are designed only to further their insane war agenda.  We must stop the Zionist war agenda before it destroys the world.


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